Thursday, February 21, 2008

We got em Hatin' and Jiggalatin'
Pimpin' Pens has our first bonafied hater!

Pimpin' Pens has a zero percent tolerance for any hatred aimed at our Blog, our fans and especially anyone in the crew. No matter how big or small we'll come at you, find you and inflict so much pain it will make all the shit at Guantanamo Bay look like a day at the spa. We're some grown ass men doing this for the love of the music, respect our grind and we'll return the favor. Haters keep hating but keep our names out your mouth!

Hey Mr. Bigmouth talking sideways with that fuck shit - this one's for you trick!

I always said I was going to do a post about the first mafucka to throw salt on my game, and the time has come. I was doing a little googleing (internet searching) the other day when I stumbled across an interview I had done with T-Rock on another website. The only thing is not only did this person straight up jack my interview without the proper references and citations, but they casted aspersions on my character. Something to the effect of how I am a 15 year old fag from Sweden. If I'm a 15 year old fag from Sweden, then your a 47 year old homo from Scandanavia. Here I am working hard to put together this fine interview with T-Rock, blessing the nation by disseminating this freshness on a grand scale and this sourpatch kid lemon lame fuckboy has the audacity to throw salt on my game. This bitch made fool is posting my shit on another website for his own amusement and he can't even give props when props is due. Here I am in the field puttin shit down, politicking with the likes of T-Rock, Mr. Sche, and Lord Infamous while this bitchboy is at home steaming out the collar. He pulled an ultimate bitch move- a violation of the coalition of real kniccas movement. I've never seen such a flagrant display of player hatian in my life. But its all to the goody good, because a wise man once told me that if people aint hatin on you, then you aint doing it big. This Lil Boosie is for you fuck knicca.

TriplesixNinja and I'm out bitch.

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