Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Masters Players Ball - New DVDs on Sale, New Event, Place Your Orders Today!

As you may or may not know, the Pimpin' Pens fam has a long standing alliance with the brilliant minds behind The Masters Players Ball franchise. We're proud to announce the new DVD will feature artwork done by yours truly, Rico from the Pimpin' Pens team. Take a look...

The Masters Players Ball 3 DVD Cover

This DVD is still in post production phases but were glad to finally announce that The Masters Players Ball 2 DVD will be dropping this fall and our blog will be the official pre-order location to get this classic video at the guaranteed best price once it's released.
THE FIRST 1000 Orders will receive FREE Shipping and Handling!
That's right Simply click the DVD Pre-order button below and be one of the first to have this landmark project added to your DVD collection...

The Masters Players Ball 2 DVD Cover - Pre Order Today!

The Masters Players Ball 2 DVD features over 60 minutes of real, authentic, exclusive footage and behind the scenes content you can't find anywhere else. With special guests like Filmore Slim, Mack Breed, Hook the Crook, Lee Mack, Gangsta Brown, Too Short, The Thong Boxers and even the hilarious antics of Jackass Alumni Steve-O, this DVD is sure to please and provide a rare glimpse where few can go. Hosted by The Graceful YO-YO this "Superbowl of Players Balls" live and direct from Hollywood California comes equipped with immaculate clips of the nations' top players and pimps gathered is an extravagant venue to celebrate and commemorate the years Master of the game. This is the only Players Ball to give away a "Mink Coat" to the winner and it's the biggest Red Carpet display and Media coverage ever in the history of Players Balls. Don't sleep on this one folks, get your hands on this DVD while they last....

The Masters Players Ball 2 Trailer:

More from The Masters Players Ball 2: Too Short and Gangsta Brown

The Masters Players Ball 3 Trailer:

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do Dolphins have healing powers?
More like Bullshit!

Dolphins, cute, smiling aquatic sweethearts eager to help, heal, and communicate with humans? Hell the fuck na they're wild animals that when threatened will more than likely attack your ass! In the hilarious and amazing Showtime series "Penn and Teller Bullshit!: The duo call bullshit on a wide variety of topics such as: The War On Porn, New Age Medicine, NASA, insomnia and mattresses, Being Green, Sensitivity Training and that's just this season. Previous bullshit topics include: Obesity, Wal-Mart, Breast Hysteria, Detoxing, Exorcisms, Immigration, Handicap Parking, Nukes, Hybrids & Lesbians (lol) and Anger Management.

In this episode all the cultural mumbo jumbo regarding dolphins is exposed, including New Age-style beliefs about the animals' evolutionary superiority (straight up nonsense, say dolphin experts) and the bullshit about dolphin "energy" believed by many. You gotta see this shit, I mean yeah dolphins do seem friendly and intelligent but some of these people are out of their fucking minds! Here's a teaser of the asinine shit some people do in this world: a couple in Arizona have people pay up to $3,000 for some weekend sessions to get in touch with your "inner dolphin," I mean what the fuck? Hahaha. Just had to share this with you guys, too crazy to believe - take a look for yourself!

Penn and Teller Bullshit on Dolphins part 1
The Dr.s Trippy Videos about Taking LSD with the dolphins starts around the 8 min, mark - fucking nutty!

Penn and Teller Bullshit on Dolphins part 2

Penn and Teller Bullshit on Dolphins part 3

BONUS SERVING of Psychedelia:
CNN:Ingesting Magic Mushrooms has Long Lasting Positive Effects!

MORE BONUS MATERIAL: Joe Rogan Isolation Tank Story

The founder/creator of the isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank Dr. John C. Lilly, mentioned in the above Penn and Teller piece, confessed to taking acid over 100 times with the Dolphins as part of a Government funded study. Yeah, this dude is out there but peep his site - some crazy shit. Anyway, actor,comedian,stoner and mixed martial arts master Joe Rogan has one of these fucking things in his basement and he describes the psychedelic effects of floating in one of these chambers high as fuck, experiencing an array of jaw dropping nuttiness including the tendency for the isolation chamber to naturally foster the bodies production of DMT- a powerful hallucinogen and favorite of the pro-drug activist (Yeah buddy). Just when you thought you've seen it all gems like these emerge from the Pimpin Pens archives to enlighten, inspire or probably disturb the shit out of you. Nonetheless enjoy the show.... that's how we roll!

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"In the province of the mind, there are no limits."
Dr. John C. Lilly

New Nas Video: Hero
Banger off the new album!

God's son returns with this bouncy, uptempo joint produced my Polow da Don shining triumphantly as he walks through the streets of NYC with a crew of ski masked ninjas pounding a marching band drum to the beat. This shit is tight and he flows like a savage beast ravaging the track to shreds silver-back ape style. Honey dip in the video kinda looks like Alicia Keys (Umm fly - nice choice!) but regardless Nas is still the hardest in the game, elevating his steez to new, unparalleled heights with eclectic word choice, imagery and punchlines that hit like a cinder block to the face. Keep doing it big homie! QB stand up Nasty Nas is back - thank you Hov for putting this legendary emcee on Def Jam, a million thanks.

And without further ado....

One mo gain...Nuevo J Hova....

Jay-Z - Jockin' Jay-Z

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Bangerang Antics: Loading Fresh Clips for the Week

I must say, I will forever enjoy sports and entertainment, never distraught with hollow eyes fixated on that magical box and dusty ears calibrated towards any noise pouring out that same damn magical box. While politicians are accepting handjobs from Hollywood and reveling in their childish ploys (mainly, well, umm...all of them), I'm watching Cubans kick the fucking teeth out a lames mouth and gassed at some buck as white kids defying Newton's notions while uppercutting the grim reaper in the kidneys! No lie homie, I find this of more interest to me this day and age, and more relevant toward humanity's growth in general, than a bunch of lames on both sides of the aisle in D.C. making a mockery of what our rebellious libertarian forefathers had to dodge brits and buck indians for, egads for fuck sake. To be outright dead honest, the following clip illustrates to perfection my feeling towards the current state of the media, politics, and wall street:

Swedish dude in the white had some sweaty ass toes for a snack break in Beijing, lol! Bangerang indeed. Now, while I can't support my peeps the way I'd like to due to my free spirited hatred against the communist regime that is Cuba, something about the above clip generates a hidden pride for that elite island in the Caribbean where my bloodline comes from. Quick lil shout to Angel Matos for kicking dude in the mouthpiece while they chanted his country in the background during the 2008 Olympics, must be fulfilling.

This next clip had me bugged out. Kyle Loza and company bring some nasty air maneuvers to the X-Games. Enjoy...

Quick Tunage Bonus!

New T.I. feat Kanyeezy, Jiggaman, and Lil Weasel: "Swagger Like Us"
swagger like us - t.i. ft kanye west, jay-z & lil wayne

Shit if we played a Kanye beat using an MIA sample might as well play some MIA eh?
Paper Planes - M.I.A.
P-Express was definitely worth the watch, intermission blaze, and re-watch...out

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Daps for Genius'...G-Z-A Salute

From making rounds with Prince Rakeem (RZA for the lames, Bobby Digi for the numbnuts...) under the moniker The Genius, to founding and pioneering the most legendary gutter music ensemble in history, The Wu-Tang Clan, GZA has not stopped delivering and dropping consistent classic records. Insert moment of silence, now inhale greenery, then absorb the following observation: he gave us "Liquid Swords" for fuck sake! Where he not only spit but directed 4 videos himself for the cut, just a brief peel through history for the earth inheriting children perusing through my golden posts. Now, with GZA's sixth studio album entitled "Pro Tools" circulating the avenues, Pimpin' Pens salutes our artist of the month with some of The Genius' iller joints, bless.

GZA: "Liquid Swords"

GZA feat. The Rebel INS: "Cold World"

Grandmastas: "General Principles"

B-B-Bonus New Junts!

GZA: "Papar Plate"Paper Plate (50 Cent Diss) - GZA

GZA feat. Rock Marciano: "Short Race"Short Race (featuring Rock Marcy) - GZA

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yes Yes Ya'll and You Don't Stop...Def Jux Set to Unleash: The Mighty Underdogs

So the ever expanding machine that is Def Jux is prepped to release the opening full length album "Dropping Science Fiction", from super dynamic group The Mighty Underdogs on October 14th. Now, this group right chea didn't just evolve out from some fresh nike spot in Cali, no sir, this is a bonafide trio of seasoned spitters. Consisting of emcees Gift of Gab from Blackalicious and Lateef the Truth Speaker of Latyrx, with production construction courtesy of Headnodic of the Crown City Rockers, anyone that knows shit from junk in hip hop can immediately conclude this is quality left coast banger music. And just to sprinkle a bit of sour diesel garnish on the following teaser cuts, peep the ridiculous star studded cameo line up for the record: DJ Shadow, Mr. Lif and Akrobatik of The Perceptionists, Tha Alkaholiks' Tash, Jurassic 5's Chali 2na, and Julian and Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley...fuckin d-damn!

The Mighty Underdogs feat. Ladybug Mecca: "Lovelife"
Lovelife - The Mighty Underdogs Feat. Ladybug Mecca
Oh so reminiscent of that wonderfully lost golden era...

The Mighty Underdogs feat. MF Doom: "Gun Fight"

Ben Stokes on the Video

Get Mighty here... Get more Mighty here... then go fuck yourself...

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

G-Unit: You So Tough

I was listening to this on one of those satellite radio stations today. This bitch goes hard if you ask me. I've been noticing a huge G-Unit backlash as of recent, which I gather is because of people growing weary of their bullying and incessant shit talking. They always struck me as unscrupulous pieces of shit from the outset, however with that being said I always gave them their propers when it came to making super-bumpin junts. I think they earned their spot in the upper-echelons of the rap game. Check it out. Supposedly its a TI diss. Also, I know I am a little late bringing this to your attention, but fuck it - I have no time deadlines to meet. I move at my own pace like all bosshoggs.


C-Murder Be Fresh

Straight from our digital divas from Asylum Records Theda and Kadilsha. Nobody has gone through more adversity in the rap game than C-Murder. Coming up in the Calliope projects in the NO with his brothers Master P, and Silk the Shocker - this dude has beaten a gang of murder charges to come out unscathed. Check this exclusive banger foolios! Courtesy of Enzo. Peep the link!

Enzo on the piece

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mid-Week Mania! Raekwon, Big Boi, USA Basketball, Kicks and More...

We here at Pimpin' Pens headquarters pride ourselves in delivering nothing less than ridiculously uncut bangers, trill perspectives, and pimp tight verbage. We got a few upcoming articles/pieces so explosive that the lames will be scrounging up chronic seeds and turkey sandwiches in their bunkers awaiting the second coming of Elvis and 2Pac, oh yea. In the meantime, peep some nice cuts and flix courtesy of the uno and only...

Big Boi feat Dre 3k and Ragu Rae: "Royal Flush"Royal Flush (ft. Raekwon & André 3000) - Big Boi
Sir Luscious Leftfoot is in the building!

Rae, Ghost, and Nas: "Verbal Intercourse"
Verbal Intercourse - Raekwon (feat. Ghostface Killah & Nas)

D-Wade Windmill Jammer

Miami monsterdons boy!

Nasty New P-Rod Junts

Click For More Paul Rodriguez SB Dunks

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lil Boosie is Trill

Word on the street says Lil Boosie got a new mixtape out hosted by DJ Rell aptly titled: Golden Child. All my real trill cohorts no what I'm talking about when I say Boosie Boo is the truth. He spits from the heart, and he doesn't fabricate any of his ghetto tales. His music is so dope because of all the struggles that he has endured and been able to poeticize on wax. To me he sons, owns, bodies, (whatever you want to call it) his contemporaries like Lil Wayne- who currently reign dominant in today's pop music climate. In 2006 Boosie dropped Bad Azz, a certified classic for all those who really know. Soon he will drop Bad Azz II, and I envision a slow but steady ascendance to the top of the rap heap when he does. I will no longer soliloquize and talk your heads off about my main man Boosie, instead I will let you cats judge for yourselves. Check out sum cuts from the Golden Child mixtape.

"When I was small I had heart always tried for it. I learned how to swim jumping off the diving board."

Enzo on the Post watch out for the oke doke

Slang Lexicon-Firecap

Firecap- [fahyuhr][kap]
1. Exceedingly well-performed fellatio, or oral sex. As featured on Skinny Pimp's album Tha Classic.

Fire Cap - Skinny Pimp and Jay-Pee

Enzo on the post had to slap kniccas wit toast

South Park Mexican

I remember first being exposed to the trillness that is SPM or South Park Mexican. It was 2005 and I was at my boys house and he was playing some assorted Texas junts while we were puffing blunts in Tallahassee, FL home of the FSU seminoles, my Alma mater. Anyway after some standard token Texas funk from the likes of UGK had finished playing along comes a track I wasn't too familiar with. I asked homeboy who I was kicking it with, "who is this dude," to which he replied, "oh that's South Park Mexican, what you know about SPM." Turns out I didn't know shit and was disappointed in my naivete regarding the subject. I pride myself on being privy to all the musical happenings poppin off in the dirty south and I was fascinated with this South Park Mexican character. He represents Screwston, TX to the fullest, especially the eses (chicanos). Hailing from the same stomping grounds that spawned the early 90's horror-core gangsta rapper, Gangsta Nip, SPM has been putting in work for well over a decade to a dedicated following. The first SPM cut I heard was, "I Must Be High", off his 2001 LP Never Change. Recently I fell upon this jewel featuring fellow Texas boss hoggs, Trae and Z-Ro.

Check It!

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