Friday, February 29, 2008

DJ Quik is in tha Mothafuckin House!

In preparation for the new month and new artist of the month, we're taking it to the West starting off with The notoriously famous, legendary super-producer and rapper DJ QUIK. Also, not to mention he rocks some of the tightest, slickest hairstyles known to man*.(SEE BELOW)

Yes sir, we always deliver the classics and rarieties, just try and find this shit elsewhere.....

DJ QUIK: Sweet Black Pussy!!! This was the jam back in the day and the video still projects some official West Coast Pimpin.'


Regardless on your feeling towards the S-Curl look of the funky hair and shit, Quik was and continues to be one of the best producers and originators of the West Coast sound.

Posted by Rico for Pimpin' Pens

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