Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lucy In The Sky: Albert Hofmann Passes at 102

BASEL, Switzerland — Albert Hofmann, the father of the mind-altering drug LSD whose medical discovery grew into a notorious "problem child," died Tuesday April 29th, 2008. He was 102.

A Swiss scientist best known for synthesizing lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). He stumbled upon this psychedelic discovery while synthesizing lysergic acid derivatives from fungus ergot, or in layman's terms, dude was fucking with them shroomies. While handling a specimen of the recently obtained LSD-25, he accidentally absorbed some of the liquid onto his fingertips and had what is quite possibly the greatest bike voyage the world has ever heard of. Since then A. Hof and his comrades continued to experiment with the cidy substance as well as many other aboriginal inspirations, including but not limited to psilocybin, morning glory, various roots, and salvia divinorum (more on salvia from Big Rico coming soon). He did mention that psychedelics can be very dangerous in the wrong hands, and before being hijacked by the pathetic hippie movement, was actually quite successful during psychoanalytic studies. Fortunately it leaked out though, for this visionary elixir contributed greatly to my youth as well as provided a plethora of layers and realms for my goonies and I to wander through during the witching hour. So many a moon cluttered with crawling spiders, morphed out statues, and colorfully melting Florida forests later, Pimpin' Pens honors A. Hof as a truly intelligent explorer for the greater of humanity and beyond.

Here's a Tribute For Big Al. Aesop Rock's Aptly Titled Banger: "The Greatest Pacman Victory Ever"

Hofmann authored more than 100 scientific articles and wrote a number of books, including "LSD:My Problem Child".

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

T.I.- No Matter What

In the face of recent controversy, court dates, jail time and sentencing, T.I. fires back with his first single off the upcoming "Paper Trail" album - "No Matter What". The song is a string and organ laced track with some southern soul and swagger that only the King can bring. As usual T.I. rips it with his signature calm flow and raspy, forceful delivery that we've all grown to love and respect. All praises due to the Bankhead Ambassador. ATLiens stand up!

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Cypress Hill In This Piece!

This video comes off the third group effort from the stoned raiders, B-Real, Sen Dog, and DJ Muggs called Temple of Boom. A severely underrated composition of work containing collaborations with Wu Tang Clan's U-God and Rza, as well as appearances from the Fugees as you will see here shortly. DJ Muggs handles the bulk of the production while Rza lends his talents on a few cuts. Everyone knows that Cypress Hill's first two albums were classics, but this one is no exception either. It's a psychedelic trippy journey into the blunted drug-addled mentals of some smoked-out loced-out vatos.
Boom Biddy Bye Bye feat. Fugees


Killa Hill Niggas - Feat. Rza & U-God.

That was gay they only played 30 seconds of it. I guess I'll just have to do this!

Propers go out to the youtube user Eazyeat for being the only dude repping this uncut p-funk.

Oh, and by the way, any knicca who says U-God can't rap can eat a dick. But, not my mine. I'm out...

One more thang. I can't forget this classic cut off the album where he disses Ice Cube. He addresses him as Oshea Jackson, his government name. The beef between Cube and Cypress has long since been squashed, but that shit was an all out war from what I remember. The essays and vatos were all catching Cypress Hill's back, while the African American population was riding with Cube. Unfortunately Cube was out-gunned as the latino population is the predominant one out in LA. There still is to this day a lot of friction between the Hispanics and African-Americans. It's a God damn shame I tell you. Stop the insanity! Ice Cube won the battle lyrically though.

Enzo stays steady reppin on the regular though

Naughty By Nature Producer Kay Gee Relaunches Divine Mill Record Label

Seems Kay Gee has been on his grind with his newest joint venture between Caroline/EMI and Merovingian Music (MRV). The deal will help extend his brand Divine Mill Records, housing platinum R&B artists Jaheim, Next and Zhane. Through the distribution of EMI and marketing savvy of MRV, Kay Gee will be able to cement and further his Divine Mill Record imprint. Kay Gee has remained a relevant and permanent fixture on the hip-hop scene for a minute, crafting production for artists like Eazy-E, Notorious B.I.G, Michael Jackson, Queen Latifah, Aaliyah, Mary J Blige, Luther Vandross, Will Smith, Brooke Hogan, and newcomer Noel Gourdin. That is an impressive resume to say the least. Godspeed Kay Gee. You've come a long way since the early days with Naughty By Nature. Shout outs go to Vinnie and Treach too.

I will now leave you with my personal favorite from Naughy, an undeniable classic video. It elicits memories of the movie Juice with Tupac. I thik that might be because it was on the soundtrack. At any rate, I present you with "Uptown Anthem." Tupac even makes a little cameo, chilling in New York like it wasn't no thang, before the east coast west coast brouhaha.

Treach was flowin...

...And Enzo was parallel parking on the postin

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fall Back: It's Just Music

Legendary Queensbridge emcee and perhaps one of the most influential pioneers in modern music, Nasty Nas (Nasir Jones), will be releasing his ninth and quite possibly most controversial studio album to date, entitled "Nigger". Now, before I begin to bury my knuckles into the topic at hand, let me preface the aforementioned by stating that as an avid listener of gritty poets I'm only enthused about Godson's new project based entirely on the premise that "Hip Hop is Dead" was crafted so magnificently that I eagerly await another concept album solely to see if Nasty Esco could manage to deliver consecutive bangers. Of course, my parade has been ruined by a monsoon of haters harping over the title of the record. Give me a fucking break already! Please, for the love of Jesus, Buhda, Mohamed, and Moses can you haters posing as intelligent human beings dig into your bank accounts and purchase an X-Box so you can stop bickering about a musical release in, oh yes, 2008! That's right numbnuts, 2008, if Ice Cube can release a record over 10 years ago spelling "AmeriKKKA" in the form and fashion as to take a jab at some white hooded inbreds, then Nas can name his album "Nigger", plain and simple. Furthermore, there should no longer be any form of derogatory meaning behind any word in our pretentious vocabulary. Have you taken the time to analyze what Hollywood feeds the masses this day and age? How about I name an album "Dick in a child's rectum: The messy chronicles"? Maybe that'll break the frozen tundra of politically correct hoopla floating around the campfire. Perhaps the Slavic race of old should have some input, or maybe Mr. Oreilly should let us peak at his porn collection, or senor Sharpton or Jackson should open their books to the most tedious auditor? All I'm saying is if one of the illest emcees breathing wants to name his album something to generate shock, attention, stimulation, peace, war, or art, then who are we to judge. Shit I'm smoking ganja watching porn as we speak, go Nasty Nas, it aint hard to tell.

New Street Single "Be A Nigger Too":

Oh, and on a peculiarly similar note. Here is a rather interesting little piece recorded decades ago by a man named John Lennon. You may have heard of him. He was the brutally assassinated member of some little band called The Beatles:

"Never on schedule, but always on time..."

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Fallen Soldiers-Ol Dirty Bastard

One of the saddest days of my life was when I was broken the news that the beloved court jester of gangsta rap music, Ol Dirty Bastard, passed away. Ol Dirty was the epitome of trillness. The dude spoke his mind, kept it 100 of pure uncut funk. He lived up to his moniker Ason Unique. He was a free-spirited genius who held no punches and represented alongside the thickest crew in hip-hop ever, the Wu Tang Clan. There has never been another entity in the rap game that rivaled the pure diabolical genius that was Ol Dirty. He was a true renegade and rebel to authority, yet, he was also a good summaritan performing numerous heroic deeds. Like pushing a young girl out of the way of a moving car. When asked by the police at the scene of the accident what his name was he merely drew a Wu Tang logo. He wasn't trying to generate publicity, and it doesn't get any realer than that my friends. And still no good deed goes unpunished, despite all of his kind acts he remained a target for the police, who he was at constant odds with. From violating his probation to make an appearance at a Wu concert, Dirty risked his freedom on a daily basis just to rep for the Wu, and all of you too. So to commemorate the legacy of this fallen comrade, I've put together a little video collage of some of his more amusing moments, starting with his most infamous display of hijinks at the 97 Grammy's, where Wu Tang lost best rap album to Diddy of all people. What the fuck? He bought himself those fresh threads.

Wu Tang is 4 the children!

America's dying slowly:

Prince Rakeem & ODB in Rare Form during the early days. Pre-Wu Tan,. circa the All in Together Now days, a group consisting of Gza, Rza, and Ol Dirty Bastard. Those kniccas turned it out. Space age shit.

Dirty & Meth during the Wu Tang Forever Era. Wu Tang had the game on lock in 97. On the Swedish tip. Peep Dirty at the 4:50 mark, he's wildin out. 4EVA! 4EVA!

Big Daddy Kane feat. Scoob, Jay-Z, Shyheim, Sauce Money, and Dirt McGert. Old School. That fila jacket Kane is wearing is tight.

Mo Thangs:

The Knicca is possesed!

Ol Dirty's alter-ego was Osirus, who was the god of Hades (afterlife) in greek mythology. Now he really is the underbosshogg of Hades. RIP RUSSEL JONES, AKA Big Baby Jesus, Dirt McGert, Ason Unique and all the other aliases I'm forgetting.

Pimpin Pizens and En to the Zo salutes a tru soulja

K-Rock-K-Shock The World

A gang of former Hypnotize Minds/Prophet Posse artist clicked up to put it down on this sophomore effort from the original Killa Klan Kaze member K-Rock. After he was replaced by Project Pat he pursued his solo career releasing K-Rock the World in 2000, which was executive produced by Nick Scarfo CEO of the newly established incarnation of Prophet Posse. Released in 2002 this underground classic is not to be overlooked, with production from the underboss MC Mack and Spook as well as guest features from Indo G, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Big Ed The Assassin, Nick Scarfo, South Park Hustlaz, and Kojack. I'm not going to get into specifics on why this is such a hardbody album, suffice it to say I'll let the music and video content preach the word of the gospel of Enzo and Pimpin Pens.

Break all ya'llselves fools!

K-Rock Interview

Enzo out

G-Unit Talking Shit About Fat Joe

Thought this was rather amusing. In this video, courtesy of the good people over at, 50 lambasts Fat Joe. I have to admit 50 and his G-Unit goons know the art of warfare. They always have some slick reply for anybody who engages in verbal combat with them.

Now here is some hard body G-Unit material I've been known to bump on occasion.

Enzo is this bitch


Word on the streets says the new Prodigy album is tough. I've heard the rumblings for quite some time now, and thought it fitting to dedicate a little piece for the jail embattled QB soldier. Here are a few new bangers, along with a few old ones. I keep it thoro knicca!

And on to my personal tried and tru favorites below:

b.gizzle came 4show with it!

Alchemist on the production tip and Cormega blading the track!

Enzo's got his uptown nikes thugged out an icey


1. Bricks is a term originating out of early Memphis, Ten-a-key rap recordings describing the barren desolate enclaves of the streets in any ghetto America. Often
used as a term to denote getting out of prison: "I'm back on the bricks knicca!"
Synonyms: streets
2. Brick - A kilo of cocaine.
Synonyms: bird

Stay tuned for more razor sharp linguistics...
Courtesy of Enzo in the Benzo on Lorenzos puffing indo


We keep our ear to the streets, so in no short order I present you with some exclusive certified game official courtesy of Asylum Records, strictly for your listening and viewing pleasures. Let's kick it off with a little Bun Bizzle shall we.

Bun B. Feat Sean Kingston:

Now, on to a new jack in the game by the name of Lil Wil, with his smash hit "My Dougie" sweeping the nation. This one is sure to be another soufside anthem.

The Raw Report - The Real Bankhead Story:

Shawty Lo and D4L get love in the bricks of Bankhead, aka ATL. Now where's my knicca Fabo!

Remember you heard it here first!
Enzo and Pimpin' Pens in full iffizect for the 08.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Cheese and Crackers": An Almost Skateboards DVD Project

Daewon Son and Chris Haslam are just about two of the nastiest skaters to kick a board. Forming a very successful partnership with the legendary likes of Rodney Mullen, Greg Lutzka, and a few other gnarly nigz under the moniker "Almost Pro", these maniacs have pushed the boundaries of street skating passed unforeseen limits. The "Cheese and Crackers" project involves tossing a mini ramp and piles of garbage into an abandoned warehouse and letting two monsters loose on the wreckage.

The Following Video is a Perfect Example of What Happens When You Have Mastered Every Skate Trick in The Book and Are Suffering From Extreme Boredom:

Released sometime in 2006. Visit for more!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

MR. Sche - "ASAP"
Dirty Video Montage!

Awesome video rendition of Sche's hit A.S.A.P off the SupaStar CD! Nothing but nice ass shots to kick back , sip some yac and smoke one to this banger from the beastly Sche Eastwood.

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gangsta musik dvd - lil boosie - meal ticket.wmv

Rare video off the Gangsta Muzik DVD, Lil Boosie spits some heart felt darts on his struggles with the Music Industry.

Boosie you a fool wit it!

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The Midus Touch: Dogfish Head Wins at 2008 World Beer Cup!

That's right folks! Pimpin' Pens is a proud supporter of micro-breweries everywhere. A delightful touch of hops and spices makes for a compelling compliment to any evening, especially with a fly chicky and a blunt. And of the massive scale of micro-brews and assorted beers to choose from, the upper tier contains a specific brewery by the oh so reputable name "Dogfish Head". Known for their extreme brand of brews, this Delaware based brew hog has released enough special flavors and concocted such a plethora of exotic tonics that it seems the only ingredients they have yet to manufacture are illicit. No bullshit, these brew masters may fuck around one day and brew a batch of "Crackabsentheroinsativa Ale", just for fucking kicks! Their signature "Midus Touch Golden Elixir" just achieved bronze status at the 2008 World Beer Cup out of like 3,000 brews, shit, they get a pinky ring shining pimp hat tilt from us for that.

Here's Some Seasonal Brews:
Festina Peche
Snowblower Ale
Chicory Stout
Punkin Ale

Peep The Stellar Selection of Brewpub Exlcusive Bangers:
Beewolf Braggot
Surrender Monkey
Fluckey’s Fest
Beanie Bock
Festina Peche
Dans Saison
Blood Orange Heffeweizen
Fed-Extra Mild
Ginger Peach Wheat
90 Minutes/30 Days
Afternoon Delight
Espresso Bock
Madagascar Vanilla Bean Porter
Arctic Cloudberry Imperial Wheat

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Music that would make you beat the shit out of your kids II

New Exclusive compilation from Karibe Ojigwe
the infamous Euro Thug. Hailing from Romania he always comes with some off the wall dark shit, buck fight songs, and as always he delivers a tantalizing blend of beat-down anthems.

"Stop being a pussy and beat your kids"

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DJ Muggs best known for his production work with the widely influential west coast veterans Cypress Hill and Soul Assassins politicks with Sick Jacken--another Soul Assassin and Cypress Hill affiliate and member of the group Psycho Realm for the watershed masterpiece: The Legend of the Mask and the Assassin. DJ Muggs has being going hard since the dawn of the 90's with his trademark dusty-sounding, and soul-driven melodies, and though lesser-known Sick Jacken is a legend in his own right with his groundbreaking contributions to the Cypress Hill offshoot, Psycho Realm. This album is a follow-up to his critically acclaimed collaboration with Gza/Genius from Wu Tang on the DJ Muggs Vs. Gza- Grandmasters LP. The LP is laden with macabre and murky sounds ideal for the socially conscious lyrics of Sick Jacken. Sick Jacken also intersperses his verses with a Spanglish-type flow in an effort to cater to his Latino brethren. Don't get it twisted though, you won't find any reggae ton booty shakin junts on this work. This album is reminiscent of the contemplative and thought-provoking commentary so pervasive in the early and late 90's (Cuban Link era as I like to refer to it). The album is a breath of fresh air amidst the saturated, intellectually devoid climate of present-day hip-hop.

DJ Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken-El Barrio

DJ Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken-Land of Shadows

DJ Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken-Black Ships

EnzoW on the Post

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Andre L. Taylor (Gorgeous Dre from American Pimp) on The Montel Williams Show

Former Pimp turned Life coach Andre L. Taylor, Gorgeous Dre from Hughes Brothers Documentary American Pimp makes an appearance on the Montel Williams Show. Topics of discussion: Just how easy it is to be persuaded into prostitution, How to pull girls from the suburbs and growing up with a Pimp for a Father and a Prostituting Mom. Truly captivating piece - lol...More on the former Pimp coming soon...

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Project Pat Radio Interview

This shit is funny, the Patsta promoting his new album at an Alabama Radio station followed by Pat at Spec's or some other small music store, signing CD's with some Jamiroquai in the background. Yo was that Pat whistling to the beat? lol

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Evil Pimp - The Dick Suck

Another one from the Rotten Romanian Heathen - YouTube video creator "Luciferian Messiah" brings life to Evil Pimps - The Dick Suck! Check the booty cheeks twerkin on this junt! Yo Luciferian - Keep em coming!

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Comatose to Conciousness
New dope bundles!

After a brief hiatus, server outages, and recovering from a full out onslaught of a chemical induced coma the Pimpin Pens team returns to grace keyboards in full beastmode fashion. For those new to the blog any and everything we do we do it big and come correct with non-stop super-hard material. With that being said lets get straight to business, soak up this game we've compiled for your pleasure.

Young Buck - “My Interview”
Replying to rumors sparked by 50 that Buck is hooked on Cocaine and Lean the Cashville Cap-Peeler delivers tough jabs at Curtis.

New Banger from 3Deep and Lil Boosie!

The Masters Players Ball 2
The Pimps and players gather at the 2nd annual Master Players Ball! The Masters Players Ball is considered to be the super bowl of players ball. Masters Players Ball #2 shows the viewers how Master celeberties, entertainers, and urban icons can share the biggest red carpet event that hollywood has ever displayed. Steve-O, Yo-Yo, top entertainers ( Too Short & San Quinn) along with Latin presence ( The Margarita King & The Thong Boxers) adds to the diversiy of the event. This DVD is a must see!

I-20 DOWN SOUTH produced by Salaam Remi
Brand new shit from the DTP family - remember where you saw it first!

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Non-Rap Darts

I'm going to institute a new topic for posts in the interest of mixing it up a little. Similar to the Rude Jude pill mix on Sirius Sattelite radio, I'm going to start schooling fools on some of the classic music tunes of my adolescent years when I wasn't always so hip to the rap game. So don't be alarmed if you find material from musical artists ranging from the likes of Billy Idol, to Metallica. Just something to keep you people on your ten toes, because you never know what angle I'm comin at you azz!
Speaking of Billy Idol, what do you know? Here is the rockstar in rare form on this love ballad called: "Eyes Without a Face"
This tune is guaranteed to keep you blading and cutting like a deejay if you feelmay.

Enzo on the Posts

Evil Pimp Interview In The Works

It has just come to my attention that the illustrious Evil Pimp has agreed to partake in an interview with Pimpin Pens. This is very exciting news for the family. Stay tuned for the drop my kniccas!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

When The Smoke Clears: Tribute Bangers for Cuatro Veinte

In light of this magnificent day, Pimpin' Pens has decided to take a well deserved break from providing Earth with a coated layer of THC fog to bring you these untimely classic junts revolving around the crystallized herbal remedy, nugz. Bathe in these sativa cuts as that bubbler enters another go around, filling your lungs with that alternate energy source on this glorious holiday. We apologize if the following catalog is not extensive enough, but due to the extreme frontal lobe damage, demonic eye syndrome, and massive case of hunger from the past 24 hours we feel the sudden urge to re-engage in a spliffy of hash and purp before the night retires. So fuck off and enjoy:

Ludacris' Raw Banger "Blueberry Yum Yum":

Young Buck's Ever So Appropriate "Puff Puff Pass":

Roots Manuva's Light Green London Cut "Highest Grade":

Outkast's Early Swayze Cut "Crumblin Herb":

Redman and Method Man's Ultra Classic "How High":

Madvillian's Funky Zooted "America's Most Blunted":

Pharcyde's Amsterdam Video Masterpiece for "She Said":

Cypress Hill's Blazed Banger "Dr. Greenthumb":

MF Doom's "My Favorite Ladies" featured on High Times fogged up record "THC Vol 1":

420 Bonus Beerfest Clip: "The Strikeout*":

*The Strikeout: For the extremely detached and/or pathetically sheltered numbnuts out there, the strikeout is a dangerous maneuver requiring the best of breed of talents, skillful enough to master the arts of 1) quick nug tokes, 2) bloated belly beer chugging, and 3) liquor shot consumption all in one fail swoop. This special combo pushes the use of all lung, liver, mental, and motor functions to the edge, often resulting in many hilarious fall outs, faces with detailed dicks drawn across them, and an occasional "achievement unlocked" flashing directly under the chest of the rare few who have lived to continue partying after such a risky adventure.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

NEW SOUTH SHIT: Outkast , Z-Ro and Trae, Webbie, and more!

Big Boi and Andre 3000 link up with the Chef Raekwon once again on this monster, swagtastic banger "Royal Flush"!

Z-Ro & Trae (A.B.N - Assholes By Nature ) - Who's The Man ..NEW 2008

This is hilarious, the Dj confronts Webbie on rumors that he suffers from bouts of seizures and apparently strikes a bad chord with the Louisiana Rapper as he quickly threatens to beat his ass on the air. lol!

And another Bonus dose of Buckness!
Criminal Manne, Yung Kee and Yo Gotti : Underground Kings

Posted by Rico for Pimpin' Pens

Throwback Junt:

Once again Pimpin' Pens shows love to some of the Memphis Rap Pioneers who've paid dues and established a remarkable sound and style. Gangsta Pat was one of the first to get signed to a major lable and do it big coming out hard from the M-Town. In recent years he's gone back underground but peep this classic track - "Creep wit a nigga"

creep creep with a nigga

201 Click - Get Loose Wit It

and another one....
Tom Skeemask - Dead Men Callin feat Criminal Manne & Thugsta

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Pete Rock - Bring Ya'll Back (feat Little Brother)

Banger from the Soul Brotha #1 and the LB's off Pete new album - NY"s finest. Stay tuned, full album review coming soon!

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Evil Pimp - Groupie Ho!

Mo Evil Peezy in dis bitch - Check out the latest piece brought to life by the Romanian maniac LuciferianMessiah on Youtube. "Groupie Ho" is a compilation similare to the one done for "Pimped tonight" but instead of asses its nice tits jigglin to the beat. Tight work!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

20/20 Story about Pimpin' and Prostitution in America
Oh Shit! - Maroy on ABC!

Pimpin' Pens comrade, Sub-culture expert and filmmaker Michael Maroy of Too Real For Tv makes a special appearance in a short segment documenting the phenomenal and often controversial culture of Pimping.

Posted by Rico "Pimp walk" for Pimpin' Pens

Wu-Tang Clan - The Heart Gently Weeps (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Big up Rza and the clan on this one, here's the long awaited video rendition of the off the hook 8 Diagrams smash "The Heart Gently Weeps." In true Wu fashion the video is well shot with a high contrast dark grunge lighting and loose camera work to enhance the cinematic experience sculpted by the devious mind of the Rza Rectah. Someone got an Asian Fetish? Damn!

Posted by Rico"Official Wu Blood Kin" for Pimpin' Pens

Bishop Don Juan, Dolemite, Kenny Red at the Players Ball

This is a shear blessing from Real Flava TV with exclusive footage from The annual Players Ball, a majestic gathering of the nations finest and most extravagant Pimps to announce the annual King! Peep Kennny Red fresh out the pen steppin out harder than ever!

See the Pimps shut it down!


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Don't Mess Wit Texas!

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the homies from Screwston, TX doing it real proper like. Aside from Memphis and Jigg City aka Louisiana, I think that Texas has the highest concentration of flavor in the rap game. Of course you have your household names such as UGK, Lil Flip, Scarface, Paul Wall, and Chamillionaire then you also have lesser known cats such as Lil Keke, South Park Mexican, Fat Pat (RIP), Big Moe (RIP), Hawk (RIP), Z-Ro, Trae, Big Pokey, ESG, and the whole Screwed Up Click. I can't forget theme Suave House boys from back in the day, i.e. Big Mike, South Circle, and Crime Boss to name a few. So in commemoration of Don't Mess Wit Texas day, here's some timeless country rap tunes for your enjoyment.
Z-Ro-I Hate You Bitch

Lil Keke-Southside

Crime Boss-The Bitch

Lil Flip feat. Mike Jones & Crime Boss-Sippin & Wood Grippin

Lil Flip Feat. Z-Ro-Sorry Lil Mama

Enzo's Draped up and Dripped Out Kno What I'm Talkin bout!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rza Spearheads WuChess

Rza the producer/artist extraordinaire for the Wu Tang Clan, will be unveiling a new Internet venture in conjunction with the Hip Hop Chess Federation called WuChess. Chess enthusiasts will be able to play other members of the online community as well as have the ability to instant message and live chat. Once people feel that their chess game is tight enough they will have the opportunity to go against the grandmaster himself, Rza. The first 500 heads to join get the distinction of "founder." You've got to love the Ruler Zig Zag Zig Allah, he's always thinking of new unique ways to position the Hip-Hop culture. With that being said, here is some chess-themed realness from the Genius Gary Grice aka the Gza and the West coast beat smith DJ Muggs.

Can't forget the old school shit too!

Peace to the Gods and Earths and I'm out!

Dizzee Rascal Gets Dusty: Stacks Up Some "Maths + English"

Pimpin' London cement crushers stand up! Straight out the council estates, across the polluted pond, emerges some brand spanking new future jazzy synthed coated junts from Dizzee Rascal. No newcomer to music, this young UK crooner has been banging down brit circles for years, now preparing to spill his third studio record onto American grubbers everywhere, "Maths + English", on the mighty Definitive Jux Records. It's about fucking time we get a project from a grime* extraordinaire, whose frenetic appeal and home grown phonetics seem to have caught the ear of some of the most elite obscure musicians hovering around this day and age, including Beck, Arctic Monkeys, UGK, and EL-Producto. Peep the following video guaranteed to have that dopamine flowing, D-Rascalz ridiculously burner single, "Where Da G's":

Bun B in this biatch!

Bonus for you Bloaks! "Where Da G's" feat Bun B and Pimp C
Indelibly Trill Remix by the Beat Berzerker EL-P

Hand Over Dem Pound Sterlings Playa!
Dizzee Rascal's Genuine "Temptation"

*Grime: Form of music originating in London developed from a fusion of garage, dancehall, and hip hop. Rarely heard in the US primarily due to the amount of time record executives spend wiping shit off their face from daily "ass excursions"* instead of developing a market for it.

*Ass Excursions: Head up your ass, dipshit!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Criminal Manne - Da Neighborhood Dopeman (By DJ Drama): Gangsta Grillz

This nasty compilation of new exclusives and old bangers comes courtesy of the Mix-tape King himself, the notorious DJ Drama. This explosive collabo of these two south beasts delivers hit after hit in an ultra-buck, grimey street block beater. With 18 tracks on deck Crim rips beat after beat with his signature high pitch, hyped up flow so definitive of Memphis raps roots. You got your club joints, smokers junts, gangsta shit, and some beat a bitch material all on here with something for every occasion. Your idea of fun getting buck as shit throwing Bo's (elbows) dead in the face of everyone on the dance floor? Ever spontaneously start a riot when a particular song comes on? If not this album and these ocassions we speak of are for you! Go get yo Gangster Grillz!
Below are some tracks for you to check out and get cha mind right.

"Weigh Up" ---- ****Monster street banger!****

1. Yea Yea 3:18
2. Weigh Up 2:53
3. Let’s Get It 3:12
4. Dope House 3:19
5. Um Fresh Feat. BG 3:54
6. Grind Hard 4:12
7. Aint Baryn Dat Feat. DJ Squeeky & Thug 3:51
8. Get Your Mind Right 3:02
9. Um Dat 3:53
10. Gangsta Pop 3:44
11. Beef 2:41
12. Hot 3:44
13. Keep Your Mouth Close 4:07
14. Thugging Feat. BG 4:40
15. Dope Manne 2:54
16. Stop Lying Feat. Pastor Troy 3:56
17. Dont Like It 4:04
18. Stallion 4:59

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Prefuse 73: "Nuno"
The ATL Push-Button Dynamo At Work

On this bitter Tuesday of the red eyed, 5 o clock shadow dawning omni-grinder we have stirred up a digi snack of glitchy, chopped and skewed mastery. We're talking of course of the ever inventive and elusive gargantuan beatsmith Mr. Scott Heren AKA Prefuse 73. (Or Savath & Savalas, Delarosa and Asora and Piano Overlord to name a few ) Check out one of my favorite tunes from the Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives Album "Nuno" were he disects and reconfigures some Nas samples into a funky, mechanized ballad of blips and bleeps intertwined over a cleverly edited art-school style video.

Enjoy the caffeinated audio with a side of dusty drum patterns.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Evil Mixing: Haker One Drops a Nasty Mix for Evil Pimp!

Once again Pimpin' Pens pays undeniable homage to our highly selective artist of the month. True Pimpin' player connoisseurs are beyond familiar with the horror boss Evil Pimp, but those that aren't will definitely be schooled by the time May rolls around.

Peep this hard chopped and screwed Evil Pimp banger mixed down by Haker One:

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Know your ho's...

This is a landmark occasion for you loyal Pimpin' Pens fans out there, we're back with the friday special served up proper with a massive dose of this Pimpin. Any well schooled playa will tell you the game is to be sold and not to be told so don't expect a full breakdown of these terms but rather a general overview of some real game. For this piece we like to call "Know your Ho's" we've selected some terms from Ice-T's Pimpin' 101, an adult DVD that offers an essential, in-depth look into the lifestyle of a Pimp and the art of mackin these bitches.

First on the list...

"The Track Ho"

As you probably know the track is the street, strip or sidewalk upon which a bitch is strategically placed upon to get that money. However, working the track is not for every would-be hooker or prostitute according to Ice. These tracks can be extremely dangerous so "bitch got to have the nerve along with the curve."

"The Carpet Ho"

Defined as "the shrewdest of all bitches" where their primary objective is to spend the day getting ready to go out at night to casinos & clubs, all up in the VIP seemingly to party but in reality they're trying to look for the big spenders with money. These bitches walk on a carpeted track, hence the name for these low-down scallywags.

"The Stripper Ho"

These bitches are real conniving as well, though their self induced denile, these hoes are often cutthroat for some paper. A favorite of Ice, the striper ho "Don't really believe they're hoes. They think they're entertainers." but according to Ice-T a lap dance is prostitution. "Any time you press your ass against a man's genitals, it's prostitution." Man, thats some funny shit. From there he goes on to mention "no disrespect to Chris Rock, but sometimes there IS sex in the champagne room"

"The Call Girl Ho"

Now this bitch is at "the top of the ho heap," Ice proclaims due to their uncanny ability to attract high class clientele like business men, older gentlemen with money, and other high-paying tricks willing to drop some serious paper on that pussy. Ice-t gets into the mind of these Johns, often with a wife and kids, who spend a ton of money chasing a nut from a dirty slut... "there's something about being a man in a hotel room by yourself that makes your dick harder than it ever got in your life." I never thought of this but if he said it I'd assume it was fact, put a stamp on that shit.

"The Wife Ho"

According to Ice wives and Marriage are "the biggest ho of them all," because "free pussy always costs you more." Think about it....


These bitches are "a complex breed", as they're surprisingly prudish despite their "freaky" cum-dumpster occupation. Regardless to what they might tell a lame they meet at a club or anyone else, while working these bitches are prostituting by basically performing every sex act known to man on command. In one scene Ice has a shy-looking black girl next to him, from there he states that she got into porn because it was a "stepping stone" to conventional stardom. He smiles and talks her up then abruptly brings reality crashing down as he shouts "Bitch, you about to suck some dick and take it up the butt! Now get yo' ass in there!"

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Essential Pimp Clips: Ice T's Pimpology
One of the coldest the game has ever seen!

What we have here to flex your pimp muscle today is a selection from one of the originators, the ever flavorful Ice-T. In this first clip Ice breaks down the similarities between the Rap game and the Pimp game. All aspiring emcees please take heed to the incredible insight of a man that's been through it all, and is still coming out harder than ever.

Check out the commercial for "THE PIMP PENAL CODE" -
A new album featuring the words of gifted playas in the game all layered over hard beats.


I think the title speaks for itself, have a listen to this classic from the legend himself.

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EVIL PIMP - Selections from the Pimpsta

Guess who's bizack? - It's your boy Rico and I'm back in this bitch with a shitload of goodies for the Pimpin' Pens nation. First let's kick this junt off with "Pimped Tonight" courtesy of the new homie "Luciferian Messiah's" Youtube Page.This video is laced with a bunch of nice ass shots and booty clips from youtube and other sources all spliced together in an extremely pleasurable hedonistic montage of ass clappin. Peep the 1:05 time code and on for some serious pussy poppin, ass shaking, booty shots, web cam booty dancing, upskirts and more borderline soft-core heat. Damn now that's a video, strictly for G's with nuts so soak up some game and watch a pimp work.

Catch the vapors as we take you on a journey through the "Mystic Fog"....

And another one...Peep "Underground King" one of the new singles from his upcoming album but don't quote me on that,as you'll soon see this motherfucker has a bunch of albums that drop per year.

And finally watch a Pimp make moves and emerge from the Underground and move straight "To Da Top"....

BONUS JUNT! What you thought I was done?

Evil Pimp and Krucifix Clan "Scarecrows"
This one has real tight, eerie beat reminiscent of "The Omen" or some other old school horror flick, just can't put my finger on it but listen and see if it sounds familiar.

Posted by the Almighty Rico "Okay I'm Reloaded" For Pimpin' Pens


After a brief sabbatical I'm back. I was on a spiritual retreat in India, meditating through the breeze, blowing trees. Actually I wasn't doing any of the aforementioned activities, but I was in one of my modes where I needed to be in seclusion in order to spark my mental. So I was doing my usual rounds of youtube surfing when I happened upon some old freshness from the horrorcore group Project Born. I first heard Project Born off the first two volumes of Forgotten Freshness by the wicked clowns ICP. I was immediately hooked when I listened to "Graveyard" featuring ICP. This is a spooky, eerie, spine-tingling, and hair-raising track guaranteed to get ya too shook to look.

I love the skit in the beginning of the track, it is something straight out of a horror/comedy movie. The audio depicts a scene where some unlucky chap happens to stumble across the wrong graveyard. Subsequently, he begins to hear little voices in the background pestering him. As he tells them to leave him alone, they only grow more agitated and begin to fuck with him even more, while his whimpers and pleas fall on deaf ears, thus the track begins and Project Born and ICP slay it.
Anyway, I don't have much to say today just a few darts to throw your way. Swallow these razors biatch!

Oh, and this one features the legendary pioner of acid rap, Esham. Most people out of Detroit are familiar with Esham, as he's been puttin it down for years. Before ICP were doing their thang, Esham was tearin da clubs up.
While we're at it, how bout some Robert Cooper aka Koopsta Knicca 4 that ass, since we are tackling the scary subject matter for you little boys and girls this evening. This video was blessed upon us by our new youtube homie out of Romania called LuciferianMessiah. I don't know what it is about these Romanian dudes these days, but they're steady flooding the youtube streets with massive flavor as of late. Karibe was the first to put the game on smash, now it looks like he's going to get a little competition from the knicca Lucifer.


Monday, April 7, 2008

West Coast Legends Return: Living Legends Roll Out "The Gathering"

A Snippet of History for the Sleepers:
It all started with Sunspot Jonz and Luckyiam of Mystik Journeymen in the early 1990's. By '94 they already had a huge following from throwing Underground Survivors shows, house party style at their loft in East Oakland. That's where the Grouch hooked up with the Journeymen in 1995, just before they took off on their first European tour. Around the same time in Los Angeles the Log Cabin Crew which consisted of several rappers including the 3 Melancholy Gypsys (Scarub, MURS and Eligh.) The Log Cabin Crew later broke up and the Gypsys formed of the three remaining members, who then crossed paths with the Mystik Journeymen to form Living Legends (Sunspot Jonz, Luckyiam, Scarab, Murs, Grouch, Eligh, Bicasso, Arata, & Aesop Fables). Over the years, the Journeymen and the Legends have rocked Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the USA numerous times. I personally caught them up in North Florida some years back and they killed it, body bagged the stage and doused it with embalming fluid. Anyways, in the years since the Legends have continued releasing solo and crew projects and now have a catalog of over 50 full-length albums, no shit!

Pulling yet another voltron-esq manuever, the Legends return with an extremely dope record, "The Gathering". Peep one of the singles and then hit up the site, :

How bout we unleash an entire fucking array of West Coast bangers on these fools!

Bonus-Bonus-Bonus! Cali Hero Grouch's super video for "Artsy":

MURS I got you meng!

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Teaser Alert! Lil Weezle "Carter 3" Poppin Off in May

In anticipation of Weezy the martian's sixth studio album and final edition to the Carter* trilogy, we decided to present a couple cuts to keep the salivation from spilling over the bucket's edge. I'd also like to address all the haters out there always complaining about Weezy wee, "Go eat a chafing dick!", whether this dude's brain is purple jelly or not he still makes great entertainment. Plus if that foam cup keeps him spitting outlandish nonsense like this then fuck it yo, pour it up.

Lil Wayne's really illy "A Millie":

I'd have to agree though, this song is proof that this cat has definitely been ice grilling into the abyss lately. Which is even more of a reason to cop the "Carter III", jeah!

Weezy F. Baby's ultra hard "1000 Degrees":

"Lil Wayne never drop the lil..."

*The Carter: Named after the infamous illicit headquarters in the movie "New Jack City" starring Wesley Snipes before he went on a vampire killing spree forcing him to stop paying the IRS under the notion that he had become some sort of immortal bat. Happens to also be Wayne's last name.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bring It Back Bangers! Classic Beats Concocted From Your Favorite Past Time Toonies

Throughout the age of beat conductors, from basement boom-bap bruisers to chromed out MPC rulers, music's elite vinyl hogs have always sought for that killer sample. Whether it be a dusty horn, eerie horror movie loop, raunchy porn sequence, slick talking pimp slap used as a percussion hit, or coked out guitar riff, producers have endured endless nights in search of that forbidden sound. Sometimes, after taking a break from their odyssey to enjoy a splendid spliff or three, a common after effect seems to emerge. This effect has been coined, "the munchies", and during this ever so enjoyable occasion, one tends to compliment "the munchies" with a bowl of cereal and (you guessed it dickhead) classic cartoons (or porn, but lets stick to cartoons). And that's when Bob Marley and Stephen Hawkings go on a zanex binge and these producers create some of the most perfect beats our audio canals can ever consume.

Pimpin' Pens brings you these untimely classic toony cuts guaranteed to have you pop open that jar of greenery and go crate digging for hours:

The Supervillian emerged in the early 90's with the ultra fresh KMD crew to only disappear after several side winding downturns and then re-emerge as one of music's greatest unseen faces.

His debut classic "Operation Doomsday" shocked the streets, especially that ridiculous Scooby Doo sample.

MF Doom's legendary "Hey" produced by Metal Fingers:

After being forced to change their name from the impeccably hard as fuck SmifnWesson to Cocoa Brovaz, many hard knocks thought this Boot Camp Clique duo would never be the same.

Then bam! Smack in the rotten atoms apple drops "Super Brooklyn" and the cyphers started going bonkers. This may have propelled the group to grab their nuts, say fuck the world, and change back their name to SmifnWesson, thank you Tek and Steele.

Cocoa Brovaz super nusty "Super Brooklyn" produced by DJ Rob:

Notorious amongst the independent scene, this group has consistently released dope records since the underground movement propelled by Company Flow in the mid 90's. During that come up, 7L and the Esoteradactile blessed this tight burner upon middle white NY kids everywhere.

7L definitely did a sweet job with the transformers sample while Eso tore it up with that mid 90's wordy style.

7L & Esoteric's underground smash "Be Alert" produced by 7L:

What can I say, The Alchemist has never made a wack beat. Ever! This cat has laced hip hop's grimiest rappers with golden beats his whole career. Never one to let others take all the shine, Alchemist has dropped several instrumental joints for the true beat connoisseur in us all.

This banger exquisitely samples a spidey theme from back in the day to perfection. Truly magnificent work.

Alchemist's major raw "Guns is Razors" produced by Aly Al Alchemist:

Bonus Junt! B-B-Bonus Junt!

We had to honor the god P-Tone with a sacrificial vid instead of those little imeem players like them over there. We had to, especially this razor sharp classic from the maniacal record "Ironman".

Rae the Chef diesel and Ghostdini slaughter this shit right here, I mean they make mince meat out of this speedy beat. Perfect display of golden era hip hop at its best.

Ghostface Killah's "Daytona 500" produced by the pointy ring king RZA:

Here's a towel to wipe the sticky load you just busted from this imperial display of rawness:

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Teaser Alert! Planet B-Boy in Theatres Now...

Lets give a nod to one of the four basic elements that comprise this culture we so fondly embrace. A pillar during a monumental age in music, when hip hop's forefathers barely scratched the surface with vinyl, before rap's pioneers developed complicated rhythms and cadence (to then be inherited by halftard emcees), there existed an art form as necessary to our subculture as the rustoleum giants who carpeted the city with marquee pieces: The B-Boy. From looking like some crack head Olympic sprinters and shit in "Flashdance" and "Wildstyle" to the epic performers on, umm..."Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew"? (What the fuck man! Is this all we got for B-Boys now of days!), these bouncy contortionists paved the way for all your super fly leaning, popping, locking, snapping, head up your ass juggling a midget while sipping pimp cups doing hand to hands on the corner dances. Pimpin' Pens pays homage, we tip our fury kangols to the Rock Steady and Cold Crush crews of the past, and drop daps to the new generation of hydros, flares, head spinning footwork freaks of the future. Go peep that flick yo!

Planet B-Boy France:

Planet B-Boy Korea:

Directed/Produced/Edited by the magnificent Bensen Lee. Visit for more info.

Can't Stop Won't Stop! Planet B-Boy Around the Globe:

On the really real, this film looks extremely tight. Pimpin' stamp of approval homie.

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