Wednesday, October 24, 2007

YoungBleed: Once Upon A Time In Amedica

YoungBleed the veteran emcee hailing from Baton Rouge, La comes correct on his 4Th solo offering, "Made in Amedica." The nasal voiced poet laureate of the south first got his start as a soldier signed to Master P's legendary record label No Limit. In 1998 he dropped "My Balls and My Word" which is highly regarded by southern rap historians as a certified classic. For his second solo effort "My Own," Bleed showed the world he could hold court dolo without the No Limit backing. On this junt Bleed seems to be as lyrically on point as always, spitting insightful street tales with his trademark style that neither glorifies nor vilifies the dope game. The only thing lacking in this newest edition to Bleed's repertoire is maybe some more sharp production. He needs to return to the essence which was so poignantly displayed on tracks like The Day They Made Me Boss from "My Balls and My Word." To me that was the epitome of hardbody gangsta shit. Bleed also suffers from too many feature spots from emcees that detract the track rather than lace it properly. In summation the new junt from Youngbleed is still worth copping on the strength of Bleed's rhyming prowess alone. Features on this album include Rich Boy, David Banner, Trae, Eightball, and more.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Man this is a certified classic for all the OGs and the trill fans bumpin these country rap tunes. The album kicks off with a smokers anthem "Swishas and Doshas" with Pimp C breaking it down soulfully on the hook:
"Swishas and dosha,
blow when we driving,
Benz's and Cadi's,
swangin big bodies"
Just sit back, roll up a dutch with the finest trees and marinate in the pimp vibes that only UGK and the south can provide. Other notable tracks on the first disc include ,"The game belongs to me", "Gravy", "Quit hating the south. Feat. Charle Wilson and Willy D " and one of my favorites "Trill niggas dont die feat.Z-Ro" The whole album is thorough, you can just pop it in and let it ride from disc to disc never skipping a track and that rare to say in the rap game these days. They definiately upped their game lyrically and Pimp is even nastier than ever with the funked up production, a true inspiration to your boy here. On the second disc the start with a crazy banger "How Long Can It Last - (with Charlie Wilson)" In the intro Pimp opens with a few words in prayer in a heart felt moment then the hardest beat drops into the soulful rap ballad - pimp spits : "Didnt choose this dirty game, this dirty game it chose me, every city love cocaine, theyll get it from him if they dont get it from me" Other notable tracks on disc 2 include: "Cocaine" Feat Rick Ross, Pimp kills it spittin
"Uh the bitch, been good to me Been bad to my homies, keep it cool with me ,
I played it by the rules, and the regulations I use to switch cars with the Mexican, at the gas station"

Another banger is "still ridin dirty" "Tell me how ya feel" "shattered dreams" and "top drop dyne feat. Cory Mo - peep his track Aint nobody trippin" with Pimp on the hook. To sum it up this album is what all ugk fans have been waiting for. Its on another level and most lames wont feel this pimpin and g shit that ugk comes with harder than anyone. Go Get That CD and support your fore fathers in this bitch. Big up to Pimp and the Bun, yall Keep it Trill - From your boy Big Rico of Pimpin Pens. Holla.

The Making Of The Album

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Boosie In The Studio


That ratchet mane back in the studio once mo on you bitches. Peep some new album tracks produced by Phunk Dawg of Lavahouse. Hot fire right here - Get em Boosie Boo!

Still Eating at the Waffle House,
Still Fuckin with Lavahouse
Still will go in beast mode and bring dem choppas out

Yeah Im Real Retarded!

Keep it gutta, life stories motherfuckah!

Big Rico of Pimpin Pens

Mr.Sche - My City (produced by AzianThug)

Mr. Sche Eastwood. The Big homie Scheezy peep this banger prod. by Azian Thug. "My city make a bitch nigga shitty, my city low-down fuckin gritty"

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

too real for tv - arch bishop don magic juan

Too Real for Tv, Just right for the Blog ya Heard me! Peep game from the legendary Bishop Don Magic Juan letting all who doubted know that pimpin' ain't no illusion and it will never die!

Kenny Red home from prison on Cross Country Pimping pt.3

Just peep the Gator kickstand on that Kenny Reds Harley "The Red Baron" - its manicured like a pimp, damn thats classic. Real pimpin' stay down like 4 flat tires ya dig!

Back at you Chuurch

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Rza the founding member of the greatest group of all time, the Wu Tang Clan took home another prestigious title as the winner of the 1st annual Chess Kings Invitational Tournament. The event went down on Saturday, Oct. 13th at the San Francisco Design Center where over 500 were in attendance. The tournament was organized by the Hip Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) and featured a slew of hip hop celebrities such as Gza, Sunspot Jonz, and Casual to name a few. The rappers praised the virtues of the game to the spectators before getting in the hot seat to lay it down Bobby Fishcher style. Oh speaking of Bobby Fishcher, I understand that someone from the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer was on the panel of judges. In the celebrity competition each finalist played a total of five rounds where an undefeated Rza came face to face with Monk (a member of Wu-Tang affiliate Black Knights)the proverbial scenario of student against teacher. The battle came to a head as Rza shouted "checkmate" after apparently trapping Monk's King in a back rank rate move, whatever the fuck that is. I am glad to see hip hop associate itself with such a positive and intelligent pastime such as chess. As well as all the fun and games involved with the event, High School students from the Bay-Area were in attendance vying for $10,000 worth of scholarships.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Kingpin Skinny Pimp: Skinny But Dangerous CD

Being the huge fan of early Three Six Mafia work that I am, it is only fitting that I pay tribute to a lost relic of those early glory days. Many people are familiar with Kingpin Skinny Pimps first album: "King of Da Playaz Ball" released in 1996 on Prophet Entertainment, however I don't think many are as familiar with another 96 release from skinny entitled: "Skinny but Dangerous." This is perhaps my favorite release Skinny ever put down. It showcases that early skinny pimp style that was best exemplified in the early prophet posse underground tapes. There is even a cut on the record that has a Miami Booty music circa 2live crew feel to it. The production on this album is off the chain, and compliments Skinnys smooth style perfectly. The production on this album is done by Lil Pat, DJ Paul, and Juicy J; with guest appearances from Gangsta Pat, 211, and SMK. "Its the Skinny Skinny Skinny Pimp walking wit a gangsta limp, north memphis area south side bury ya!"

Enzo Postin on The blog


New from Maroy of Too Real For TV comes : PIMPIN' KEN & PIMP C - Best of Both Worlds. Once again as our namesake might hint to you we here at pimpin pens are quite fond of both Pimpin Ken and Pimp C for their many contributions to the world of pimpin. Both of these men have attained legendary icon status in the underworld we generally refer to as the game. Whether it be the rap game or the pimp game both will go down as true pioneers in their respective genres.And it is with much excitement and anticipation that I extol the virtues of this masterful piece of artistry which dissects authentic pimp from perpetrator pimp. As we all know there is a rampant onslaught of "fugazies" in the rap game who refer to themselves as pimps, but lack the pedigree and clout to claim such a prestigious title. "Best of Both Worlds," takes a scathing and in depth glimpse inside this new phenomenon of perpetrating rappers claiming pimp. The DVD features an array of colorful and show-stopping characters such as: Pimp C & Bun B, Pimpin Ken, Playboy Maroy, 50 Cent, T.I., The Great Pokey, Rico, Buffie The Body, Genoc, Young Jeezy, J. Price, Young Buck, Rick Ross, and Mistah Fab. Not to mention other pimpin luminaries:Lil Scrappy, Consequence, Filmore Rich, Slim(112), Jazze Pha, Fonsworth Bentley, Lil Flip, Yukmouth, Ivory P., Young Rick, Big Gotti, Minister Seamore, Don Fetti, Maestro, Suga Free, J. Diggs, Paperchase, Spank, Ali, Lawman Dia, Boston B, 2 Eleven, Young Cato, Lil Fate, and Mad Linx. This DVD is sure to provide classic good ole-fashioned fun to the entire family. Check it Out Hoes! Also peep the entire Too Real For TV Collection offering the ultimate insider look into the Pimp Game as can only be brought to you by the super producer Mr. Maroy himself. Chhhuuuuuchh!