Friday, February 29, 2008

DJ Quik is in tha Mothafuckin House!

In preparation for the new month and new artist of the month, we're taking it to the West starting off with The notoriously famous, legendary super-producer and rapper DJ QUIK. Also, not to mention he rocks some of the tightest, slickest hairstyles known to man*.(SEE BELOW)

Yes sir, we always deliver the classics and rarieties, just try and find this shit elsewhere.....

DJ QUIK: Sweet Black Pussy!!! This was the jam back in the day and the video still projects some official West Coast Pimpin.'


Regardless on your feeling towards the S-Curl look of the funky hair and shit, Quik was and continues to be one of the best producers and originators of the West Coast sound.

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All New RENO 911! -- Seth Green is the Burger Cousin King

Check out this hilarious clip of Seth Green making a cameo on Reno 911. In the episode Jones and Garcia go undercover at a Burger King knock-off joint called "Burger Cousin." Seth plays "Rick" the wise ass, dirtbag manager who gives these cops a ton of shit, busting their balls non-stop.

Dangle De-Gays His Apartment

Check out Dangle's take on pirates and people who act like pirates. LOL

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Life in Rikers Island
Rock “Doin’ Time 101: Act Like U Know”

You all know the hardcore Heltah Skeltah Baritone Rock Alcatraz aka Da Rockness Monstah as one of the wildest, rowdiests, and gritty rappers out there. Apparently unlike most of the soft shit you see nowadays homeboy here is really about what he spits in his lyrics. Rock, born Jamal Bush, was arrested and arraigned on Tuesday Jan 15 for attempted murder. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office alleges that Mr. Bush shot a known pimp and Bloods gang member in the neck, paralyzing him. At the same time they're also saying that Rock himself is a pimp (No Shit?) and this whole thing was all over a bitch, what a damn shame. Although it doesn't look good we hope for his innocence in this matter.

Ok here's the update. Back from his brief stint in Rikers, Rock kindly sheds some light on doin' time in one of the most grotesquely brutal and savage prisons on Earth.

You young, dumb mothafuckers still think crime and jail is cool? Peep the classic footage from "Scared Straight."

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Friday Fury Word of The Day: JENKEM!

Thats Right Folks! Get it while it's hot, (and steamy). It's Jenkem (cue jingle tunes), the newest cost effective way to guaruntee yourself the most fucking incredibly shitty high you've ever experienced, literally. Without holding back, this stuff is rumored to produce holes in your brain large enough for a dick with elephantitus to have a field day. I'm talking guiness gangbang records. Not to mention the pungent aroma that'll linger around your mouth for say, long enough to assure that the only play you'll get is bigfoot's cornhole! And that's only if you're game's that tight. (Seriously if this "shit" really blows up I'm investing in colgate, pronto) In all technicalities though, Jenkem must be the most insane concoction to ever emerge from the bizarre-substance movement.

Known as a hallucinogenic recreational drug composed of noxious gas formed from fermented human sewage, scraped from pipes and stored in plastic bags for a week or so, until it gives off numbing, intoxicating fumes. In other words your puffing poopy homie, you're fixated on feces, you're blazing raisins man, basically you're smoking shit. (At times piss too, damn!) In the early and mid-1990s, several reports stated that Jenkem was being used by Zambian street children. In November 2007, anecdotes were widely repeated in the American media which gave the impression that Jenkem was a popular drug taking hold with American teenagers. In the BBC 1999 article the process is described as, "...the dark brown sludge, gathering up fistfuls and stuffing it into small plastic bottles. They tap the bottles on the ground, taking care to leave enough room for methane to form at the top". (LOL, hahaha!)

This is by far the greatest discount drug I've ever heard of. I mean, realistically this stuff costs about 2 bucks in overhead costs and a large meal in product expense. All you need is a bucket of fries, and in about an hour, bam, your tripping your balls off! You don't even need to wipe, think about it man what good is it if your whole entire oral cavity will reek of turd. Now, being from the prestigious City of Miami, I couldn't fathom anything beyond the classic hardcore designer stuff, so naturally when I heard about this I flipped out. Then it got me thinking, if you indulge in the butt hash, then stuff your stomach and repeat the Jenkemation process, well you must fly to the fucking stars from Jenkemated excriment! All on your own shit, that's crazy son.

Don't believe me, here's a media report:

Pimpin' Pen's does not condone nor support this form of intoxication by any means. But we are forever grateful some broke ass dirtbags discovered it cause it is hilariously awesome.

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R.I.P. Lil Handy

Lil Handy was a rapper out of Baton Rouge, LA who performed with the likes of Boosie, Webbie, Youngbleed, Turk, and the South Coast Coalition. They reffered to him by Handy because he was handy with them tools if you know what I mean (he was good with guns in case you didn't know what I meant). Sadly, Lil Handy passed away on May 19th, 2004 from a fatal car crash which put him into a coma before he subsequently passed away. His posthumous debut album Rap Hustlin was released in 2005 under Grindtime Ent. We here at Pimpin Pens strive to keep the memory of Lil Handy alive due to our utmost repsect for his music. I leave you with some of the last known vestages of Lil Handy that I've been able to procure.

"Cut Da Lights On" featuring Webbie

C U on the Flipside Handyman. R.I.P.

Forgotten Freshness: Lil Jon-Shawty Freak a Lil Somethin

Some old school circa 95 era shit. Look at Ludacris at :11 seconds into the video, back when he was known as DJ Chris Lova Lova. Also making a cameo is Jazze Pha. This is Lil Jon back when he was deeply influenced by the Miami booty music scene. Shouts out to the forefathers of that movement 2 Live Crew, Poison Clan, 95 South, Quad City DJs, and 69 Boys. I recount those dayz with great nostalgia. R.I.P. DJ Uncle Al

2 Live Crew- Pop That P**Sy

Poison Clan-Fire Up This Funk

95 South-Rodeo

DJ Uncle Al (R.I.P.)-Slip N Slide

69 Boyz-Tootsie Roll

Splack Pack-Let Me C Ya Work It

You people don't have to like this shit, but you do need to respect it. All of the above cats made tremendous contributions to the art form that is Hip-Hop. Plus these were the original forerunners to the crunk movement. Crunk is an offshoot of booty music. You can't know where you are going unless you know where you're coming from.
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random Video Clips!
Yeah I said it......Plural Mafuckah!

Wow, this clip came completely out of nowhere and blindsided me like a rampaging Razorback from Hell. Holy shit! I don't want to say too much to spoil the gem of a clip just a few clicks below but I promise you'll laugh your ass off just bare with me.

The following video is some of the most over-the-top, low-budget martial arts clips I've seen in a minute and boy it's an utter juggernaut of hilarity. This action-packed piece of work chock-full of homo-erotic overtones is from the 1994 Hong Kong Blockbuster "Undefeatable" Starring Cynthia Rothrock (Who the fuck?)

The plot revolves around Cynthia's character Kristi Jones, a waitress who fights illegally on the side for money. Upon the death of her sister she vows to visciously avenge her death at the hands of a crazed martial arts rapist. Pretty deep huh? With that being said let's get straight to the good stuff. - Try not to piss yourself!

Best fight scene of all time (is this gay?)

This dude jacked my move..."The Face Mash" on timecode 1:35

If your abdomen didn't collapse from laughter or you slightly pissed yourself this one should just about hospitalize you from the overload of low-budget gore. Check out one of our favorite movies ever...Riki-Oh The Story of Ricky. Here's all the funniest, bloodiest,bizarre and
all out insane clips that make the movie great, jammed into one ferocious 7 minute beast of a video. Enjoy fuckers...

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JAH Music: Collie Buddz "Come Around"

Finally De Herbs Come Around!
Wha Gwan Bredren, peep this video from Bermudan Reggae artist Collie Buddz coming out hard on this soulful Ganjaman anthem. Stricty high grade sensi and wicked vibes for the Pimpin' Pens Massive! Fiyah Tunes - more to come. Being that we're from Miami we definitley fuck with all the Reggae, Dancehall, Soca and other Caribbean shit. Smoke one and kickback to this banger for all the true herbalists pon de Earth.


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Spark the Chalice....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai

Written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, this groundbreaking cinematic masterpiece deserves some recognition on Pimpin Pens. Released in 1999 the movie follows the journey of an enigmatic modern day assassin known as Ghost Dog (Forest Whitaker). Ghost Dog adheres to the strict moral code of the samurai. He swears allegiance to his master; a mobster by the name of Louie. Louie saved Ghost Dog's life as a child so he is indebted to him for the rest of his life through the code of the samurai. Since he is loyal to his master, Ghost Dog executes "contracts" on behalf of the mob for Louie. After Ghost Dog performs an unsanctioned hit on a mob cohort witnessed by the daughter of the mob boss (Don Vargo), he finds himself the target of a contract out on his life. The mob orders Louie to find Ghost Dog and terminate him on site, the only problem is that Ghost Dog is not so easy to find. Louie's only means of communication with Ghost Dog are via carrier pigeons that relay messages back and forth so as not to disclose Ghost Dog's actual location. The mob henchman locate the pigeon coup and kill his pigeons to send a message. This enrages Ghost Dog who goes on a killing spree, systematically taking out all his enemies in true samurai fashion. Interspersed throughout the movie are quotes from the book The Way of the Samurai; narrated by Ghost Dog which help to explain his code of ethics in greater detail. The movie is a perfect fusion of hip-hop, mafia, and Japanese culture spawning a different type of hood/mafia flick. The end result is a quirky and stylized look into the inner sanctum of two cultures enshrouded in mystery, namely the mafia and the samurai. The director Jarmusch does a good job of never delving too deep into any one character, giving the viewer only outer glimpses into the character's persona. A dominant theme throughout the movie is cartoon imagery. The cartoons serve as precursor metaphors to indicate what will happen in the next scene. For instance there is a scene when the head mafia boss Vargo is watching a Felix the Cat cartoon in the limo with his daughter. The evil professor voices his displeasure in his inability to capture Felix the Cat and his magic bag. This directly corresponds to the mafias ineptitude in capturing Ghost Dog who carries his briefcase full of weaponry (magic bag). The Rza aka Bobby Digital from Wu Tang Clan does a brilliant job on the musical score of the film, providing the exact balance of hood/samurai auditory stimulation. Don't take my word for it, this film is artistry of epic proportions. I leave you with a scene from Ghost Dog where the Wu Tang affiliates Dreddy Kruger, Timbo King, Clay Da Raider, Dead and Stinking, and Deflon Sallahr spit some cold freestyle verses to Raekwon's Ice Cream beat.

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The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

Robert Greene is an American author known for his books dealing with power, persuasion, and war. He is an astute observer of social mores, and how to bend them to your own gain and devices. In this treatise on the art of manipulation, Green details the many different effective techniques of seduction. Green outlines a system comprised of 9 different types of seducers with 24 steps in the seduction process. Published by Joost Elffers who also supplies the book with sidebar anecdotes chronicling the various exploits of historical figures who were themselves renown seducers, this book is the second of three authored by Greene. Such luminaries as Don Juan, Cleopatra, Casanova, Marilyn Monroe, Lord Byron, Marlene Dietrich, but the truly fascinating portraits are those of what you might call political or "PR" seducers: Charles DeGaulle, Mussolini, Zhou Enlai, Andy Warhol, Robespierre and Benjamin Disraeli are all alluded to throughout the book. Greene does an incredible job of examining the nuances of interacting with individuals in a sexual, political, and social context with a corresponding figure from history to further illustrate his point. He not only describes the process of seduction in painstaking detail, but also explores the personality types most susceptible to being seduced. For instance you not only need to know how to seduce, but who to seduce. This is the cardinal rule of seduction, because if you pick the wrong target your advances no matter how charming or enticing will fall upon deaf ears. Another seductive maneuver of paramount importance is mastering the art of insinuation. More often than not people tend to be overtly blatant in their overtures, when the key is to employ more subtle and suggestive methods that mask our true objectives. Most politicians have turned this one precept into a science, executing it with precision like accuracy. Overall this book makes for an excellent read, which should be read if for no other reason than to stay informed of the different types of predators out there and how to act accordingly.

Enjoy this dose of pimpin while were on the subject. Scene taken from the classic 70's blaxploitaion flim Willie Dynamite

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Teaser Alert! Get a Semi and Go Pro

In an effort to continually please the abundance of pimps, hash smashers, and debauchery lovers alike that support our ever enduring cause to intoxicate minds, Pimpin' Pens has decided to jump on the bandwagon for the upcoming gut buster "Semi Pro".

Directed by Kent Alterman (who executive produced "A History of Violence", fuck yes) and starring Will Ferrell (funny man extraordinaire), Woody Harrelson (shit load of douche bag rolls equipped with greasy hair), Andre "3000" Benjamin (one of the nastiest emcees breathing), Will Arnett (greatest dirt bag brother from "Arrested Development"), and Andy Richter (Conan O’Brien’s long time right testicle), this movie is certified punch-the-corny-fuck-hating-sitting-next-to-you-at-the-theatre funny. I'm talking all out frenzy, fully extended spinning drop kicks on any chump that utters the words, "I thought it would be funnier", as I burst out in laughter during tremendous liners and characters from front to back. Now I admit, it's hard to compete with such classics as "Anchorman" or his stellar role in "Superstar", but I think this will come close considering they dropped their balls on this one and made it rated R, fucking cha chia yes!

Let's see what the man Jackie Moon has to say about it:

Is that right? Well how bout this:

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus! All 8 Jackie Moon Old Spice Commercials

Count It!

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Young Jeezy Gives Back To The Community

In a touching and heartwarming show of goodwill by the infamous trapster Young Jeezy, a wheelchair ridden and cerebral palsy afflicted 13-year old boy has his dream wish come true. The boy was announced the winner of the "Make Your Dreams Come True" contest offered by Jeezy. The boys mother Tamara Jenkins-Wilson submitted her son into the contest in hopes of having Jeezy give her son a new wheelchair operable Minivan. Previously she had to undergo the physically strenuous task of lifting him in and out of the vehicle herself. "My ultimate dream would be for me to provide a Wheelchair Accessible Van for my son, Davon Jenkins. Davon is 13-years-old and has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair." The boy's father is stationed in Iraq currently serving in the United States Military. Along with the Wheelchair accessible van, Jeezy will also take the entire family out for dinner at the P. Diddy owned hot spot Justin's in Atlanta, GA. Shouts out to Jeezy for the uplifting gesture, a class act that Jeezy. He came through for that boy in true Nino Brown style. Other rappers need to take notes. And on that note we'll follow that up with a personal Jeezy favorite of mine featuring Bun B.
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Monday, February 25, 2008

U Want G Shit U Want G Shit We'll Im a Give it 2 YA

The youtube user legend karibeojigwe lays down some ill verses on the Paul Wall, Slim Thug and DJ Michael Watts' 2004 street anthem "Still Tippin." His rap name is Murder G and he resides from the slums of Romania. Standing in at 6 feet 11 inches tall, George is a collosal of a man. Both in physical stature and in his formidable omnipresence on youtube and myspace. Karibeojigwe is infamous for uploading mad Three Six Mafia underground tracks on youtube, somewhere upwards of 600 videos. The boy put in some serious work, and deserves some recognition . So without further ado here is Karibeojigwe otherwise known as Murder G.

And here is a bonus video from the dirty south veterans Silk The Shocker, Bun B, Pimp C, and Master P. Wow that was a lot of names that ended with a [ee] sound. Anyway this banger of a joint is called "Playaz from the South"

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Full Pipe Player: Bob Burnquist Defies Gravity

While perusing through several skate films with a group of green fingered goons, our jaws suddenly plummeted to the dusty floor upon witnessing this amazing clip of legendary Brazillian skater Bob Burnquist completing a full pipe with the upper portion missing, (which could be considered an upside down transfer, which is fucking bananas). The following montage demonstrates Burnquist grabbing the bull by the horns as he pummels several missed attempts at the full pipe and crushes the loop with ease.

Pimpin' Pens has given this their own moniker: "Drop Top Looping"

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

PIMPIN' PENS: All Out Fist-o-cuffs Fights!
Kimbo Loses FIGHT !

Peep Miami's own Kimbo Slice getting bassed* up by this Police officer from Boston in this classic video. Kimbo is still the hardest though, but this cop should definitely be more famous for his awesome display in savage ass-whooping delivery. Wow, what a fight, this shit really goes the distance! This is one of the most hardcore fight videos I've seen on the Internet, so naturally we added it to our king-size repertoire .

It's Kimbo vs Sean Gannon, the officer who challenged Kimbo Slice to this mega clash of the titans, unfolding into a battle royale of epic proportions. This is the only known footage I know of in which Kimbo loses.

Yo, honestly if his crew hadn't jumped in as many times as they did, the Cop would have destroyed his ass. All he had to do was use some knees, I think I saw one knee thrown but look how vulnerable Kimbo was for the majority of the fight. Now, he's an unstoppable bestial menace with the professional training and what not, but this is still an extremely ferocious fight which we're proud to feature for all of you to enjoy.

*bassed up="Beat the fuck down to the umpteenth degree."

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Digging Classics Out the Grave: Smut Peddlers "Bottom Feeders"


From the bottom of independent rap's leftover locker comes undeniably the grittiest, raunchiest, most gutter mouth infested piece of work ever created: Smut Peddlers "Bottom Feeders". We're talking overloads of douchebaggery sprinkled with filth and saramwrapped in used rubbers from a brothel in Brazil, oh shit that's grimy. This video has been scientifically proven to stimulate a fucking cadaver to the point Peter North would be forced to castrate himself. Really, the researchers actually documented the results for discovery HD Theatre until the rotten corpse went buck and started humping everything in the vicinity. I tried locating the footage but apparently the guy operating the boom mic also went berserk and blew the whole fucking lab to smithereens.

That very incident is why the following video was on constant rotation during our college wildin bonanza era. Fully equipped with pistols, illicit…everything, and strippers doing back flips from all angles (plus more! s&m and yakking, bonus!), Cage Kennylz, Mr. Eon, and world renown super hero RA the Rugged Man (bringing back that early 90's fucking shaky bop, lol) lace a serious record over a banger Mighty Mi beat. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Peddle that smut for eternity fellas.

Attention! For those that just witnessed brain mush leak from their face from the overwhelming dirtmonger education Pimpin' Pens has provided thus far, get right and tell the masses. If not go fuck yourself.

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R.I.P. TripleSixNinja

Upon some serious reflection I have now decided to drop the moniker Triplesixninja for the simple reason that it is kind of gay, and it makes me look like a Three Six Mafia "Stan" or some shit. The only reason that I kept the name for a minute was because I had used it to post on a bunch of other websites in the past and I wanted to mantain continuity for the Pimpin' Pens venture. I'm a grown ass man and no grown ass man should be referring to himself as Triplesixninja, although I am trained in martial arts, still I have too much hair on my ass to be stuck with such an immature alias. From this moment forth I shall be known simply as Enzow. Enzow was my graffiti name when I used to paint the town as a youngster on the bricks of Miami. All that aside here is a bumpin video from youtube user mpc662. "Lord Infamous tribute."

Oh I almost forgot. Since Kool G Rap is our artist of the month, I can't forget this banger either. Tied down with duct tape fuck rape I'd rather just hump a sluts legs with my nuts shaved!

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Pimpin Pens: Friday Word Of The Day!
"The Blumpkin"

This is a brand new feature we're trying to incorporate into the Blog to keep all you restless goons satisfied and the countless Pimpin' Pens fiends at bay. So now without further ado may I proudly introduce you to a new word to add to your vocab.

Definition: It's when a guy receives a blow job while sitting on the toilet taking a crap. Yup, Blumpkin folks - some truly grimey shit!

As far as the origins of the word, fuck if I know, but since first hearing about this horrendous (but funny as all hell) act about 8 years ago it's occasionally made it's way into my thought process continually provoking an onslaught of gut-busting laughter. Just for the sake of the post and human curiosity let's try to theorize what sick bitch had to kick in a bathroom door to quench her thirst for cock while some dude was mid-turd.

We here at Pimpin' Pens are no strangers to the foul smut and grotesqueries this world has to offer but this Blumpkin deal is in a league of it's own. We've been to the Redlight in Amsterdam, countless stripclubs around the world, tons of college parties, and seen enough hours of Porn to make Larry Flynt look like a saint. I mean for the love of god, one time in Alabama a buddy of mine took me to some Meth-hole of a strip club and low and behold they had a fucking pregnant bitch on stage. If that's not bad enough the worst part was she was making a killing!

Ok now back to the topic at hand, just how did this come to be? Maybe it wasn't the slutiness of the female in question but rather the swagger of the gentleman that pursuaded the girl to give some chewin' while homeboy was pooping! Who knows, I'm at a loss for words, but for now all we can do is speculate. For the most part it looks like the "Blumpkin" will remain a great mystery within our culture along side Bigfoot, Nessie, UFO's and all that other bizarre shit from Sightings and Ripley's.

Regardless of how it came to be, Blumpkin is REAL and is here to stay.

Here's a variation.."Blumpkin Backfire!"

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Thursday, February 21, 2008


All true Wally Don Wu Blood Kin stand up! This track is one of the many consumed by my mental back in High School and remains to this day to be impeccably awe inspiring and legendary.

It's reminiscent of a better age in Hip-Hop, a time where people made classics, albums were 5 mics, they constantly developed their styles and evolved the culture to span the globe. The music bonds us regardless of race, color or creed. It's very odd to look back at how far we've come and with each day we step closer to eventually speaking to our grandchildren of Hip-Hop and Rap as an ancient artifact of sorts. One day all this shit we bump will be on an Oldies station but hell, for now let's soak it all up and keep it fresh because our DNA is encoded within these tracks. They've formed who we are and continue to influence new avenues in society and the media. Respect due to the older gods.
Only 5% out of 100....

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Mr. Sche and Nasty Nardo Album:
We From Memphis..
The underground lost album

Holy shit, I've been endlessly searching for any word, or hint on what the Sche and Nardo album would look like, sound like, feature, etc.

While conducting research for some future posts I stumbled across what appears to be the cover and sho nuff it's a certified hardcore banger! Just look at that shit man! You got some money up in flames covering the city, bitches grinding up on tight whips, and your two favorite Memphis Vets coming out hard through it all! Just by looking at this cover I know this CD will be so ridiculously crunk it will make you catch a serious charge up in this bitch! We're talking you bump this and you body a hoe.

Peep this new single from Nardo's Myspace page: "Get it Boy" Ft. 8-Ball and Yung Kee.The track is tight as shit, play this in a club and someone, no wait - fuck that, everybody is getting bloodied up in the place!

Remember where you saw it first, all day exclusives.....
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Drips and Tips: Amsterdam Graffiti Circa 86

In light of the recent voyage I embarked on to the obscure capital of the funkadelic universe, Amsterdam (otherwise known as the "Dizzle" by my brethren), I thought it rather amusing to provide some vintage paint flix from a time when most of the world was rotten to the core. As you can see, these masters of aerosol gracefully lace acres of concrete without any sense of repercussions or worries, such bliss. Shit, I can relate, I gave every effort to try and break the law during my stay and it didn't work. A dude can get bucked and the cops just shrug their shoulders like, "Eh, he had it coming".

Pimp hats get tipped to all the hustling montana-krylon-rusto slangers out there. Keep doing your thang thang.

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Kool G Rap Bangers: All of My Life

Artist of the Month gets plenty of recognition from the mighty Pimpin' Pens familia.

KGR is a serious rap gorilla. Bless.

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Project Playas-Buck With Me!

You know how we do it here at Pimpin' Pens - Nothing but the hardest, buckest, tightest shit the net has to offer. This track is no exception and for that it's found a home here on the Trillest page anywhere hands down!

Come fuck with a Pimp

Project Playas ft. 8ball & MJG - Dirty Down South

Mr. Sche - All We Got

You know we had to put the homie big Sche Eastwood on here.

Kingpin Skinny Pimp-They Gotta Pay!

They sure do... Get em' Skinny!
NOTE: The majority of these videos came from
"Crymblood's" YouTube Channel
Check his content, definitely coming with some of the hardest shit! - Tight Work Playa!

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We got em Hatin' and Jiggalatin'
Pimpin' Pens has our first bonafied hater!

Pimpin' Pens has a zero percent tolerance for any hatred aimed at our Blog, our fans and especially anyone in the crew. No matter how big or small we'll come at you, find you and inflict so much pain it will make all the shit at Guantanamo Bay look like a day at the spa. We're some grown ass men doing this for the love of the music, respect our grind and we'll return the favor. Haters keep hating but keep our names out your mouth!

Hey Mr. Bigmouth talking sideways with that fuck shit - this one's for you trick!

I always said I was going to do a post about the first mafucka to throw salt on my game, and the time has come. I was doing a little googleing (internet searching) the other day when I stumbled across an interview I had done with T-Rock on another website. The only thing is not only did this person straight up jack my interview without the proper references and citations, but they casted aspersions on my character. Something to the effect of how I am a 15 year old fag from Sweden. If I'm a 15 year old fag from Sweden, then your a 47 year old homo from Scandanavia. Here I am working hard to put together this fine interview with T-Rock, blessing the nation by disseminating this freshness on a grand scale and this sourpatch kid lemon lame fuckboy has the audacity to throw salt on my game. This bitch made fool is posting my shit on another website for his own amusement and he can't even give props when props is due. Here I am in the field puttin shit down, politicking with the likes of T-Rock, Mr. Sche, and Lord Infamous while this bitchboy is at home steaming out the collar. He pulled an ultimate bitch move- a violation of the coalition of real kniccas movement. I've never seen such a flagrant display of player hatian in my life. But its all to the goody good, because a wise man once told me that if people aint hatin on you, then you aint doing it big. This Lil Boosie is for you fuck knicca.

TriplesixNinja and I'm out bitch.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Assorted Flavors and Delights

With the recent influx of "Up North" material like the Kool G. Rap, Nas, and Pete Rock, and Wu-Tang stuff, I wanted to set some time aside to please our deep rooted Down South Rap-fiend fans! With that being said, incase you ever falsely fathomed the thought that we've strayed from our foundation here in the South we present to you this......

Raise hell and get buck to the bountiful feast of Southern Classics from the mid and late 90's awaiting you just below.

8 Ball & MJG - Pimp Hard

I always feel like....
Master P ft Tru - I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Oh yeah we takin' it back like that, strictly hard videos!

Grippin Wood Wheel...
UGK - Wood Wheel

Chopper City....BG - Cash Money is a Army

Now when I die Mama don't you cry - just remember me ballin'...ballin'

Indo-G Ft. Gangsta Boo - Remember Me Ballin'

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PIMPIN PENS: Resurrected Classics!
Nas feat Kool g. Rap-fast life

Queens finest spittin' the Dunn language. Who said oldschool rappers age and get fat - peep ya boy G. Rap on the treadmill working in some Cardio. lol. His verse is so raw and flavorful, you can picture everything vividly and when they go back and forth between bars it's clear to see Nas' influence from G. Rap's steez. Nonetheless these two titans on a track is magic in the making and this soulful throwback is barely scratching the surface of what we got in store for our loyal fans and supporters.

To all Trill fans keep it Pimpin' we appreciate the love..... All haters eat a dick sandwich you fake ass tricks - you know who you are!

Buck any content from us without siting the source is grounds to get your face mashed in the most brutal fashion. - This Is A No Biting Zone!

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Wildin Wednesday Bonus! RA The Rugged Man

Fuck Yeah! Hailing from the grittiest crevice yet to be discovered, Pimpin' Pens blesses this derranged world with a taste of RA The Rugged Man. Recent sightings of this savage rap beast include: tunnels, subways, swamplands, dark alleyways with random mosh-pits, under buckets of used needles in Amsterdam, and a footprint inside some retired strippers vaginal orifice after she suddenly overdosed on an un-identified substance. We bring this footage to you only to assist with the rest of your stressful week. Enjoy fuckers!

Word up, and I quote, "I don't want fans who don't know who G-Rap is...".

Yo, didn't that dude make a song with Biggie?

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

T-Rock Interview: Part 2 of 3

(PP): I was really excited about you and Lord Infamous squashing the beef to record those tracks for his new album and the new Prophet Posse album. How did you two put anamosity behind you and come together like that?

(T-Rock): Man you know it was a long time coming. I linked up with Lord Infamous through II Tone- who I had already worked with on my Conspiracy Theory album. Me and II Tone were always tight, and I saw him one day and he was telling me how he and Lord Infamous had their own label; Black Rain Entertainment, and how he wasn't with Three Six anymore and that Lord wants to get down and record some shit together. I was kind of shocked because we didn't really part ways on the best of terms, but I'm not the type of guy to hold grudges and whatever so I put my ego aside and did it for the greater cause, because sometimes we just got to step back and realize that shit is bigger than us sometimes. So they sent me the track and I layed down the vocals in the A(Atlanta, GA) and that was it. There has even been speculation that me II Tone, and Lord Infamous are going to record an album together so you never know.

(PP): Ah hell know, don't play with the peoples emotions like that T-Rock. A T-Rock, Lord Infamous, and II Tone production would go hard as fuck. Speaking of which, I read an interview somewhere recently that you were considering signing to Black Rain Entertainment as an artist. Can you confirm or deny any of this as true?

(T-Rock): Yeah we had been considering making that move, anything is possible if the cheese is right. But for now I got my own shit popping with Rock Solid Music, but I wouldn't rule it out completely.

(PP): So how did the collaboration with Mr. Sche come into effect? We're all looking forward to that Vendetta album dropping soon.

(T-Rock): Actually Mr. Sche has got a fanbase in Memphis that goes a long way back. My partner Twenty9 put me onto Sche's music, and I fell in love with his tracks. He is a classic producer who his heavily underrated in the rap game. I was looking forward to working with him as I've always been a fan. Especially now because he really has stepped his lyrics up and is coming real hard on the new Vendetta junt. He's on a whole other level, just dope as fuck. Yeah the Vendetta album is going to be one of the sickest joints coming out of Rock Solid Music all year along with that Burning Book.

(PP): What's the status with the Area 51 crew? I heard through some sources that you and Odd1 weren't on good terms anymore.

(T-Rock): You know me and Odd1 go way back since like 1995, and he's always been rapping with Area 51. He had always been getting a lot of solo offers too, because he was one of the rawest out the click. So he's been pursuing his own solo career try to get his own label off an shit. Same situation with Adonis. She got a lot of chances to pursue her own solo artist endeavors so she had our blessing. As of right now we got new Area 51 artists on the come up. We got a dude by the name of Yung Hazardous, his style is sick. We also got my boy Slick about to come out. So we got the new generation on deck. I still got my original members Infrared and Grip down too. We still holdin shit down.

(PP): Have you ever been approached by any well known hip hop record lables to come and record under their imprint? For instance say a G-Unit, Rap-A-Lot, No Limit, Cash Money.

(T-Rock): No not yet, but if the right offer came my way I would love to get down with a label like G-Unit or Rap-A-Alot. As long as they let me keep my Rock Solid Music label as my own, because I've put a lot of work into this thing as its own corporation.

(PP): Yo know what comes to mind is what G-Unit did for an artist like Young Buck. They blew him the fuck up. Imagine what they could do someone of your stature.

(T-Rock): Well actually I've known Buck for a long time. Since we recorded that song on the When The Smoke Clears album.

Peep the rest of the interview later on in the week. It will give you fools something to look forward to.

Courtesy of the one and only TripleSixNinja

Vintage Video Selections:
Kool G. Rap, Big Pun & N.O.R.E

Here's a little behind the scenes footage from the making of "Soul Survivor" Pete Rock's Solo Debut album on Loud Records. If you don't have it yet go out and cop that shit, the production is ridiculous with a roster unlike we've seen in ages.

THE ALBUM - Masterpiece ( 9 out of 10 )

Here's one of the MANY dope tracks!

1. Soul Survivor Intro
2. Tru Master (w/ Inspectah Deck & Kurupt) *
3. Half Man, Half Amazing (w/ Method Man) *
4. Respect Mine (w/ OC)
5. The Game (w/ Raekwon, Ghostface Killah & Prodigy) *
6. #1 Soul Brother *
7. Rock Steady Pt. II (w/ Tariq & Peter Gunz)
8. Truely Yours '98 (w/ Kool G Rap & Large Professor)
9. It's About That Time (w/ Black Thought & Rob-O)
10. One Life To Live (w/ MC Eiht)
11. Take Your Time (w/ Loose Ends)
12. Mind Blowin' (w/ Vinia Mojica)
13. Soul Survivor (w/ Ms. Jones)
14. Verbal Murder (w/ Big Punisher, Noreaga & Common)
15. Strange Fruit (w/ Tragedy Khadafi, Sticky Fingaz & Cappadonna) *
16. Massive (Hold Tight) (w/ Heavy D & Beenie Man)

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Throw In the Towel: Castro Resigns

Today marks a somewhat historic day, where an old bastard by the name of Fidel Castro has resigned from office as dictator of the trillest island in the world, Cuba. That's right folks, The Beard has finally hung up his ridiculous 50 year old cow-shit-stained green fatigues,(you'd think he would dress a bit flyer living in a tropical island). Infamous for excavating an entire country, starving a society that was once more advanced and prominent than the US, and forcing families to be exiled to Miami(where we built an empire from a drug trade and hatred towards him, so, bonus bitch), he now leaves Cuba in turmoil.

This pole sniffer is also most notable for making a douchebag by the name of Che so famous that hipsters in fucking L.A. went bankrupt copping his corny ass T-Shirts. Well here you go you courageous revolutionaries, you die-hard martyrs wearing designer clothes with dictators painted across your weak ass chests, here is our support for your extrordinary cause:


Stick a fork in him he's done.

In no way shape or form does this bitch Catro's resignation bring any type of consolidation to my peeps, but at least we see this old fuck admitting some type of defeat. I mean, this jerk off was so brutal rumor has it a 2 year old son of a *wajiro once picked up a cigar leaf off the ground, and this communist chump had the boy's fingers snapped just so the government could divide the leaf amongst the entire island in support of Karl Marx's worthless manifesto,(oh yes I did). Well soon enough this retired snake-charmer looking bum will have his day.

Looks worried huh:

The picture above was taken while a Cuban rooster slowly pecked at his scrotum, and the hardest Cuban boxer took a shot at his ribs during a taping of the Calle Ocho free Elian days. Ouch.

While this is merely a political ploy by the Cuban government to aleviate the transition from Fidel's reign to his piss-brain brothers failure, I do project the following is going to happen.

That's me on my way to Castro's home after a night of binging at the local cabaret. My apologies to anyone within a 3 mile radius, your families will be reimbursed with a beach named after them. Hey, look on the brightside though, soon we could all make pace back to the homeland, sip mojitos, and spark a spliffy. It'll look something like this:

On that note I leave you with this fullfilling video clip of the "great" leader that so cleverly manipulated a great nation:

Take that homie.

*Wajiro: Recognized as a Cuban cowboy. One who disintegrates an entire cigar on one pull while strangling a bull with his right hand and groping a vuluptiuos breast with the other.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Above and Beyond: Got to Stay Fly...

King James high fiving the fucking moon with a serious dunk over the entire West All-Star squad at last night's 2008 All Star Game. Peep Dirk's face, stunned.

Crown Em!

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Throw Your L's Up
Flamboyant For Life

Today marks the death anniversary of the legendary, lesson builder, lost children guider otherwise known as the hustler of harlemites: Big motherfucking L.

After making his rounds with the Children of the Corn crew through the early 90's, Big L soon came to fame as one of the most potent lyricists to ever emerge from Harlem, if not the entire globe. Loaded with a full clip of murderous, hustler induced jargon and sinister punchlines, Big L penetrated the golden era of hip-hop with his first solo endeavor and ultimate masterpiece "Lifestyles of the Poor & Dangerous". Criticized by some as being too controversial and violent, which may have lead to the beef that resulted in his death, Big L was exhaulted by some of the trillest G-O-D's of rap as the next best artist to emerge from the rubble of NY. His notoriety extends througout the entire nation of emcees, including co-signs before his untimely passing by the likes of Jay-Z, BIG, Big Pun, DJ Premier, Fat Joe, the whole DITC, and the gifted-unlimited-rhymes-universal man himself GURU.

Pimpin' Pens honors Big L as one of the trillest musicians to ever touch the mic. He has inspired an entire culture of vivid authors and will forever be remembered as one of the hardest lyricists to release verbal amunition embedded on wax, and cold steel for real nah mean.

Put ya L's up, put ya L's up, and I ain't talking about no LL Cool J neither. BIG L Rest in Peace...

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Friday, February 15, 2008

World's Smallest Bodybuilder,
Aditya 'Romeo' Dev of India


Say hello to my little friend....Aditya 'Romeo' Dev of India is a 2 foot 9 mighty punjabi who looks quite ferocious given his short dwarfish stature and token honey-amber highlights. Imagine being locked in a room with this dude on angel dust, holy shit, I bet those tiny hands could bash your skull in like those Gorillas in that movie Congo.

At a mere 20 pounds, the Guinness Book of World Records just named him the smallest bodybuilder on the planet! Indians have always been known for some off the wall shit. The whole Kama Sutra thing, snake charming, natural healing, Tantric Sex, and oh this one dude who pulled a bus one time with his dick {Ouch! Oh Hell Na}. And now if that's not crazy enough we got homeboy looking like a Beatlejuice extra, pumping Iron on the regular to become some super-ripped, pint-sized diesel dwarf. No discrespect, little man is doing his thing. I mean, tons of people crowd into the local gymnasium on a daily basis just to watch him work out, lifting about 3.5lb dumbells to get swole each day. For the most part the average dwarfs you're used to seeing have large heads compared to their bodies (and big asses too - sup with that?), Romeo however is perfectly proportioned with some serious lean cuts, and boy peep those calves! I bet part of his workout routine is kicking tunnels through solid rock or some shit, or crushing golf balls in his fists.

Romeo said: "I’ve been training as a bodybuilder for the last two years and by now I think I must be the strongest dwarf in the world."

It just goes to show that with hard work and determination anything is achievable - sky's the limit. Now quick, everybody run to the gym and stock up on protein shakes, you don't want to be caught in a dark alley with this fool foaming at the mouth. Great, now yet another thing to keep me up at night; the horrible thought of a 2 foot nine mini-Hulk climbing through your kittie door, entering your house at night in a Manic state from too much Human Growth Hormone about to pull a *Chris Benoit on you and your family. All jokes aside this is a major accomplishment for mankind and small people everywhere. Allright, who's gonna take Romeo in a UFC, MMA style cage match.


*Pro wrestler Chris Benoit strangled his wife, suffocated his 7-year-old son, and placed a Bible next to their bodies before hanging himself with a weight-machine pulley. Investigators found anabolic steroids in the house and want to know whether the muscle man nicknamed “The Canadian Crippler” was unhinged by the bodybuilding drugs, which can cause paranoia, depression and explosive outbursts known as “roid rage.”

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

T-Rock Interview: Part 1 of 3

So here it is ladies and gentleman none other than the incomparable, inimitable T-Rock himself First part of a three part interview. I want you all to appreciate this candid, upfront, and up close and personal interview. The boy keeps it all the way one-hundred. Much respect due to T-Rock, a real classy dude. Now enjoy biatches!

Pimpin' Pens: Whats the business for 2008?

T-Rock: Just finished the Rock Solid Royal Family Compilation, and we just finished the debut Area 51 album. Me and Mr. Sche also just finished the Vendetta album, I got another album called the Burning Book that is coming soon, its a double disc. Its my first nation wide release since the Kush, we going hard. Let it be known that we the strongest independent company in Atlanta, the Soundscan numbers don't lie. And if you mafuckas think im bulshitting check the soundscans. We the hardest!

(PP:) What were your influences coming up in the game?
T-Rock: I just love music all around mane, everything from Michael Jackson to Tupac. I was deeply inspired by the whole early 90's west coast shit that was coming out. Outkast, Goodie Mobb, im from the A (Atlanta) so that is a given. 8ball and MJG, the whole Memphis movement. I definately give mad props to Kingpin Skinny Pimp, people like Playa G. Street Military, Z-Ro, a lot of my influences are the lesser known have-nots in the game, the indepedent cats like myself.

(PP:) Man, I aint even ever heard of Playa G before?
T-Rock: Yeah mane that is classic old school Memphis pimp shit, he's the dude who produced and sings the chorus on "Midnight Hoes" on the Kingpin Skinny Pimp King of Da Playaz Ball album. The first Playa G album is a classic, its a rare hard to find collecters item, but I got my hands on it. Its bumpin. Came out around 95 96.

(PP:) I heard you on the the Reincarnated album send a shout out to Crime Boss too.
T-Rock: Much respect to Crime Boss, South Circle, and Mr. Mike. I've been bumping they're shit for a long ass time.

(PP:) So you've been doing a lot of feautures with the new Prophet Posse clique, whats up with your relationship with all the old school Prophet Posse cats?
T-Rock: It's all love for everybody that was involved with the movement, actually the Prophet Posse shit that I did that's coming out now is mostly old recordings. Nick Scarfo has been trying to work out a deal for me and K-Rock to record an album together. We've been talking about that for a minute, so as far as me and Nick Scarfo go he's good people. I don't know what the fuck he did with other niggas but much respect to the nigga he's been showing me love from day one, since the Hypnotize Mind days. But as far as the K-Rock and T-Rock thang nothin' is solidified. But me man I'm all about showing love and getting that money trying to do as many collabos I can with other artists thats on my level, putting egos aside and unifying. I've been trying to do an album with an artist by the name of Big Floaty out of Atlanta, and KB from Street Military too.

(PP:) You got a sick ass rap style, for some reason I can't get one of your particular verses out of my head lately. The one on the second Gangsta Boo album Both Worlds Star 69 when you were like: "My competition deleted from verbal telekenisis" etc... That shit boggles my mind T-Rock. How do you come up with that kind of shit? What inspires you to write such genius lyrics?
T-Rock: I'm going to be honest with you dog, I always wanted to be the best there ever was/is/or ever will be, when it comes to this rap shit you feel me. I'm a student of this mane, I resepct and embrace all aspects of the game, from the good the bad the ugly and the business side of things. Bootyshakin, gangsta rap, whatever. I consider myself to be a deep lyricist though. I thrive on being a lyricist, the best, no matter what I am rapping about. It could be about some straight evil shit, lord forgive me, but I'm always going to come hard on the mic.

(PP:) So I saw that you did some shit with Jermaine Dupri, on that Young Fly and Flashy compilation. How did that project come about?
T-Rock: The Young Fly and Flashy album actually wasn't even me. They used my name, thanks for the free promotion, but that wasn't me. So So Def wasn't trying to talk about any money, but they used my name anyway because I guess they thought that they could tap into my fanbase. Also, the Block Entertainment dudes used my name to sell some records but that wasn't me either. You know mafuckas be trying to act like they trying to sign me and shit, putting phony ass bogus contracts on the table and shit. These niggas that can't sell be trying to use my name to sell their shit. They on some old fake counterfeit bullshit.

(PP:) So let it be known to all the perpetrator T-Rock's out there. Get off the real T-Rock's dick!

(PP:) So on to the next question, you've been in the game for more than a decade. You're basically veteran status. What was it like coming up in the old days during the Prophet Posse era? That must have been a beautiful time, you must have fond memories of all that. Describe to me the feeling you had during that special time.
T-Rock: Yeah, you know a lot of people say that we ushered in a new era for the south at that time. If you listen to the music from the south today, im going to be honest, Memphis had a huge influence on the new generation of southern artist today. It felt good to be part of innovating that era, I ain't going to front me and DJ Paul and Juicy J we've been through a lot of shit. But much respect to them for putting me on like that and allowing me to be a part of that movement. I will always be thankful for that, no bullshit for real. I loved being a part of that era.

Interview conducted by none other than the infamous ninja, TriplesixNInja!

Kool G Rap - Real Life (prod. by DJ MUGGS)

Incarcerated scarfaces intoxicated.
Back from the dust-littered crates in the basement - "Real Life" Kool G Rap and Dj Muggs triumphantly get down producing a gargantuan, slum symphony with a timeless beat that brings chills down my spine. Listen closely to cinematic feel of the guitar strings,horns and an eerie female siren call permeating through the track. Kool G Rap vividly paints his portaits on your mental on this joint,his flow is one of the nastiest with the signature grimey lisp. Give it up for G Rap and Soul Assassins on this Marvelous track.

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KOOL G. RAP - "Half a Klip" Album Review
New Release from the Queens-bred Behemoth

Released on February 5th after being repeatedly pushed back since it's original September 25 drop date, the properly titled "Half A Klip" is a mere 11 tracks, two of which are bonuses. For the reviews sake we'll call it an EP, I assume KGR plans to drop a "full Klip" or full length album in other words sometime soon. Nevertheless, this will be the fifth solo album from G. Rap since going solo in 95. The entire album was financed by the youngest active CEO in the music industry - CEO DMAK ( 23 yrs old ), of Chinga Chang Records who is affiliated with Koch and Latchkey.

Apparently the album was leaked to the internet by Koch for marketing purposes on January 31, so after six long years in the making, Kool G. Rap comes rampaging out the gate like a horde of blood thirsty savages all gunning for your jugular. In the past few years we've seen some of the veteran rap legends make a half-assed attempt at a comeback album most of which do poorly and spoil your previous admiration you once had for the artist. They either switch their styles, trickin’ thereselves for pop radio play or come on some soft-ass Cosby family tip, not cursing and without even the slightest trace of their former Gutter block Hustling, golden-Mic clutching days left in them. This album is the complete polar opposite of that.

Kool G. Rap is the type of Rapper that will chew your face off like a Kodiak on Acid and as Raekwon would say, this album is bonafied "Punch you in your face music." Yeah that's right, KGR took em' back to the *Cuban Link era on this one. The painted portrait on the cover alludes to the insanely vivid scenes G. Rap giftedly projects through his multi-syllable flow, painting pictures with tons of flavor and finely crafted technique in his delivery. We’re talking pistols in ya drawers, Colombian neckties, growing up in the grimiest slums, overseeing Drug rings, you know, back to the old days. The intro track “Risin’ up is his saga through all the dues paid, the struggles, the hustles , running wild through the boroughs flexing muscle. The Intro begins with a distant trumpet battle cry overlaid with a sample from Bishop Don Magic Juan , which I believe was in the film American Pimp.

“Back to the old days, back to his role play
Hoody and black Mac back in NY – Ok!
Ok Corral style when that toast spray
I’m in the spot crack viles by the roach spray
Gutter swagger nigga dagger to ya throat, play…
No I aint going for ya plate - I want the whole tray!”

The production is a real therapeutic breath of fresh air, beautifully composed and arranged layered with jazzy melodies, raspy drum hits, horns, and funk sounds. KGR hits you with some pimp swagger anthems, berzerk fist-pumpers and tracks infused with assorted guitar strings and an overall cinematic feel from which G. Raps imagery epically materializes with such clarity and precise delivery. Some other notable tracks are "Typical Nigga," "100 Rounds" and "Whats more realer than that" is just ridiculous banger. Dj Premier concocts a beastly track called "On the rise again" and as predicted G. Rap spits diabolical darts bar after bar completely mutilating the track from the jump off.
The only NY club banger “Turn it out” is still a ferocious joint regardless of the jiggy, Timbaland-esque best. G.Rap illustrates the mastodon strides of a true gangster stepping fly through the club 30 deep with goons that raise hell.

“Suge Knight cigars – dump the ash on cats
30 deep – vip
In da back all dat
Throw my drink in a chick face dat act all wack
Ladies move, fix ya attitude – back on track.”

Few give G. Rap his recognition for his contributions to rap. His style and flow influenced and brought into creation the likes of Nas and Big-Pun. He’s one of the true originators and it’s inspiring and motivating to see such a picture-perfect return to the essence. It’s definitely safe to clear all doubts, Kool G. Rap is back and harder, stronger and sharper than ever. For all those disgusted with the mediocre mess coming from NY lately this album hits home with the true *Wally don era vets , the box-cutter totin’elite, piledriving like a pack of razorbacks through the fake and the meek. GO cop that album and promote the resurgence of the era of Don bosses spittin’ classic after classic. Hip-Hop is still breathing.

Check the vitals.

Track Listing
Song Title

1. Risin Up
2. Turn It Out
3. 100 Rounds (O.G. Version)
4. The Life
5. Typical Nigga
6. What's More Realer Than That
7. I Feel Bad For You Son
8. With A Bullet
9. On The Rise Again
10. Bonus #1
11. Bonus #2

Posted and crafted by RICO for Pimpin’ Pens

* Cuban link Era or Wally Don Era is 94-96 following the release of "Liquid Swords," "IronMan," and "Only Built for Cuban Linx."

Bonus Vid! Kool G Rap and RZA: Cakes

In light of the legendary Kool G Rap, our artist of the month, we thought we would bless ya'll with a nice piece he shut down with Bob Digi.


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Monday, February 11, 2008

Prefuse 73: Preparations & Interregnums
(Do yourselves a favor and cop some *roomies, yup!)

The obscure onslaught continues to re-define life into a beat. Majestic beat crafter Prefuse 73 returns with another stellar interstellar record, "Preparations & Interregnums". Never one to follow overstepped paths or revolve around the same musical centricities, P73 beautifully leans off the creative directions of his last efforts while still dragging the cadavers of "One Word Extinguisher" and "...Uprock Narratives" behind him.

Composed into two film-score like tiers, the record further distinguishes Prefuse from any artist in his genre, fuck it any artist period, toma. The inner workings of "Preparations" serve as a solid introduction into the absolute, amazing, chew a chocolate mushroom in Vondel Park audio portrait "Interregnums". This second half is designed to exhaust your eardrums with so many new sounds and patterns you'll be forced to pull a slight Van Gogh just to purchase a fresh set of ears for the replay.

One of the standout singles, "The Class of 73 Bells", burner:

Peep homie live in Sao Paulo back in 2004:

No further review is necessary, if you haven't bugged out on these sounds, please begin.

*Roomies: Psychedelic Mushrooms Bitch!

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MONDAY SLUMP - NEW JUNTS: Evil Pimp & Dj Squeaky

To kick off the week in full Pimp fashion we serve to you a double dose of Gangsta Pimpin.' Get familiar with Evil Pimp and some Dj Squeeky: When consumed regularly you may experience a full beastmode hustle and intense grind that viciously trumps even the most seasoned player. ENJOY!

DJ Squeeky Feat. Criminal Manne "Rep My Hood"

Evil Pimp - How I'm Livin!

PEEP Track 27 - "Still Ridin' Chevy" Fuck it, listen to em' All!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Most Incredible Baby: Hardest Skate Short Ever

You ask and Pimpin' Pens delivers. A most amazing skate video brought to you by the folks at Fully Flared Films. Please do not attempt to reproduce anything you are about to watch unless your balls can clearly be seen from the International Space Station. And oh yeah, please watch in its entirety. Bang!

You're welcome motherfuckers.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

The Babbletron b-boy feeds leftovers: Cool Calm Pete

One third of the highly respected indie outfit Babbletron, b-boy journeyman Cool Calm Pete chops up some loosies for you maniacs on a solid follow-up to his saram-wrap fresh Def Jux debut Lost with "Loosies: Remixes and Other Oddities"

Cool Calm Pedro may be nothing more than a dope name to those that read it for the first time, but to those that appreciate the precision of the slow-flow tongue slingers, he is a beast. With no mantra for over complicating the listener with complex schemes and filler, Cool Petey delivers a smooth flow and verses so potent you can serve it up down south in foam cups, nah mean.
Plus, the dudes fucking Korean yo:

Respect to Babbletron and Cool Calm Pete for some ever so quality junts.

Peep the video for Black Friday, produced by mega beat crusher RJD2:

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Do or Die-Po Pimp

Brings back memories huh? I wonder what it must have felt like to be making paper pimpin hoes and spitting flows in the 1996 while ridin in a cadillac merlot brougham. I can only imagine. Shouts out to Twista. I heard one of these cats caught a murder charge. I think his name was Belo. At any rate this is timeless shit. This is genuine bona fide pimpin right hea ladies and gentleman. Nuff respect due.

Pastor Troy-This Da City

This video gets me buck! Shouts out to Pastor Troy, a tru underdawg keeping it trill. This is the A-town rap that I identify with. This shit is catered to soldiers, like your boy TriplesixNinja. A TEN HUT!
At Ease Bitches

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Arsonists - Pyromaniax/Backdraft

SELF RIGHTEOUS SPICS IN THE BUILDING! Check out this crazy video from the NY Rican B-Boy Rappers The Arsonists. Apart from their obvious low budget for the video, the verses are tight their production is nasty and we've seen them live so we know they know how to put on a show!

Arsonists & Non Phixion - 14 Years Of Rap

Ghostface Killah "Cobra Clutch"

Check the classic banger from the Wally Don Champ himself the great G-Dini, Ghostface. Look closely and you can see some clips from the Bobby Digital movie edited into the video. None the less, this track from the 98 release: Wu-Tang Killa Bees: The Swarm, Volume 1, is a definite head banger and probably one of Ghostface's hardest videos ever! Produced by Mathematics, the song hits listeners with a dose of gritty, dusted-out drum beats with Ghost flavorfully boasting on the track in true Monster Don Fashion. THE WORLD CAN'T TOUCH GHOST's PURPLE TAPE!

Till the God Hour.....
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Main Flow "Stack Up" Music Video

As featured earlier in a Pimpin' Pens post, hailing from Ohio, MainFlow of the group Mood comes with some ultra-soulful, 70's funk type beat I think was produced by 7L. The beat switch towards the end of the track is real tight and as expected Main Flow Maneuvers gracefully across the track with a flow synonymous with his name. We will be featuring more from Main-Flow and Mood as they've been a source of inspiration to us for some time now and they seldom get their recognition.

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RZA: Dis Nigga Just Touched My Dick!

RZA Gets Molested On Stage by some pole smoker disguised as a true Wu fan!Peep the Rza-Recta dick grabbing footage at the El Rey Concert December 14th 2007 - Funny Shit!

Is that Raekwon telling dude to get the fuck outta here? lol
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Throwing Stones for True G-O-D's

From the incredible, indelible, never sub-par label giant Stones Throw Records, comes a DVD with so much replay value PB Wolf should distribute complimentary DVD players with each purchase. I stress from the bottom of my ash-encrusted lungs though, this is strictly for gods.

Allow me to elaborate on what can be found on this gem of a collective:

Music videos:
Madvillain “Monkey Suite”
Madvillain “Accordion” (previously unreleased)
Oh No ft. J.Dilla and Roc C “Move”
Quasimoto “Rappcats Pt. 3”
J Dilla “Nothing Like This”
MED “Push”
James Pants “Do a Couple of Things”
Madlib “Take It Back”
Gary Wilson “Gary's in the Park”
Quasimoto “Bullyshit”
Aloe Blacc “Busking”
Roc C ft. Aloe Blacc “My Life”
Lootpack “Crate Diggin’” (prev. unreleased on DVD)
Baron Zen “At The Mall”
Stones Throw Singers “Rain Of Earth”

Bonus features:
• J Dilla, 2003 interview in The Netherlands - previously unseen in its full length form.
• “Move” Behind The Scenes
• Quasimoto (?) Live at Justice League Fimed in San Francisco, CA, Summer 2000
• Jaylib Live at Conga Room Filmed in Los Angeles, October 2004
• Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf “Studio Time 92” - a newly assembled mini-doc of the group, with VHS footage circa 1992.
• The Funky 16 Corners Rehearsal, 2001

Doom, Madlib, Oh-No, Wildchild, MED, and the infinite champion of sound himself, J-DILLA. We here at Pimpin' Pens don't show as much appreciation to the left coast as we should, but this rather magnificant composition deserves an extensive gander. If you don't agree blow me, well, peep the gift below, then blow me...backwards. Then cop the DVD, In Living the True Gods yo.

The DVD is executive produced by Peanut Butter Wolf. Produced for Xylophone Films by A.J. Calomay, for Stones Throw Records by Egon.

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