Thursday, September 18, 2008

Smooth Pimp Tunes: Keith Sweat

I was rummaging through my CD collection, which I need to digitize because I have an overabundance of that obsolete nonsense teeming through my whip (car)- or some might call it an automobile. I'm slacking and I need to get down with this Ipod movement, but fuck it, I stay laced up and laced out with my CDs.

At any rate I found some old school Keith Sweat bangers that are guaranteed to get your honey dip in the mood for some steamy late night sexual escapades. Upgrade your pimp game and set the mood right with this little diddy from a true R&B crooner, Keith Sweat. Speaking from first-hand accounts, when you bump this tune the chickens are lulled into a somewhat hypnotized state where they are susceptible to your every sexual advance. The females are helpless I tell you, of the power of a Keith Sweat love ballad. We at Pimpin Pens know how to maintain a fine balance of gangster shit as well as more refined pleasures.

An interesting aside, Keith Sweat was originally a Wall Street cat making moves in the stock market before changing career paths to become the iconic R&B serenader of the females. Props to Keith Sweat, good career choice in retrospect I guess. Anyway I first heard this banger when watching the classic urban drama, New Jack City. I decided to include the scene where Keith can be scene doing what he does best - laying the pimp tight Elvis trademarked pelvis swaying to the birds while they swoon defenseless against his charm. I believe the premise of the scene is Nino Brown is the gracious host of the post-wedding ceremony of a bride and groom close to the C.M.B. (Cash Money Brothers) syndicate. Anyway fast forward the video to around the 7:00 marker to catch the Keith Sweat laden scenes.

Enzo on the Post

Devin The Dude Funk

Some of the new school.

Some old school

Enzo "my favorite hobby is hiding kniccas bodies!"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick Cut from LAX: Let the GAME Live

Whoa don't shoot GAME, that gats right under your chiny chin chin son! So the prodigal son of West Coast gangrapanomics pioneer Dr. Dre, The GAME, has released a brand shining new record entitled LAX. The album is actually dope, and I privy I will assemble a review for it soon. Until then though, I will simply bump the shit out of it down the gritty palm tree laden causeways in Miami, reveling at the fact that I just dodged a barrage of titan hurricanes and the weather looks crisp as zip lock nuggery right now...bonus bitch!

The Game Feat Chrisette Michelle: "Let Us Live"Let Us Live Featuring Chrisette Michelle - The Game
Fuck all the Game haters too...

Posted By Los Diablo for Pimpin' Pens

Friday, September 5, 2008

Evil Pimp Interview

Well here it is you sons of a biznichess, none other than the Prince of Darkness, Evil P-i-m-p Evil P-i-m-p himself.

Evil Pimp sat down and got candid about his plans for World Domination and conquering the rap game. Nuff respect goes out to the evil one for taking some time out to chop it up with some fellow pimps. Enjoy.

Pimpin Pens: First off, what’s going down in the 2008 with Slaughterhouse Records?

Evil Pimp: Well i'm no longer on Slaugterhouse Records due to certain reasons that has do with the way things were ran over there. But it has nothing to do with my CEO Herbie Love he was a good business man straight forward. But people who were handling the cd orders of my last album got slack, lost orders, didnt ship to some people but then shipped to others. The cds were selling so good that they underestimated the demand and didnt hire enough people to handle all that, so in the long run all the drama came back to me when it had nothing to do with me and I cant have that.

PP: Tell us a little about your environment growing up. What experiences molded you into the man you are today?

EP: My enviroment growing up was that of a man-child. I was pretty much on my own from the age 15. I grew up in Westwood Memphis living with my aunti but she was killed so I was shipped to my grannys house in binghampton which is south memphis to go stay. I grew up right around which is probably the worst and poorest parts of the city. So at a early age i was in the streets hustling trying to make ends meet, but due to her health I had to go stay in Cordele, Ga to stay wit family and grew up there for a while also. So being on my own at a young age made me appreciate and value family now as I'm older and the what having a good family structure can bring.

PP: I see that you now reside in Iowa. What’s the status of the rap game in Iowa?

EP: yeah i been here for a minute, but the rap game here is non exhistant as far as a scene which is why i like it here. Theres no crabs in a bucket and the rappers here all work together. There is alot of rappers here but they aint doing shit to just keep it honest. But Iowa is a good place to live if you want to just concentrate on goals witout no bullshit happening which is why I stayed. You still have your chicago natives who come here and try to gang bang and your gang murders but thats everywhere you go.

PP: What were your musical influences growing up? Also, what are you bumping right now?
EP: My music influences was mainly 70's soul just real talk thats all i listened to other then some Triple Six, DJ Zirk, DJ Sound and some Squeek dog. You know I didnt really listen to anything outside of that and still dont. Altho I dont listen to none of them anymore, its my music thats the only thing that stays in my car. I dont even listen to the radio or watch tv.

PP: How did you link up with the Krucifix Klan?

EP: That question is too vague to answer seeing that there is too many members who came and gone from the group and I would be answering that for the next hour.

PP: When did you decide to leave the pimp game and pursue the rap game?

EP: I never left the Pimp game (laughs)

PP: I saw on youtube awhile back that you were in negotiations with Three Six Mafia on a potential project. Where does that stand?

EP: My entertainment lawyer knew their lawyer and my manager told me about it so I had my lawyer holla at their lawyer to get at them and we were trying to work out a deal I was going to pay them 75,000 up front and then we were negotiating the percentage split then their lawyer came at us talking about $300,000 up front (laugh) get the fuck outta here. So i deaded it from there.

PP: Some people compare your rap style to that of Lord Infamous. In my opinion that is not an accurate comparison as there have been numerous artists out of Memphis who rapped with that tongue twisting style. What are your thoughts?

EP: Well people need a reason to hate on me, so they say i bite his style. Now keep in mind I can name off about 30 rappers from memphis who all rap that way. Its nobodys style its a memphis style. Atlanta is the sameway look at all the rappers from their now who all sound the same. Chicago, Texas, Cali, New York they all were raised from their own style of music so they are going to adapt to that style.

PP: What’s your opinion on the current status of the rap game? Are you one of those cats that think hip hop is dead? Also, what’s your perception of the music industry overall?

EP: To be honest hip hop aint dead its zombified. Everyone in this game is zombies clones of the next man. So its not dead because people make music its just that nobody puts any passion into the music anymore, because of the downloading and bootlegging. So they want a quick hit and make that quick money and then dissappear. Plus the fans these days are all about finding a way to hate on the next man. But thats how you know you made it as a rapper in 2008 by the amount of hate you get. Look at Lil Wayne successful black man, but you can go to his youtube pages and see nothing but hate saying "hes a pussy" "he fraud" or "he fake" now that is pure hate, seeing that nobody nobody knows him personally how can we decide who is real or who is fake. back in the 1995 when rap was booming nobody cared about a persons life outside music they just wanted good music. Now people look at a mans picture and try to assassinate his charactor. Its crazy, because of these same fans who hate on us rappers if they ever seen up in person they would be the first ones to want a picture, shake hands and get a autograph.

PP: You’ve been steady flooding the public with your material. How do you stay so focused and productive?

EP: Pussy, Money and Beer. Thats what keeps me motivated and in the studio. Plus I dont work a 9-5, I live off my music so if I dont work I dont eat so I have no time to be in the streets or really enjoying life until I leave this rap game alone which will be soon.

PP: What other artists would you like to collaborate with?

EP: I would love to collaborate with the Devil and take over the world.

PP: What does the typical day in the life of Evil Pimp consist of?

EP: Well first of all I wake up at noon scratch my ass, then go piss because more then likely i am hung over. After that I am off to the studio across town. But now that the new cd is done I have been spending more time in my office and handling some real estate business ya know what I'm saying. But 5 for days a week and 12-18 hours each day I am in studio either mixing or producing. I'm working on the Lady Dead album , we just finished up the Playa Rob album, So I'm either going from Studio A to Studio B to do fuck with something.

PP: What are your hobbies other than rapping and pimping?

EP: Sleeping and Fucking because I do both so well and to be 100 wit ya that is all i do outside of my music.

PP: What are your favorite movies, and television shows?

EP: Goodfellaz alltime favorite movie. But I also like all
zombie movies big zombie movie fan. But when I'm in the studio on my breaks I'll watch Kitchen Nitemare, Still Standing, Seinfeld and King Of Queens. Thats pretty much it other then the News. I love seeing just what a wonderful job George Bush is doing (laughs)

PP: That about does it, any last werdz?
EP: Yeah I wanna give a shoutout to Pimpin Pen and the Pimping Click for this interview and showing a nigga some love lookout for the new Evil Pimp album "Prince Of Darkness" on Gangsta Ro Productions. Make a nigga richer cuz I got bills and kids.....yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah

Interview conducted by Enzo for Pimpin Pens

T-Rock Revisited

More tight shit from T-Rock the rock solid one. You better believe that this is gonna end up in my playlist real soon. What else can be said about this cat, truly an underground king in every sense of the word. T-Rock is royalty but them bitches aint crowned him yet, to quote the Orange Mound veteran 8ball. T-Rock continues to amaze and dumbfound me with his unrelenting lyrical assaults on the micphone. He clutches the mic and rides every track with pinpoint precision. Make sure you support a real A-Town legend out the slums of College Park. Pick up this Roaches N Da Ashtray mixtape. Shit is superbumpin.

Enzo on the scene comin clean rollin mean
this that type of shit that'll make your clique to get yo ass in


GZA's new LP Pro Tools was released recently to a clamoring nation of pen pimps such as yours truly. From what I've heard this album follows the trajectory of unwavering illness that is the Wu Tang/Genius/Gza/Gary Grice/Maximillion catalog. Gza is the type of shit you listen to when you want to zone out and blow a phat dak - perhaps play a game of chess with one of your crew. I'm not in the physical condition (fractured ulna) to be rambling on and on about the virtues of Gza, so for brevity's sake I'm just going to lace you with some new Gza junts. You make the call.

Just a few to wet your pallets. "Stop sipping on that formula 50"
Gza-Paper Plates

Pimps Up Hoes Lower

"Shootin dairy product all up in that hoes esophagus."
-T-Rock; Defcon Lyrical Warfare

Truer words have never been spoken. I've been bumpin a lot of Antonio Washington - more commonly known as T-Rock lately. This track is especially bumpin, and for all my kniccas in the know - T-Rock is undoubtedly one of the best rappers of all time. He deserves a slot in the upper echelons of the rap stratosphere along side the likes of emcees like Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, etc. Defcon Lyrical Warfare is a testament to his greatness. Its tracks like these that fuel me with those rare moments of inspiration which contributes to this websites ill body of work. Props to youtube user NFL League for disseminating the uncut raw to the unenlightened 85% (otherwise known as the "masses")

En to the maddafuckin zo!