Friday, February 29, 2008

Life in Rikers Island
Rock “Doin’ Time 101: Act Like U Know”

You all know the hardcore Heltah Skeltah Baritone Rock Alcatraz aka Da Rockness Monstah as one of the wildest, rowdiests, and gritty rappers out there. Apparently unlike most of the soft shit you see nowadays homeboy here is really about what he spits in his lyrics. Rock, born Jamal Bush, was arrested and arraigned on Tuesday Jan 15 for attempted murder. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office alleges that Mr. Bush shot a known pimp and Bloods gang member in the neck, paralyzing him. At the same time they're also saying that Rock himself is a pimp (No Shit?) and this whole thing was all over a bitch, what a damn shame. Although it doesn't look good we hope for his innocence in this matter.

Ok here's the update. Back from his brief stint in Rikers, Rock kindly sheds some light on doin' time in one of the most grotesquely brutal and savage prisons on Earth.

You young, dumb mothafuckers still think crime and jail is cool? Peep the classic footage from "Scared Straight."

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