Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather VS. The Hittman Ricky Hatton

On Saturday, December 8th, 2007 the next thrilla in manilla is going down in Las Vegas when two hardbody legends square off in what is sure to be an all out brawl. We are all well acquainted with Floyd Mayweather and his devastating speed and 38-0 undefeated record in the ring. However, we may not be as familiar with his opponent the scrappy English bloke who goes by the name of the "Hittman" Ricky Hatton. This dude doesn't play at all. He speaks with a thick English accent, and exudes a quiet confidence. I was watching the preview of this fight on HBO the other day and this dude Ricky Hatton is the truth. They showed clips of him kickboxing when he was like 8-years old knocking dudes the fuck out who were twice his size. Hatton's 43-0 undefeated record is no paltry one at that, in fact, it is more impressive than Mayweather's resume. He reminds me of Brad Pitt's character in the movie Snatch, a no nonsense type of cat. His trainer is a chain-smoking obscenity spouting tough guy as well, kind of like Mickey from the Rocky movies. Hatton is a very endearing character which is much more than I can say on Floyd Mayweather's behalf. Hatton eschews the material trappings that are so pervasive in the Mayweather camp. In one excerpt from the HBO special Hatton mockingly denounces the bling bling infatuation saying: "oh look at me ring, look at me expensive chain." He goes on to say: "I keep it real, I'm real, ya a real dickhead" I also love how he substitutes the word "me" for "my" constantly. Hatton appears to be unfazed by Mayweather's constant verbal jabs and goading. It looks as if he is internalizing all the hatred he has for Mayweather until that moment when he unleashes it on him in the ring December 8Th. Although, I really want my boy Ricky Hatton to win, I'm still putting my moneny on Mayweather. Mayweather is too nasty when he throws down, and too damn fast.

Monday, November 26, 2007

RZA Addresses Raekwon Rumours

Rza speaks with UK Radio Dj Tim Westwood on Raekwons recent statements in a Miss Info interview. He covers rumors of beef within the clan, directional conflicts, and reveals some future projects and releases for Wu fans to look out for. The Abbot always comes correct and in this segment he shines through with knowledge and wisdom in true Rza Style.

Lord Infamous Breaks His Silence!
Pimpin' Pens Exclusive Interview

You've be waiting for it, searching far and wide and now it's finally here, the new interview with Lord Infamous! It took a while but persistance pays off as you'll see in the interview. Pimpin' Pens got a rare, first hand look into the dark mind of the Scarecrow himself. We picked his brains in the one on one, now feast from the fruits of our labor!

(Pimpin Pens): First and foremost, what’s good Infamous? How is life at Black Rain Ent?
(Lord Infamous): Black Rain is my new label and we gonna do it big baby.
(PP): What other artists besides you and II Tone are slated to come out on Black Rain in the future?
(LI): We got Mac Montese, Big Stang, Santerria, and other artists in the works.
(PP): What were your musical influences growing up and still to this day?
(LI): Prince, all the old hip-hop artists like Eric B and Rakim, L.L., Black Sabbath, the list goes on.
(PP): I read somewhere that your favorite author is horror novelist Stephen King. Do you think that is where a lot of the inspiration for your demonic mystical type lyrics originates from?
(LI): Most definitley. I would read his novels to put myself in the darkest state possible to write a sixteen.
(PP): I see on the new album you got guest appearances from T-Rock, and Skinny Pimp. How did those collabos come about, and was it a little awkward considering the animosity from before?
(LI): Well Skinny unfortunatley isn't on the album, but we are working on some future projects. T-rock is one of the most talented M.C's around, so we set aside differences to make money together.
(PP): I see you are on the new Prophet Posse album, I take it you and Nicky Scarfo are on speaking terms now. How did it feel to reunite with the Prophet Posse clique?
(LI): It was good to do some work with Nick and his camp, I'm basically ready to do work and anybody who is down with trying to get it like Black Rain. And as long as we share the same goal we can work together whoever it is.
(PP) Describe to me what it was like in the early 90’s when you and Three Six Mafia were on the come up?
(LI): Naturally it was like watching your child grow into becoming an adult right in front of your eyes. You feed it and do what it takes to give it the proper path to succeeding. Wacthing every album we drop place on the charts was a feeling like none other, and making our mark was no longer a dream. It was a reality in the works.
(PP) Why did it take so long for a Lord Infamous solo to come out?(LI): I had to have some time to come down and air out,(so to speak). This is a very important project for me due to the time period of my departure and finding the right formula in order to release this medicine we have been makin'.
(PP) You have been a very elusive character, which I think adds to your mystique. Is this a calculated move on your part, or do you just not dig the spotlight?
(LI): I can do without the spolight. I just wanna do my music, please my fans, and gain some new ones.
(PP) The entertainment industry strikes me as a very fake place, full of posers and ducks. Do you have any first-hand accounts of such fakenes?
(LI): Yes the industry is a very cold place and everything you see on tv is just that T.V. You have to know who you are and not let anyone tell you who you are.
(PP) What is your current relationship with the original Triplesix clique, Paul, Juicy, Boo, Koopsta, and Crunchy? Can we expect any future Tear Da Club Up Thugs albums?
(LI): As of right I'm concentrating on Black Rain, but who knows what the future holds.
(PP) One of my favorite collabos you guys did was “Just Another Crazy Click” with Insane Clown Posse off the When The Smoke Clears album. Do you guys still keep in touch?
(LI): I hadn't talked to them in a minute but I do hope all is still well. Shout out to ICP.
(PP) What other artists out there would you like to collaborate with?
(LI): I wanna do a song with anybody who wants to collab with me. Music has a very broad horizon and there's always something or someone new who breaks the mold.
(PP) It’s been a thorough pleasure sitting down and chopping it up with you Infamous. Any last thoughts or shout outs?
(LI): Big shout to all my fans and family for supporting me. All my real friends. R.I.P. to grandmother Helna Bogard.

Interview done by Enzow AKA TripleSixNinja for Pimpin' Pens

Young Buck Robbed in Nashville, Bentley and Diamond Chain Stolen?

Story Still Developing...
According to MediaTakeOut Rapper Young Buck was robbed outside of Club "The Palace" in Nashville (Cashville) Tennessee. The G-Unit Juggernaut was allegedly jacked at gunpoint for his diamond chain,watch and Bentley. Similarly Buck was reported to have had his jewelry stolen last year while in Chicago and the robbers posted a video on YouTube wearing what appeared to be Buck's chain and pendant. It's been rough for Buck but that goes to show you that you can't get too big where someone can't touch you. If they want to get at you they'll find a way it's your job to be prepared. Stay up Buck at least you didn't get clapped like 50 or Camron!

Read the comments below for the latest news and updates on this story...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Beat Kings

BEAT KINGS: The History Of Hip Hop
The Review

This slept on, must-peep, underground hit "Beat Kings" explores the History of Hip-Hop through the evolution and untamed genius that is the foundation of the Art, we're talking of course of the Producers.

The 66 minute documentary spotlights the DJ's, the original beat makers sampling,sequencing,scratching,mixing,constructing amalgamated rhythms with methods as diverse and complex as the music. Hip-Hop is a living organism, a harmonic entity orchestrated by the Architects of Audio, the Producers. Beats can dictate your mood, tempo, emotion and spark thought invoking and interacting with the listener. So often these aspects are overlooked that it's tragic. A good beat can make a track and at the same time make an artist shine, rarely the other way around. The film covers three decades of great creators in the game like Marley Marl, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, The Rza, Price Paul as well as some of your more contemporary Producers like Alchemist, Just Blaze, Kanye West,Salaam Remi, Rocwilder and more.

These contemporary Producers all were influenced by the pioneers and the movie does a great job of covering the different influences and techniques that molded todays wide-bodied sound.We've got genres and themes to some of the music that didn't exist before. You've got The South with it's own up-tempo Crunk, Buck anthems, The West is known for the laid back joints, people in Texas like it Screwed up and Chopped and the East has been known for the more grittier sample heavy production and classic b-boy roots. If you're a true fan of the beats behind the music, the science of beat-making,turntablism, and crate-diggin' then this DVD is for you. Highlights include "The equipment: Tools of the trade" section were they go over the various machines and technology associated with different producers and their sound, "The Influences" section and "The Advice. chapter is another gem as well." Overall as previously stated the DVD is tight, essential for anybody like me trying to fine tune their production craft as well as fans of the music and the true essence of Hip-Hop. Bonus Scenes include outtakes,deleted scenes and the NY Beat Battle where amateur producers go head to head with their beats like emcees do with rhymes. Go Out and buy it today!

Created, Written and Produced by: Aari Jubran
Directed by: Ray Stewart NTZ

Running Time: 66 Minutes
Interviews and Score: Mathematics

Review done by Rico for Pimpin' Pens

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mr. Sche Interview - (part 3 of 3)
The Missing Link!

Here it is.....the final episode in the monumental interview with Mr. Sche...


Need to catch up? Peep Part 1 of The Exclusive Pimpin' Pens Interview with the Boss Playa Mr. Sche!

[PP] Here in Miami we got a ton of strip clubs, you know...the shake junts, which
ones do you frequent, or would recommend for when we come out there or anyone else stopping through Memphis?

[MS]Right now, The Flamingo, and then let me see....Damn, they closing so many down ...Yeah there's still the one on Third, they closed down Ebony Lakes, they closed down Pure Passions because like I said the hoes was selling so much pussy in there the Feds came in mane and shut that shit down! You got these lil' Titty Bars still up man shit,... But shit... y'all come up to the M and well go to my spot , I'll get some bitches and we'll have a Strip Club up in there. you know what I'm sayin? {laughs}
[PP] Yeahhhhhh, {laughs}
[MS]Yeah It'll be a REAL Strip Club up in there and in the Studio It's going down! But as far as that... man, there's still one up on Third you know what I'm saying and thats the Flamingo .. So that's bout the only one, they closing, they shutting down most all of em' because right now Crime is at a plus here.

[PP] When can we expect that new album "Undaground Forever" to drop?
[MS] Man, they was wanting me to get it out by December, you know, on Koch you can pretty much like drop wit the majors but it wasn't done. I wanted to add a little more gumbo to it cuz it's a real deep, dark album I took it back to those ol'..mane....shallows you know what Im sayin? Yeah, I took it back to the 94 days with this one. I'm actually shooting a video for Undaground Forever and it's gonna be real nice, it's real dark it's gonna make you think. I got some writers and some editors and shit putting it all together and we're actually working on 2 videos so maybe by January. The Album is done, right now I'm just mixing and mastering and all that. When you go back and listen to it you find yourself saying "Damn, maybe I should have said it like this, or like that" so sometimes I might find myself maybe doing a whole verse over. So what I'll probably drop this year is something we've be holding on to is that "Showdown Reloaded" I'll probably go ahead and drop that in December, I gotta get in something actually in about a week or I won't get paid from em' this year so yeah in about a week I'll give them something to get em' off my back.

[PP]Yeah, I feel you... get that money. I was wondering, where did you get the inspiration to do the SupaStar album?
[MS] Man, shit off top, The Mack,Super Fly, Dolemite, man... I could go on and on...I'm a Blaxploitation, Junkie! You know.. I love all dem 70s movies man and when I was doing the album I wanted to redo the Super Fly Cover. I kinda mimicked that a little bit and tried to give the album a theme of the 70s, you know what I'm sayin? I just always loved anything from back there so I just took the themes from the 70s movies and tried to put in on wax. I just gave it my own perspective and modern day feeling. and shit...thats just how it came out.
[PP] Hell Yeah, well we're definitely feeling that, we're going to put that up on the page with some links and tell them to go and get that until the new album drops.

[PP] Well let me see, that pretty much wraps up the questions for you Sche, you have any final thoughts or shout-outs?
Basically man shit, just keep it REAL. A lot of new cats get in the game man and there's a lot of cats that's out here releasing the wrong messages to ya. By all mean if you can do anything yourself do it yourself and don't depend on nobody to do it for ya. You know, be patient for one... this shit takes a lot of longevity, you got cats that been in it for years.... 10, 15 years and are just now making it. So you can't expect to get in it now and be a star tomorrow, I mean you can but you might not be here after tomorrow so you gotta have some more wits about what you're doing, gotta have some more game plans. And another thing...Never have too much pride on what you're doing because I'll still get out here and shovel some shit if I have to to eat another day. But then you might see me on stage rockin' a show in front of 1000 people in the crowd so you cant never have too much pride in this game and you gotta do what you have to, to survive. Keep God First Man, God first...

[PP] Yeah God First...Well again, we definitely appreciate you taking the time to do this for us, be easy, keep making that hard ass music and we'll be in touch and definitely holla at you when we touch down in the M-Town. One.

**Interview conducted by Rico of The Pimpin' Pens Team via Telephone Conference Call. The Interview was transcribed from audio of the classic 35 min. chat with the big homie. Audio and Video clips coming soon.

New Nintendo Inspired Clothing Line

Last week at New York's famed Rocafeller center was the grand opening of a new urban clothing line which is licensed by Nintendo. The Line will feature vintage gaming characters and logos of the popular gaming console. Ah yes, the lovable Toad, Yoshi, Bowser, King Koopa, Mario, Wario, Luigi, Waluigi, Princess, and any other cooky characters I can't think of at the moment. The Nintendo character classics and designs will all be the basis this exciting new line aimed at urban audiences. Set to roll out for the 2008, Torrel Harris Sr. along with his son are spearheading the new clothing line with much fanfare and anticipation. Torrel Harris Sr. is the first African-American to be licensed by the NFL and the NBA to create fashionable apparel. He can now add Nintendo onto the list of conquests as I am sure this will be an instant hit with the general public. Each piece is crafted with precise detail, which is reflected in its exorbitant prices. All T-shirts start at a whopping $50.00, and this can be justified from a supply and demand standpoint as well considering that there is only a limited quantity of 1000 pieces of every design. “I’m very excited to launch this line,” Torrel told “This has successfully combined the heritage of Nintendo with modern style.” “While our prices are more expensive than your average t-shirt, none of our products are simply screen printed cotton t-shirts," said Torrel. "The amount of craftsmanship that goes into each of the shirts is [high].” Torrel also explained how they achieve a 3D effect with the materials, “Each panel of the parachute, the feet, and other accented parts of the ‘Para Bob-omb’ shirt are all cut and embroidered onto the shirt.” Apparently there are certain restrictions as to which characters and logos can be utilized for design as apparel, but that is few and far between. All I know is that they have a Bowser jacket. How tight is that! You can peep all the freshness at ...

Enzow aka (TripleSix Ninja)
Pimpin' Pens

DVD Review: Garbage Pail Kids

I couldn't resist the urge to devote an entire post on my favorite movie ever. This movie I am alluding to is none other than than the colossal mega-blockbuster hit of 1987 Garbage Pail Kids. I think I might be exaggerating the box-office impact of the movie, nevertheless, this movie has earned its place in the annals of American cinema masterpieces. I know a lot of you people are probably thinking what is this dude smoking on, or what is this guy retarded or something, but I don't have to answer to anybody this is my blog, and I call the shots around here. The plot of the movie was based on a series of baseball trading cards featuring vulgar and grotesque cartoon characters, which really took off and gained massive popularity in the mid 1980's. Windy Winston, Al E. Gator, Messy Tessie, Nat Nerd, Greaser Greg, Valerie Vomit, Foul Phil, comprise the crew of miscreants from Pandora's Box. My personal favorite is Greaser Greg because he will shank you if you try to play tough guy with him. In summation the movie revolves around the protagonist, a young man named Rodger who chills with a magician.
The antagonists are a group of bullies, the head bully being a dude by the name of Juice. Anyway the majority of the film is essentially this kid Rodger being chased by Juice and his goon squad, until he accidentally opens up Pandora's Box while he is chilling at the magicians shop one day. The garbage pail kids catch Rodger's back against the bullies, but Rodger has to catch their back in turn in order to not get roped (thrown in jail) by the State Home for the Ugly, an institution for people too ugly to commingle with society. The ensuing madness includes everything from blowing a dudes moustache off with your flatulence as in the case of Windy Winston, to vomiting all over an entire audience of spectators at a fashion show as is the case with Valerie Vomit. The movie even has the ill animatronic puppet special effects along with a I am an 80's baby so this movie had a profound impact on my life, and reminds me of my days as a baby gangsta in the streets of my suburb. I am fully aware that many people think this movie sucks ass, what can I say except not everyone is blessed with the refined cultural taste it takes to acknowledge this movie's artistic merits and contributions to American cinema. Recognize the realest flick ever, pure fire, instant classic. Two thumbs up!

Enzow aka (TripleSix Ninja)
Pimpin' Pens

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ghostface Killah is Making Moves

Wu Tang Clan emcee Ghostface Killah has big things poppin on the horizon for 2007-2008 season. Along with dropping his seventh solo entitled "The Big Dough Rehab" Tony Starks will be making his bigscreen film debut in the Marvel comic inspired adaptation of "Ironman." It is only fitting that Ghost aka Ironman would be making a cameo in the film inspired by his alter-ego. The movie which stars Hollywood trouble maker Robert Downey Jr. is slated for a May 2008 release. Ghost is quoted by MTV as saying : “It was a good look for the kid because Robert Downey Jr. recognized me as soon as I seen him. He was like, ‘Yo, Tony!,’” Ghost tells MTV. “For him to recognize me, I was kinda surprised by that. I didn’t know he even knew about the kid. … We called each other Tony onscreen. I’m like, ‘Tony Stark, I got your jet, I didn’t mess it up.’ He was like, ‘I got the Bentley for you, I laced it up.’ I had two girls with me, I was like, ‘That’s you [pointing toward the girls].’ I sent two birds at him. It was a wrap for that scene. He’s a cool dude and funny. Big up to Robert Downey Jr. Well it looks like Ghostface has another busy fiscal year ahead of him, he has been putting in some serious work the past few years trying to stay relevant in today's fickle hip hop climate. Keep it up Pretty Tony!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pimpin' Snooky - Let me Pimp - Or Let Me Die!

The True Pimp Game embodiment, the famed Pimpin' Snooky! Put some fat on your head and soak up some game from a Living Legend. Chhhuuuucchh!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pimpin' Spotlight: Pimpin' Snooky

It's hard to believe that after the couple months we've been posting here at Pimpin' Pens, we have yet to showcase one of the coldest cats in the Pimp game. When I say Pimp game I mean the original Pimp game of breaking heffas and slanging cat on the track and all that. Not this mis-pimping that has been going around as of late that my main man Mr. Sche has alluded to us in our interview. Before the Space Age Pimps of the digital age were posting their hoes on craigslist, there was one of The Last of The Mohicans of real playas, shall we say. It is without further ado that I introduce one of the last original international Pimps out there, he goes by the name of Pimpin' Snooky. We here at Pimpin Pens have had the utmost respect for Snooky ever since we were graced us with his big-screen presence in the popular Pimpin documentary; "Pimps Up Hoes Down. in 1998" Hailing from Milwaukee, Snooky boasts "I'm the nigga that your mama warned you about!" This man has redefined the Pimp game from every aspect since winning the Pimp of the Year award as featured in that documentary. The trophy was massive, taller than the two bitches from his stable assigned to carry this behemoth. The site alone lead Pimpin' Ken to say in an eerie prediction...“Even if the towers in New York fall, the trophy stands tall!” For the remainder of the month we'll be posting some video, photos, and comments from this monumental figure so check back with us frequently for updates.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Game Upgrade - Pimpin' Pens Lab Additions

The team here at Pimpin' Pens recently stepped up our game acquiring some new equipment for the lab. We came up on an MPC 1000, ah yes, the Legendary Akai Music Production Center is now in our grasp. We've been producing using midi controllers in the past, we also have the M-Audio Axiom 25 Key controller.
Overall its solid, built like a fucking tank. The compact size is clutch and the Octave tab allows you to move up or down the scale with ease.The 8 Drum Pads are really good but not as sensitive as the MPC of course. If you guys have either of these machines or need help with them contact us for some insight. We could always learn something new so hit us up if you feel you've mastered to art and want to shed some light into the enigma that you often face when using Professional audio equipment like this.
Beats Coming Soon!

Mr. Sche Interview - Continued (part 2 of 3)

Need to catch up? Peep Part 1 of The Exclusive Pimpin' Pens Interview with the Boss Playa Mr. Sche Below!

[PP] You mention the Korg X3 keyboard in your songs, what other equipment do you use and how did you get in the production game?
[MS] Well, I've been using that FL Studio for a minute man and a lot of cats down it because they be like,"You using Fruity Loops." I like it for the sequencer. It's a big step up from the Korg X3. I'm an Old School nigga even though I'm young I feel like I'm stuck in those old school ways. I miss the 70s mane,but yeah I still use the X3, it's got outdated sounds and shit but I also got the Triton, you know, the Motif, a few MPCs but it dont take all that. My studio is so simple and basic you know niggas used to coming in here and seeing 68 track mixers and all dem little pretty, flashy lights and shit and they come out there and the mixing sounds like straight trash. But you know, they come out to my shit I got a computer, a mixers, two speakers some racks but it don't take all that to get that sound. A lot of cats got all that shit and don't know what they doing with it, they don't know how to use it.

[PP] You've done tracks with the likes of Al Kapone, Nasty Nardo, TI,Lil' Jon, is there anyone you really want to collaborate with?
[MS] Man I actually talked to Snoop a few times, that cat is just a Super Star you know. Maybe I gotta catch him one day when he's real high out of his mind or something and we can pull him to the side and get him into the studio. {laughs} Him definitley and like I said I'm still a big East Coast fan so maybe somebody like Jay-Z.

[PP] We know pimpin started in the M-town, give everyone a sample of how the game has changed/progressed in Memphis from your perspective.
[MS] Well that goes back to the Strip shit. A lot of Pimpin' man has moved to the internet, you'll see a lot of people out here Pimpin' but you seldom find some REAL Pimps that are still doing the street walking whores and still got the flashy suits and so and so. But now a days you got mo niggas working hoes from the Strip Clubs and shit mane. You know, taking them bitches, dropping em off, picking em up. You know take em' to a few little tricks here and there. But like I said most of these bitches is running themselves. You know most these niggas are all caught up in getting high and the wrong shit you know so these hoes ain't got nowhere to go. You know when God made these bitched he ain't gave em' nothing but a rib so they can't think for themselves so you gotta keep hoes on a leash.

[PP] All your videos are straight up G-shit, you produce (shoot/edit) those yourself?
[MS] Yeah if you don't see me on the screen I'm probably behind the camera shooting that bitch. And yeah I do all the editing, chopping that shit. My first video, actually I didn't pay for it but I sat there and watched them guys do it and I'm like man I know I can do it. So I'm like "Man can I sit here and watch this?" and he was like "Yeah of course" he said, "I ain't no hater so I'm going to allow you to sit here and learn," so I did. And in the 4 hours it took him to edit that thing I picked up everything he did mane and went and bought all that shit the next day. It would have cost me $3000 to pay him for the video and the equipment only ran me about $200-$300.

[PP] Also, we noticed that you got some Porn DVDs out too, how'd you get involved with that.
[MS] Shit, other than just loving bitches, you know fuckin' wit hoes, I been doing that shit for years mane - I put a bitch on camera in a minute! You know I expose them bitches. I just got a lot of underground Porn you know. There's a company out in LA that contacted me that were fans of the music that was like, "We need some beats for production and maybe some editing" and just basically everything since they knew I did everything and I was like "Shit, whatever!" One of the cats was even trying to get me into one of the scenes but mane I was like you trying to get me killed I can't do no shit like that. You know I'll get in the scene and do some old game talking but I can't be fucking no bitches on screen like that. I've done bout 2-3 movies and I got another one coming out on the first of January and I'm trying to get my own License to do the shit myself because right now I'm just kinda Freelance for some other companies. Man, it's a trip you in the room when mothafuckers fuckin' but like I said mane I been doing this shit for years in the underground you know, Amateur Porn. It's just something I always wanted to do and I always told niggas if I wasn't a rapper or doing the shit I do I'd probably be a Porn Star.

[PP] How's the Dro scene out there in Memphis, we've heard that ya'll are fucking with some funk!
[MS] Right now it's kinda iffy {laughs}, you get some good here and there but you got one called babbage you gotta watch out for. It's iffy but we get some shit that'll knock you on your ass now, yeah some good shit out here, some Cali!

Check Back with us for part 3, The Conclusion, going up sometime this weekend.

For More Visit:


Mr. Sche's MySpace Page


Pimpin'Pens has been conducting recent talks with the ever-elusive Lord Infamous AKA Scarecrow and Keyser Söze. He's got a new album out and a new label but I'm sure you fans out there have a ton of questions for him, as do we. Check back with us regularly for status updates as to when you can expect that interview to be done. Exciting things are happening with more growth and a bigger and better Pimpin' Pens approaching the horizon. We've only had the site up for a few months and we're making monster strides and power moves all throughout the industry. Get Down or stay from round some true playas!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mr. Sche: G-Strings Music Video!!!

Peep Part 1 of The Exclusive Pimpin' Pens Interview with the Boss Playa Mr. Sche Below!

Mr. Sche - The Pimpin' Pens Featured Artist of the Month! Peep how they get the Shake Junt buck in the M- Town.

EXCLUSIVE! Pimpin' Pens Interview
with Mr. Sche (part 1 of 3)

[Pimpin' Pens] 1. For those who aren't familiar with you and Immortal inc.- Give a brief bio.

[Mr. Sche] Well you know basically I started in 94 man, I was a young cat running around the big boys, the veterans of the M-Town now just trying to get my ass in . It was basically just me in the beginning, then I slowly grabbed other members and we just formed a group called "Lowlife". From there the bigger we got, we tacked on more experiences and became "Immortal Lowlife," and it just went from there. I always had a natural ear for producing and actually when I first started making music I was buying tracks. You know, because I didnt have the equipment so I had to go buy tracks from other cats. I started saying to myself, "Damn, I'm buying tracks I really dont want" you know, "I know what I want" so I just hustled and saved up my own lil' cheese man and bought my own keyboard and from there the producer was born you know.

[PP] So you just bought the equipment and learned that shit on your own then?
[MS] Yeah man, everything about the computers, mixing, mastering, graphics, you name it, just whatever mane I put my mind to it cuz I didnt have shit growing up so I was always the type to either earn it or took it you know so that was the type of nigga I was.

[PP] Who were your influences coming up?
[MS] Off top its gonna have to be NWA who basically let a nigga realize that he can say what he wanted to on a record. Yeah but actually growing up shit, we were listening to motherfuckas
like the Beastie Boys, Fat Boys, and Kurtis Blow. We was on that shit mane - East Coast, you know Das Efx Shit, Boogie Down Productions came out you know I was always into the lyrics you know I wanted to hear about struggling and coming out of the darkness and shit like that. I didn't want to hear about no, you know "what you got" type of shit. I was a lyrical type of motherfucka you know and then 2 Live Crew came out and then I was like "God Damn these motherfuckers are talking about pussy!" you know what I'm saying?, {laughs} so shiiit it took the Gangsta and the Pimp Shit and put it all together cuz I like bitches and I like money. But basically the biggest influence was NWA because they were talking about shit that we're actually living.

[PP] You got a fan base in Europe, tell us about that.
[MS]You know I actually toured in Europe two years ago. I went to France, Amsterdam , it was a cat that called and asked if I wanted to do a show over there and I was like "Shit Yeah!, You paying for my flight then I'll be there." He sent me three tickets you know what I'm saying, I brought two of my commrades mane, we flew over there and it was lovely. Yeah, I took Pimp Minista and Blue Boi and we stayed out there a few weeks man and it was a good experience. It really ain't no different over here then over there, its just the language you know but a lot of motherfuckas out there speak English and shit. There's a lot less hating motherfuckas, out there you know the dance floors packed, motherfuckas is reaching for ya and grabbing you off stage. You get here and do a show mane it just depends on where you at but niggas gonna hate, they ride around and bump ya CD all day but wont ever shake your hand you know what I'm sayin?

[PP] How has the Memphis Rap scene been changing over the years?
[MS] Man shit, {laughs} besides here and just the world period, here mane back in the day 94 was like the 70s you know what im sayin? It was fuckin just lovely mane everybody was cool you know shit, if you had weed, you had a blunt man, it was like you could make friends wit a blunt. You know you would just walk up wit a blunt and be like "You got weed? I got blunts man." and it's all good. You know and the Rap game was like everyone was talking about smoking weed and kicking it and fuckin' bitches and ridin' in they Chevys and now it's just "I got this, I got that and I can do this dance and this snap - and I'm Fake!" You know what Im sayin? They might as well be saying "I'm fake!" I'm not going to say every rapper here but there a lot of em' on some bullshit here but you know I don't condone or condemn none of em' because a lot of niggas didn't come up the way we did. We were some Real gangstas coming up. The new niggas, they ain't experience that so you can't expect them to come up talking bout you know robbing niggas getting robbed. You know what I'm saying breaking in houses, going to jail and shit. So you can't classify them as "fake" you just have to recognize real when you recognize,some niggas thats all they know. But then you got these asshole ass niggas who been here all this time and come to find out they switchin' and flipping they doing this new shit and trying to fit in knowing they didn't come up like that but they just selling themselves out. You know theres no originality left, and the realness is gone, everybody just totin guns nobody's brave enough to tote no swords no more. It's crazy man, I could write a book on this shit mane it would take a lot more then that question.

[PP] Well shit I think you should one day man. There's definitely people out there who want to know what the real M-Town like.
[MS] Shit, as far as the streets go mane you got niggas everywhere. You got a few Pimps here, you got a lot of wanna be Dope Dealers, a lot of wanna be Gang niggas and the majority of em' is just dumb ass niggas. You got dummy niggas from cages running fools on the street and its just crazy here man. But it's not just here its everywhere but its just amazing that we have the highest crime rate in the Nation right now, Memphis is beating Detroit. A lot of the crime thats going on here is Murder, Drugs, you know what I'm sayin, and Prostitution. And the thing about the Prostitution is that you have too many hoes out here wanting this cheese running themselves selling the pussy and they ain't got no pimps behind em' doin' it how it need to be done. So now they're closing down all our Strip Clubs cuz these ol' stupid ass bitches are in here fucking these niggas in the club when they supposed to be doing that shit elsewhere. So you just got a lot of stupidity going around in the city and its fucking up a lot of shit for the real niggas that are doing crime the right way.

Check back later this week for the full interview with Mr. Sche

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gangsta Boo: Both Worlds Star 69

Miss Lady Gangsta Boo brought some serious heat on this slept-on banger from 2001 entitled "Both Worlds Star 69," which I bought the other day because it was the only Hypnotized Mindz/Three six Mafia release which I hadn't copped other than La CHat: "Murder She Spoke." As for the reason why someone would like myself would have all of the massive catalog that is Hypnotize Minds and leave out these two aritst is because of my intense aversion of the female emcee- I just can't get into it. However, with this release from Miss Lady Gangsta Boo (I just felt really homo refering to her that way) I believe there is at least a couple of records from a female I can fuk wit. The first being "Enquiring Minds", which was Gangsta Boo's first CD which is equally as raw as the aforementioned, and you can also throw La Chat's: "Murder She Spoke" album into the mix of dope female albums. However, back to my original point, which was that this CD is sick. Namely, because of the always sick production helmed by the sickest producers in the game DJ Paul, and Juicy J. Nevertheless, I might also add that Gangsta Boo's lyrics don't exactly detract from the CD either. I will give Gangsta Boo credit she can really flow and spit the pimp game better than half of her male counterparts. I am not going to get into a long diatribe about why I think this CD is so ill, other than two reasons I mentioned above. Bottom line is this: THIS CD is tight!

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Pimpin'Pens has been in talks with the Mastermind behind the Too Real For TV and Cross Country Pimpin Franchise, Mr. Michael Maroy better known as Maroy. Playboy Maroy has the Pimp Documentary game on lock and being the young entrepreneurs that we are it's only natural that Pimpin' Pens would go to the source of such genius and ruthless hustle to get some insider info and peep game from the super producer himself. For y'all lames out there who dont know about Maroy and his empire hit him up at.


Check back with us for updates and news on the current talks with Maroy, the upcoming interview, new DVDs and cop his Videos and step ya game up! You can't put a price on knowledge like that and he slangs em' cheap! Take advantage and solidify your DVD collection with all the Too Real For TV and Cross Country Pimpin sets. Shits real Pimpin at its finest with quality production and exclusive interviews with cats you aint seen since "American Pimp" and "Pimps up Hoes Down". Shits really going down. Get down with it or keep from round this real Pimpin'

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