Saturday, February 16, 2008

Throw Your L's Up
Flamboyant For Life

Today marks the death anniversary of the legendary, lesson builder, lost children guider otherwise known as the hustler of harlemites: Big motherfucking L.

After making his rounds with the Children of the Corn crew through the early 90's, Big L soon came to fame as one of the most potent lyricists to ever emerge from Harlem, if not the entire globe. Loaded with a full clip of murderous, hustler induced jargon and sinister punchlines, Big L penetrated the golden era of hip-hop with his first solo endeavor and ultimate masterpiece "Lifestyles of the Poor & Dangerous". Criticized by some as being too controversial and violent, which may have lead to the beef that resulted in his death, Big L was exhaulted by some of the trillest G-O-D's of rap as the next best artist to emerge from the rubble of NY. His notoriety extends througout the entire nation of emcees, including co-signs before his untimely passing by the likes of Jay-Z, BIG, Big Pun, DJ Premier, Fat Joe, the whole DITC, and the gifted-unlimited-rhymes-universal man himself GURU.

Pimpin' Pens honors Big L as one of the trillest musicians to ever touch the mic. He has inspired an entire culture of vivid authors and will forever be remembered as one of the hardest lyricists to release verbal amunition embedded on wax, and cold steel for real nah mean.

Put ya L's up, put ya L's up, and I ain't talking about no LL Cool J neither. BIG L Rest in Peace...

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