Tuesday, February 19, 2008

T-Rock Interview: Part 2 of 3

(PP): I was really excited about you and Lord Infamous squashing the beef to record those tracks for his new album and the new Prophet Posse album. How did you two put anamosity behind you and come together like that?

(T-Rock): Man you know it was a long time coming. I linked up with Lord Infamous through II Tone- who I had already worked with on my Conspiracy Theory album. Me and II Tone were always tight, and I saw him one day and he was telling me how he and Lord Infamous had their own label; Black Rain Entertainment, and how he wasn't with Three Six anymore and that Lord wants to get down and record some shit together. I was kind of shocked because we didn't really part ways on the best of terms, but I'm not the type of guy to hold grudges and whatever so I put my ego aside and did it for the greater cause, because sometimes we just got to step back and realize that shit is bigger than us sometimes. So they sent me the track and I layed down the vocals in the A(Atlanta, GA) and that was it. There has even been speculation that me II Tone, and Lord Infamous are going to record an album together so you never know.

(PP): Ah hell know, don't play with the peoples emotions like that T-Rock. A T-Rock, Lord Infamous, and II Tone production would go hard as fuck. Speaking of which, I read an interview somewhere recently that you were considering signing to Black Rain Entertainment as an artist. Can you confirm or deny any of this as true?

(T-Rock): Yeah we had been considering making that move, anything is possible if the cheese is right. But for now I got my own shit popping with Rock Solid Music, but I wouldn't rule it out completely.

(PP): So how did the collaboration with Mr. Sche come into effect? We're all looking forward to that Vendetta album dropping soon.

(T-Rock): Actually Mr. Sche has got a fanbase in Memphis that goes a long way back. My partner Twenty9 put me onto Sche's music, and I fell in love with his tracks. He is a classic producer who his heavily underrated in the rap game. I was looking forward to working with him as I've always been a fan. Especially now because he really has stepped his lyrics up and is coming real hard on the new Vendetta junt. He's on a whole other level, just dope as fuck. Yeah the Vendetta album is going to be one of the sickest joints coming out of Rock Solid Music all year along with that Burning Book.

(PP): What's the status with the Area 51 crew? I heard through some sources that you and Odd1 weren't on good terms anymore.

(T-Rock): You know me and Odd1 go way back since like 1995, and he's always been rapping with Area 51. He had always been getting a lot of solo offers too, because he was one of the rawest out the click. So he's been pursuing his own solo career try to get his own label off an shit. Same situation with Adonis. She got a lot of chances to pursue her own solo artist endeavors so she had our blessing. As of right now we got new Area 51 artists on the come up. We got a dude by the name of Yung Hazardous, his style is sick. We also got my boy Slick about to come out. So we got the new generation on deck. I still got my original members Infrared and Grip down too. We still holdin shit down.

(PP): Have you ever been approached by any well known hip hop record lables to come and record under their imprint? For instance say a G-Unit, Rap-A-Lot, No Limit, Cash Money.

(T-Rock): No not yet, but if the right offer came my way I would love to get down with a label like G-Unit or Rap-A-Alot. As long as they let me keep my Rock Solid Music label as my own, because I've put a lot of work into this thing as its own corporation.

(PP): Yo know what comes to mind is what G-Unit did for an artist like Young Buck. They blew him the fuck up. Imagine what they could do someone of your stature.

(T-Rock): Well actually I've known Buck for a long time. Since we recorded that song on the When The Smoke Clears album.

Peep the rest of the interview later on in the week. It will give you fools something to look forward to.

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