Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Assorted Flavors and Delights

With the recent influx of "Up North" material like the Kool G. Rap, Nas, and Pete Rock, and Wu-Tang stuff, I wanted to set some time aside to please our deep rooted Down South Rap-fiend fans! With that being said, incase you ever falsely fathomed the thought that we've strayed from our foundation here in the South we present to you this......

Raise hell and get buck to the bountiful feast of Southern Classics from the mid and late 90's awaiting you just below.

8 Ball & MJG - Pimp Hard

I always feel like....
Master P ft Tru - I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Oh yeah we takin' it back like that, strictly hard videos!

Grippin Wood Wheel...
UGK - Wood Wheel

Chopper City....BG - Cash Money is a Army

Now when I die Mama don't you cry - just remember me ballin'...ballin'

Indo-G Ft. Gangsta Boo - Remember Me Ballin'

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