Sunday, March 30, 2008

Swift Supplies: Can of Goods

While the over polluted "hip-hop" music generation has been plagued by sugar coated jingles and candy land ringtones, a handful of grime centric artists have been able to slither through the cracks. Being that Pimpin' Pens applauds genuine, obscure, rusty pinky ring roughnecks, we found it imminent to deliver some bangers from artists worthy of carrying the torch for their respective genres. Enjoy fuckheads!

Bun B's mega classic "Get Throwed":

You know we had to get it crackin with ya boy Pimp C!

Nas feat. The Game "Hustlas":

Dangerdoom's (MF Doom & Dangermouse) "The Mask" feat. the monsterdon Ghostdini:

El-P's vividly tough "Smithereens":

Nice little mixtape junt from a true hustling harlemite, Max B:

Courtesy hors d'oeuvres for any occasion compiled as a preemptive strike. Exclusive pieces on each of these artists coming soon...

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Friday, March 28, 2008


"Is it funky? Man the D.O.C. is dope!" Those words marked the beginning of an era in neo-west coast gangsta rap. The D.O.C. was one of the true forefathers of the movement, along with Ice-T, and Eazy. The D.O.C. in my mind never got the props he deserved in the rap game. Only true knowledgeable rap scholars like myself and the rest of the Pimpin Pens mafiosi are aware of his prolific impact on rap music. The D.O.C. is an acronym which stands for, "Disciples of Christ". He began his auspicious career in rap music in Dallas, TX as a member of the Fila Fresh Crew, later relocating to Compton, CA and linking up with Dr. Dre. and the rest of the N.W.A. He contributed vocals, and lyrics to the N.W.A's second album the groundbreaking rap classic; Straight Outta Compton. In 1989 he released his landmark west coast classic, No One Can Do It Better, which was well received by the public and critics alike. After the release of his debut masterpiece, tragedy struck when involved in a car crash the D.O.C. severed his vocal chords, permanently damaging is lyrical intonation resulting in a raspy and abrasive speech inflection. The D.O.C. put his artist career on hold for awhile and continued his career as a ghostwriter for Dr. Dre on his The Chronic album, as well as Snoopy Doggy Dogg on the Doggystyle album. He left Ruthless Records during the rift between Eazy and Dre, then signed on as an original founding member of Death Row, along side Dr. Dre and Suge Knight. The D.O.C. grew disenchanted with the direction Death Row was taking and left the label in 1994, subsequently signing with Giant Records. In 1996 the D.O.C. released his second full-length LP entitled Helter Skelter. Helter Skelter was originally supposed to be a joint project with Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, but with the D.O.C. writing most of the lyrics anyway he claimed it as his own creation, a bold affront to Dre. The album was released to a lukewarm public who were not used to the D.O.C.'s new found raspy vocal delivery. Dre and the D.O.C. reunited in 2001 for Dre's Chronic 2000 album and have continued to work together since. It has been confirmed that the D.O.C. will be contributing to the highly anticipated Detox album as well. He continues to work with west coast artists such as Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Daz, Nate Dogg, and MC Ren among others. It is rumored that the D.O.C. has another LP on the way in the near future. The D.O.C. is a true survivor with a tenacious work ethic despite the countless obstacles he endured throughout the years. We salute you homeboy. Much love due to the west coast gangsta rap pioneer the D.O.C., and enjoy the freshness below.

Might as well throw in a little Eazy in the mix too for good measure.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

UGK-Hidden Dartz

Digging in the youtube crates I found these obscure UGK videos. The first is off the soundtrack to some movie with Chow Yun Fat, and Marky Mark. I forget what this movie is called, but the song, "Take it Off," was featured on the soundtrack, as well as their 2001 release "Dirty Money." I wish Bun B, and Pimp C would have spoken more Chinese in their videos. That shit sounded chow yun phat(get it "phat" it's a play on words, but you guys knew that already, the pimpin pens family are very intelligent individuals who understand the nuances of the English language), stupid jokes aside, this was a dope concept for a video; pimpin Chinese birds, and speaking mandarin and what not. R.I.P. Pimp C. C the Pimp Free!

Compliments to youtube user HtownClassics for the vid.

Next up we got this little obscure diddy from the sophmore release "SuperTight," entitled "It's Supposed To Bubble." Look how gully these kniccas look back then. No ice, no bling, just straight funk. Looks like Bun B has trimmed down a little to since the old dayz. It's Dom Perrignon it's supposed to bubble, it just be like that sometimes.

Again compliments to HtownClassics for the vid.

And last but not least we got this little video from a Rap-A-Lot cat named Big Mike, who at one time was a temporary member for the Ghetto Boys replacing the legendary Willie D. "Having Thangs features a young fresh-faced Pimp C lacing the chorus with his soulful southern drawl. Kunichiwa biatches! and I'm out.


Oh and one mo thang, speaking of Willie D. Here is the infamous Willie D, with the infamous Pimp C in the music video: "Freaky Deaky" off the 2000 solo junt "Loved by Few Hated by Many." Kunichiwa biatches and I'm out fortrill this time.

Highly concentrated flavor fo that ass!

G-Unit Chit

Now let me preface this by saying I've had some animosity for the G-unit clique in the past for their derogatory remarks concerning some of my favorite rappers from the Wu Tang Clan (i.e. Ghostface, GZA). However, with that being said, I acknowledge the fact that the rap game is more akin to professional wrestling than anything else in that it's: "all about business ain't shit personal." G-Unit has proven themselves time and time again as juggernauts in the rap game. You can say they got this rap shit on lock, in the cobra clutch, monopoly or whatever, and you have to respect that. Add to the fact that they've captilised on video games, vitamin water, and all other types of shit that I'm too tired to get into. Nevertheless I have the utmost respect for all of them, I can't hate on anybody who make millions upon millions of dollars every fiscal year, except for that miserable fuck Tony Yayo, that fucker really gets on my nerves for some reason. Not that he can spit some decent lyrics from time to time, but he always to hard too look like a tough guy, all screwfaced and shit. They should have left his ass in jail. Until then lets hit you pimpin pens disciples off with some G-Unit shit that I bump. Excuse my bad grammar and syntax this evening as I was at the Sony Ericksson tennis matches popping tonka toys, white sticks, even yellow ladders, to quote my nig Lil Wyte and my brain chemistry is unstable. But, that is neither here nor there, enjoy this fresh assorted G-Unit medley foolios. Oh, and one more thing I ride with my Wu Tang bretheren all day before I get down with some G-Unit shit.
Young Buck-Ridin Down The Freeway

G-Unit-I'm The Mechanic

Enzow on the Post
P.S. I love how they flipped the beat off that old Ice Cube song from the Boyz in the Hood movie; "Bird in Hand"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MJG (PIMP TIGHT!): New Label, New Album, New Single: "Shades"

The Funky Town Vet is back in full effect ya heard. That's right MJG is now signed with 404 Music Inc according to a press release found at The M-Town rapper will be releasing his new studio album entitled "This Might Be the Day" which is scheduled for release in April. This album will be MJ's second solo album since 1999 "No More Glory."

The first single from the album entitled "Shades" is just below for your listening pleasure.
More to come!



And some mo thangs.....Get ya Swag On!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weekend Warrior Wammy!

Assorted videos and bangers courtesy of Pimpin' Pens. Provided strictly for viewing pleasures and audio enhancement, we decided to post up some necessary joints before you venture out for the evening.

DJ Z-Trip tearing it down, oh so classic!

T.I. feat Jay Hova: "Watch What You Say to Me" (blended over a mighty sharp scene from the classic flick "Hard Boiled")

Some Latin Bitches Booty! Fuck Yes!

Bun B feat Weezy the Martian: "Damn I'm Cold"

Cop Bun B's II Trill or suffer massive consequences!

Famous Chicky Slideshow!

Asian Chicky Slideshow! What the fuck...

Disclaimer! Please keep all wildin' to the ultimate extreme. Any binging and intoxication short beyond the brink of madness will be considered reckless and irresponsible, (not to mention soft as fuck). And always remember to have fun.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Leprechaun Hits the Bong

In accordance with St. Paddy's Day which was a few days ago, but whatever, I thought that it would be in good taste of me to post this video of leprechaun blowing indo. I hope that it brightens up everyone's day like it did mine. This scene was taken from the epic blockbuster box-office smash hit: Leprechaun Back 2 Tha Hood. I wish I had a evil pet leprechaun like this fool, he would be my bodyguard and my little minion from hell. Smoke if you got em.

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Gangsta Pat-Gangsta Boogie

Gangsta Pat was one of the first rappers out of the Memphis, Ten-a-key to go nation-wide with it. A true pioneer of the movement indeed, his style has been compared to that of Bone Thugs, and early Three Six. I love the reggae dude singing the chorus, a general rule of thumb when constructing a rap song is to add a reggae dude to sing the hook. Invariably, this strategy always seems to do the trick, and adds the right amount of gangsta braggadocio. I love gangsta rap from the early 90's, that shit takes me back to the essence right there.

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Ooh, and I almost forgot this new school shake junt bumpin ish from Pat's "Da Dro" album in 2002. This one is called "Shake Somethin." That beat in the background is familiar, I believe it's from some old school Kingpin Skinny Pimp material, although I'm not sure. If any of you fools have any theories or insight to offer on the subject leave a comment for pete's sake!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

The King Bodies Lupe's Remix

While nursing a ridiculous hangover this weekend, preceded by a heightened state of intoxicated jubilee, I stumbled across Lupe Fiasco's "Superstar" remix. Now, I'm extremely tired of the original due to the overabundance of radio/club play this record receives, but I thought it beyond dope to announce that Pimpin' Pens has officially crowned T.I.P. as the new owner of this song. While Jeezy holds his own and Lupe, well, cough, T.I. the King completely slaughters this beat and grinds the leftovers in an Argentinian parilla. Seems his house arrest time has allowed him to develop a new cadence, bless.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Knuckle Brawlers Beware! Dude Got Shins

In our never ending quest to contribute to the most savage brawls and beatdowns across the plains of "bloody" Earth, we bring to you a most enjoyable highlight reel from killer kicker extraordinaire Aaron "The Ghost" Fisher.

Peep the ferocious knees and kicks this dude delivers on his opponents:


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Down With The Clown-Let The Hate Begin

In case y'all didn't know I've been a staunch supporter of the Insane Clown Posse movement since I was in Junior High circa 1997. With the release of The Great Milenko I was immediately converted into a juggalo, and wicked clown enthusiast. Although my interest in the Insane Clown Posse has waned over the years, I still consider myself down with the clown so to speak. ICP is widely and has been for years considered the most hated band in the world. That is quite the dubious distinction. The reason this is so is because the majority of the people in the world are not very receptive to two white dudes dressed up as clowns with paint on their face attempting to rap. Its just not something the mainstream will ever understand, however I understand perfectly. I actually think that it is cool to come up with what outwardly seems like such a moronic idea, and freak it and turn it into a multi-million dollar enterprise. After all by their own admission they consider themselves clowns, so what they are doing is not all that far off from what they actually are. They don't sit there trying to front acting like their a bunch of tough guys. I give them the ultimate props because they have been in the game since 1992 at the young age of 17 and they've been turning the game out ever since then. From selling Cd's out the trunk locally in Detroit, to going platinum and taking their underground phenomenon nation-wide; these dudes are the epitome of hip hop. They've collaborated with some of hip hops elite: Bone Thugs, Mack 10, Ol Dirty Bastard, La the Darkman, Vanilla Ice (Yeah I said it, and what!), 36 Mafia, Tech 9, Esham, and Ice-T. If you can't at least respect their contributions to hip hop as a whole, then you need to respect their relentless hustle. It's that up from your bootstraps ideology that has propelled hip hop into the commerical empire that it is today. Regardless of ICP's rap content, they are true innovators, original in every sense of the word. They took something that grew primarily from disenfranchised African-American culture and they put their own spin on it and capitalized. You can't hate on them for getting the scrilla. ICP has a legion of loyal followers out there ready to do their bidding, I can't say the same for other cats in the game. Juggalos have even formed their own inner city gangs to fend off other rival gangs such as crips, bloods, vice lords, and gangster disciples. I know this because I was watching one of the specials on the History Channel called Gangland and for a brief moment they showed a diagram illustrating various gangs turfs and border lines on the map and lo and behold their was a gang called Krazy Juggalos, right there next to the usual suspects of bloods, crips, etc. Do not misconstrue what I've attempted to illustrate here, I in no way support or condone gang activity albeit it is impressive that what started out as two guys painting their face and acting a fool has turned into millions painting their face acting a fool. A part of me said don't do a post about ICP they will resent you for it, but I don't hold shit back. I know I'm going to receive some major backlash but fuck it and fuck you if you don't like it. Go catch up with your kind. Actually what the fuck am I saying you fuckers don't even comment anyway, with the exception of Torrence Stephens aka RawDawg Buffalo, so most likely nobody will even give a fuck anyway. Peace to all the Gods and the Earths out there. Also peace to the Juggalo family, and Psychopathic records.
Just Another Crazy Clique-36 Mafia, Twiztid, ICP. off the album When The Smoke Clears 6661

Where Itz Goin Down-Twiztid feat. 36 Mafia, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and Anybody Killa. Off the Freakshow album

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Being that I was in a Bone Thugs frame of mind yesterday, I started doing a little scouring around for more gems when I fell upon this moving vid of Bizzy Bone on the Maury Povich show. The chick has a rare medical condition called Spina Bifida, and all she wants out of life is to meet her idol Bizzy Bone. Bizzy Bone being the genuine cat that he is, makes this girls day by serenading her on Maury. I will be the first to admit that I'm not very familiar with Bizzy's solo work. I think it is because I've heard a few ramblings from some people that they were kind of weird and religious. But you can't base your decisions off of other people's opinions, right? After all if I had done that I would not have purchased my favorite album of all time Bobby Digital in Stereo. So I like to make it a habit now of posting this type of tender, tear-jerking material. I'd like to think that it is my way of contributing to the overall betterment of mankind.

As a sidebar, I absolutely love the Maury Povich show. Even though Maury might be the devil, I am still quite fond of his work. Barring the usual topics of the paternity tests, I love his more unconventional and off-beat work. For instance the fat babies, primordial dwarfs, and 12-year old chickenheads. Check it out.

Cute little fuckers huh? Give those kids some vegetables, ASAP!
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

East 99 is where you find me slanging that yayo.

This vid brings back memories my nigs. I remember watching this on MTV as a little whipper snapper in like 5th grade. This video was my first foray into the world of Bone Thugs N Harmony, and I am a more enlightened rap aficionado because of it. Its got that G-funk west coast sound to it. Look how young these cats were back in the day, and check out the cameo by the Godfather of Gangsta Rap Eazy E. Props to Eazy for discovering Bone Thugs. Just think how much flavor the game would have been lacking had Eazy not put these dudes on. I remember when Eazy died, that shit was devastating to me because he was one of the first rappers I listened to. Shouts out to Ice T as well. I don't want to shortchange anyone here because a very compelling case can be made that he was the godfather of gangsta rap as well. At any rate we pay our respects to all of the above. Enjoy!

And I can't forget my favorite Eazy Vid. I can't think of any harder bass intro to a song ever.

Old School Bone Thugs Interview with Joe Clair. This shit is dusty grimy gully.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Memphis Buckin & Jookin - More than a dance!

If you don't know about Memphis Jookin, Gangsta Walking,Buckin,Choppin or whatever you want to call it, this flavorful Southern version of Breaking and Pop Lockin from the early 80s has made a comeback within the last decade. Check out some of the nasty, sick moves these guys are hitting em with these days, shits some fire!

Al Kapone - Buckin & Jookin'


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11th Hour Awaits! New Del Video for the Super Fresh Single: "Workin It"

Our Ultra Funky West Coast Wonderer, Del the Funky Homosapien (Artist of the Month son!), sprinkles a video from his upcoming Def Jux debut "The 11th Hour".

Plus plus Plus plus More bitches!
A little Del history for the rugrats:

Del we got you player!
"Foot Down" remix by the bonker beat slaughterer Blockhead:

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Warcloud: Smuggling Booze in the Graveyard

Warcloud, formerly known as Holocaust during his brief stint with the west coast killabee collective Black Knights, went solo as Warcloud and dropped this underground magnum opus. His style is a synthesis of loony, kooky, zany, and crazy all rolled into one funky melody. This is the type of shit the rap game is missing; that off the wall mentally deranged type shit. This may be too bugged out for your average rap listener's mentals to grasp, but that is because its poetry. Good poetry my dear friends is something that you cannot grasp readily, it takes a little critical thinking. I'm not going to sit here and front like I understand even 1/3 of what this dudes is spitting, but I will say that it is original and well-crafted lyricism. I've included the lyrics so maybe some of you could help decipher the hidden meaning of this puzzling mental manuscript. This guy is as underground as it gets, only tru wu-heads know about him, as well as people from places like the Galapagos Islands. This is the type of song that you zone out to while you're trolling (rolling on e pills and tripping on acid). You might be fine without including the ecstasy in the mix, and just keep it strictly hallucinogens, then again maybe listening to it sober will do the trick too (disclaimer: we here at Pimpin' Pens do not "condone" drug use). Spooky and dope all rolled into one, this shit isn't for everybody, but if you're into thought-provoking stuff, this is for you. Put this in your little pipes and bite down. Ooh and I almost forgot nuff respect due to the youtube user r2d2gz (fresh name) for holdin it down for the youtube community with Warcloud game official.

And the lyrics...

[Scooby Doo sample]
Velma : The Creeper!
Shaggy : Zoiks! It's him!

[Intro: Warcloud]
Warcloud, unique, yeah
Beat City, Verbal Warriors
Observe the coridoriors
Yo yo

Unmarked graves, bow havens, jaw breaker tycoons
Choke sleeper porsche from the land fields, my jam kills
Rusty iron giant who razmadazz the world
Smash a champ soda, took his bike, left him his girl
Candy her phalanges, we smuggle booze in the graveyard
Lust vine of roses, I pop shots ferocious
And rewire your faulty brain circuitry as a courtesy
If you cop the drop, emergency home surgery
From the mandibles of a mechanical cannibal
A titanical, breumatical moseic dismantled you
And snapped 3 million bare skeletons, creatures rotting
In the museum I pot bodies of foreign bodies
Ultimate heavy cannon, seven ships and seven hats
Victorious storm by rave 'barian followed by eleven bats
Off to my room base, one of the moons of Pluto
Then back to blast the city, sneaky Pete and black Bart
Six finger gym wine opener, the train through the desert
On the horse with no name and heavy fame
Green hunting hawk, hunting swan, atomic pesticides
I burst through your Great Wall of China, you demoleculise
Grail jail crush at creepers (Yo)
A bribe and a hand of trails, mystic at heart
They who enter, rapped their backstage is 'bout to get shown out out the window
Yo yo yo, expect to get shown out out the window

[Chorus x2: Warlcloud]
Wall of jelly pool shark, welcome to the light house
Pistol in bread box, one flew over cuckoo
Zombies couped up in a cottage smokin' cigars
Pipe bomb at the Olympics, Stone Roses

We be the undercover specimin, phenomonal, mind expolosive
Bomb your land mark with a charge of nitrogliserin convulsive
Resource for resources, those who contradict I speak against
We attack with forces, the thunderous thunder storm
Me and my swarm we way above the norm'
I snatch your mics so hard it'll dislocate your arm
Y'all niggaz ain't knowin' about the 3-60 divine
Tragedy, the last paragraph, get to the bottom line
Cat's minds that I build with, they be the solid kind
Cuz they sparkin' my projects they be the same kind
Who dare come amongst us and lend more jewels for battlin'
My nitrogliserin charge leave your database shatterin'
Regurgitate rhymes, speed on your head, brain batterin'
Fantastic rap mic fabulous
Cipher niggas grab microphone, spit hazardous
Resurrect the mental dead like Lazarus
Catch me up north chillin' up in Club Cannabis
Me and Warlcoud knock your dome, rock you like the Grand Canyon-ist
Cypher niggas flip the format in your manuscript
You can't handle it, get smashed like the sandwiches

[Break: Warcloud]
We flat house floozies, floozies
Get chased stayin' in the door house yo
Yo yo yo yo yo

Chorus x2

I'm like a '57 Chevie Christine, so pristine
On the candy apple sweet cream sixteen peep
My raps in the form of runners of land creatures the colacan
Heavy heavy hollow spined fish, the line was crisp
Deadly game show and behind tomb number three
Is the imperial eating eyeball serial
Letters from a killer, I gulp your brains down with Miller
Dark side tiller, I stab you in the chest wit' a pillar
That collapse the Greek monument, Great Chief's conglomorate
Shadow circle the hall with swords, bloody astonishment
Faces slide across walls, off y'all so grand
We sent two groups, one the foot and one the hand
Wu-Tang Clan, barbarians and iron samurai's
Whispered battle cries that shatter skys and planets die
World eaters and y'all turn mics in the cannister
Code of soldier janitor, horror flicks over the bannister
Alleyway butcher, eight spirits that nurture
This rap's a dead body of a sewage maintenance worker

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Youtube user Coljohn23 is cold with his. He's got a plethora of dope Wu Tang unreleased joints as well as some tight shit by Cypress Hill, Psycho Realm, an more hardbody shit. Check out this soulful track with Prince Rakeem ( aka the Rza my favorite rapper ever) and Rollie Fingers, but you might know him better as Inspectah Deck.

While we're at it, I'm gonna hit you with some more Bobby Digi flavor from the Bobby Digital in Stereo LP, entitled Holocaust. The eponymous track was given its name because the emcee Warcloud formerly known as Holocaust straight merked this joint, and Rza payed him homage by naming the track after him
"Holocaust black man whose veins littered with thorns
back smack you so hard all y'all seeds be born deformed"

^Just a dose of the realness he spits. Check out Rza reclining on his throne of blood with the Riddler mask. Too hard!
R.I.P. to Doc Doom- from the west coast Killabee Wu affiliates the Black Knights. Even Tony Starks comes through to spit some poisonous dartz:

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cinematic Soundscapes: Sonic Sum's "Films"

Originally released as an exclusive in Japan, Sonic Sum's bionically dope "Films" parachutes into the US from Def Jux's rations inventory. A booming Bronx collective comprised of four futuristic musicians, (DJ/producer Fred Ones, DJ/producer Jean Duval, bass player/producer Eric M.O., and the outsized frontman/producer Rob Sonic), these synthesized savages prepare a really nice piece for anyone gasping for a fresh breath in this overly humdrum atmospere of music we seem to call "hiphop". (I now write it in lowercase because its balls have been sucked in by the influx of baby ringtone rap stuffing the airwaves to the point I will re-define the word "beatdown" some time in 2008. If you've taken offense then I am talking to YOU, blow me.) Anyway, as mentioned, it is remarkably refreshing to listen to the various spectrums of synths and samples blended with obscure percussions and laced with rusty razor wordplay throughout the entire record. Raw, fulfilling, far from mundane, and beautifully noisy, "Films" is definitely getting rotation on the Pimpin' Pens side of things.

1. Oscillator
2. Moth
3. Choking Victim
4. Films
5. Marathon
6. Negatives
7. Novelty Model a
8. Chopper One Slow
9. Rocket
10. Medicine Motto
11. Circuit Breaker
12. Ordinary Mower

Slip a Bonus in their pockets!
Rob Sonic's "SuperBall", full song and instrumental, off his mighty dope record "Telicatessen".

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

T-Rock Interview Part 3 of 3

(PP): What other artists would you like to work with?

(T-Rock): Off the top I got to say Z-Ro, Bun B, Lil Keke, Scarface, Outkast, 8ball & MJG. I just love working with other talented artists. The list goes on, TI, Jay-Z, Kool G Rap, Brotha Lynch Hung, C-BO, Yukmouth. I love real lyricists real music makers.

(PP): Saying you would like to work with an artist like Bun B, how did you feel when you heard Pimp C died.

(T-Rock): Man I was devastated, that shit really hurt. He was a legend in the south. I never met him, but I felt like I knew hime because I grew up on his music. As far as I'm concerned when he passed it was like on the same level as
2Pac, because he was just as influential.

(PP): That about wraps it up, any shout outs?

(T-Rock): I wanna send a shout out to Mossberg the new producer for Rock Solid Music, he came to run shit, all ya'll suckas ass no producing fake ass keyboard playing mafuckas, better head for the hills cuz he's cutting your heads. MAJ much love to MAJ and DJ Cree man we holdin this shit down. My nigga Grip, also a big shout out to Mr. Sche that nigga definately get a MVP award this year, he held shit down. Area 51 we going hard, the game don't stop till the game go flop. And all the pussy ass niggas who said you can't do shit, tell them to eat a dick and that I said you can.

I thought I had a little more than that but fuck it, I guess not. That's the last installment to the T-Rock chronicles. Hope you enjoyed that, Much luv to the homie T-Rocafella aka Mr. Washington for contributing more flavor to the Pimpin Pens nation. Apologies to Mossberg, and DJ Cree for misspelling their names, my bad ya'll.

Bonus T-Rock freestyle video below!

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Pimpin' Friday Word of The Day: Swayze

In light of the tragic circumstances surrounding veteran actor Patrick Swayze's bout with colon cancer, I thought that I would pay homage to the man responsible for classics like Point Break and Roadhouse with the word of the day slot. Due to the overwhelming success of the movie Ghost, and its resonance in the hip hop community for whatever reason, hip hop slang welcomed Patrick's surname Swayze as a term used to describe somebody getting ghost or dipping, flexing, and bouncing- in other words leaving abruptly. I thought the least we could do was pay tribute to ole boy with the word of the day. Colon cancer is a bitch and also took the life of the late great Poetic aka Grim Reaper from the horrorcore rap group Gravediggaz. I highly recommend to all my Pimpin Pens family to get a colonoscopy every few years or so in order to preempt any potential issues as far as stomach health goes. Below is a little Point Break montage put together courtesy of youtube user jaearon.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tight Fight Scenes Revisited:Garbage Pail Kids

In accordance with our new theme of classic fight scenes, no repository of fight scences would be complete without a little tribute to those ghastly but cute little miscreants; The Garbage Pail Kids. In this scene we find Windy Winston getting real buck in a bar full of bikers. This kid Windy has a real mean set. Look how he peels dudes moustache off with his noxious flatulence. Shouts out to Nat Nerd, Messy Tessy, Foul Phil, Al E. Gator, Valerie Vomit, Greaser Gregg, and the rest of the crew.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Vintage Video Vault
Hieroglyphics - You Never Knew

This track put The Hieroglyphics Crew on the map for a lot of people, landmarking the combination of rappers Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Casual, Pep Love, Souls of Mischief (A-Plus, Tajai, Opio, and Phesto), DJ/producer Jay-Biz, DJ Toure, and manager/producer Domino. Hearing the intro loop brings me back to 98 with such a fluidly funky, jazzy beat blended with some underground West Coast Flavor. Do it up Cali style and spark your third eye with the melodious, mighty super-group Hieroglyphics.

You know how we do, not cha average posts....Listen to the album! - EXCLUSIVE!!!

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Criminal Manne - How we do in the M-Town!
Crim in action!

Check out C-mane the neighborhood dope supplier back in the studio dropping some rapid-fire heat on these fools. See what happens when he walks in and tries to get on a beat he hears ridin' in the background, funny shit. Little dude running the studio lets Crim know right from the jump that he ain't playing around. Respecting his grind Criminal Manne breaks out the bank rolls and drops some cheese to get that track that was supposedly reserved for someone else. This video is strictly for the Trill. M-Town veterans keep doing your thing!

Tini Mane, Bony Mac & Game - Get Off Me - DJ Zirk Production

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I'm Bout to Bounce Back

In the light of the recent tragedy involving the death of Juvenile's family at the hands of his own son. I took it incumbent upon myself to post this uplifting tribute to Juve and his dearly departed. This video always brightens up my day, what with all the haters lingering around in droves everywhere in all. Its an epidemic of disastrous proportions. So with all the evil and treachery I thought it to be apropos to include this little lighthearted diddy off the 2003 LP Juve the Great. This album also marked a brief reunion with his Cash Money cronies, however to no avail. No matter how much adversity you encounter it is hard to succumb to the devil when you have such elevating and inspirational music to get you back on the grind. I want to send a special shout out to Juve, besides Baby Gangsta (aka B. Gizzle) you were the one who put Cash Money on the map. For that you get extra propers.

Enzoe on the post

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cornucopia of Dope: A Goodie Bag Piece

When all else fails and boredom ensues, there is an unparalled concurrence that Pimpin' Pens will deliver.
When a pimp walks passed a funky corridor towards his most exotic earner, and she seductively salutes his swagger, you know damn well after she gets plowed Pimpin' Pens will deliver.
When graff artists slither through the crevices of forgotten train yards to indulge in their own ego, further fueled by the indelible paint that drips across their unscathed craniums, Pimpin' Pens will deliver.
When a spliff gets twisted by the dustiest of grips inside a coffee shop off of Damrak, Pimpin' Pens will deliver (after stopping by the Red Light of course).
When hand to hands across crumbling corners influence a noble hustler to pioneer a rap craft so unique that only the most proper vinyl etiquette can support it, Pimpin' Pens will deliver.
When a fucking comet heads towards Earth, scattering cosmos and crushing dark matter to pummel our world into crumbs of granite, I will be on every obscure-bugged-out substance you can think of, but Pimpin' Pens will still deliver.


Fresh Footwork

Vintage Vandals

Ill Bangers

Bet on that...

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Del Delicacies: Salute to the Artist of the Month

As always, Pimpen' Pens makes an extensive effort to support and solidify every legendary artist of the month. With a fantastic album dropping right around the corner, enjoy an afternoon delight of some classic Del The Funky Homosapien bangers cut from the imperial cloth of timeless music. Enjoy!

"Mistadobolina": off his early propelling album, "I Wish My Brother George Was Here"

"Positive Contact": off the galactic epic record, "Deltron 3030", a collective consisting of Del, Dan the Automator, DJ Kid Koala, and other appearances.

Bonus Bitches! Del and Aesop Rock's "Preservation" off the indie favorite, "Think Differently: Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture"

Del and the entire Hieroglyphics movement played a necessary role in evolving the foundations and styles for some of your favorite rappers and musicians today. If you haven't been properly educated on these ingenious contributions, begin now or get the fuck off this page.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mr. Sche Undaground Forever Teaser 2008

Time and time again the unstoppable Memphis Underground super-producer Mr. Sche has come through with some of the hardest, trillest, most buckest tracks reminiscent of that dark oldschool Memphis Sound. If you recall the interview we did with Sche back in November, he stated that this new album: Underground Forever ( Undaground Foreva ) would be a trip back to 94 when some of the hardest, realest shit ever was coming out of the M-Town. As anticipated, Sche came with some major heat, resurrecting that era with a much harder, grittier, anti-pop fueled hustle of a true Gorilla Pimp and Gangsta mastering his craft and tweaking his sound for maximum crunkness. Check out the promo video and album sampler below to see just what Sche has been cooking up in the dungeon. Keep it gutta playa!


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If you haven't been by ya boy Sche's site in a while go holla at a Mack and tell em' Pimpin' Pens sent you..