Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nasty Nardo: Already Famous Review

Its the infamous ninja triplesix back one mo gen(that's slang for one more time) here to drop another critique on an album that doesn't need much critiquing. The album I allude to is none other than the masterpiece that is known as Already Famous, the gem blessed upon us by Nasty Nardo. Growing up in south parkway section of Memphis like the Tennessee mainstay Playa Fly, Nardo is a veteran in the rap game with his roots dating back to his freshman debut LP Whatever is Clever released in 1999. Fast forward damn near 9 years later and this cat still doesn't get the props he so clearly deserves. Nardo got his big break when he was approached by Craig Brewer to contribute to the Hustle and Flow soundtrack which resulted with the hit single Lets Get A Room. I just listened to his whole catalogue today and I think every successive cd he releases his better than the last. Nardo and Mr. Sche who have been collaborating since the early days and continue to work with each other presently seem to both be getting progressively iller in their flows and in their production prowess.
Back to the issue at hand here which is the Already Famous CD, which is absolutely positively stellar. There is a total of 20 tracks and all of them are certified bangers. With features from La Chat, DJ Squeeky, Yung Kee, Pistol Pete, Krunk City, J Chris, Al Kapone, Pee, Hollywood Jay, Mizz T, Mac E, Mr. Sche, Se7en The Great, Don Wuan, Gangsta Boo, Gangsta Blac, and Lil Larry this album has no shortage of funk. The opening track, Take A Picture, is Nardo at his finest spitting hard rhymes over production that seems like the score for an old western movie. The chorus goes:
"Take a picture trick
it might make you rich
and you can show the world that you was playing with a pimp"
Nardo certainly seems to be influenced considerably by the pimp game with its tenets and mores. The production on this CD is incredible, and it's reminiscent of vintage DJ Paul and Juicy J, except with its own unique style and flavor which doesn't try to imitate or bite. This is without a doubt a landmark album, and should be a permanent fixture in everybody's CD collection.

Posted By Enzow for Pimpin' Pens

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mr. Sche
Dark, Buck, and Crunk The Album Review

The Album and DVD "Dark, Buck and Crunk" is a gritty in the streets documentary of the underground M-town scene as well as concert footage, music videos, freestyles and more. The DVD is packed with so much content I'll have to review it on it's own but for now lets stick to the album included with the DVD. The CD features 12 tracks of serious heat with a ton of guest features and appearences from some local Memphis legends like Skinny Pimp, Indo G., Nasty Nardo, Al Kapone and more! Sche comes correct with the lyrics and laces this album with some raw,dark, spellbinding beats and heavy hooks. As in "It's goin down" Sche delivers the drug music, fight songs, life stories and a dash of some pimpin' to produce a well faceted listening experience. The tracks grip you and get your adrenaline going and the evolution of Sche's production really shows itself with a wide range of effects and eerie sounds that have forged the signature of Sche's work. One of my favorite tracks is "In yo club" where Sche rips it on the hook saying:

We tooted up and blowed and getting X'd up
We in you club getting wild and throwin' sets up!

Weak niggas stay clear of the dance floor when that track comes on, guaranteed to get everybody ape-shit! Other notable tracks include: "Break da law," "Money & The Power," and "Methazine & Sprite" - an homage to all the syrup sippin niggas out there. Bottom line is you have to go and buy this DVD/CD combo set. It comes with a ridiculously hard DVD and CD packed with bangers for days. Stop playing around and get schooled to some real shit!

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Mr. Sche & Immortal Lowlife
It's Goin Down - Album Review

Released in 2004, "It's Goin Down" chronicles the rugged lifestyle of the harsh, crime infested Memphis streets from the point of view of the infamous Mr. Sche and the Immortal Lowlife click. Featuring 21 tracks of brutal beats, classic smoking anthems, and some Gangster Pimpin' sure to please real down south rap fans fiending for some trill gangster music in these days of overwhelming mediocrity. You won't find any hand claps or finger snapping, two-step shit here, more like punch you in your face music mixed with some pimp shit and lets consume every narcotic known to man music. Big Sche kicks off a hard ass verse on the title track "It's Goin Down!" -

What you claim who you hang wit, I dont even care
bitch I slang shoot them thangs wit niggas that don't care
take your face and re arrange it pop and shoot a flare
turn yo murder to a stangin' push em down the stairs!

In true Sche fashion we then transition to more real life story music like "front me somethin" where he discusses getting some zones (ounces of weed) fronted from the dope mane till the weekend to make a little cheese. "Take the pain out" offers you an inside glimpse into the struggle of trying to make it in the game as well as "Hard on a bro" where Sche preaches that "That I be hard on a bro, just as hard on a hoe" meaning he's not playing no games with bitches or niggas period. Of course you've got a ton of buck club anthems like "It;s a fight" featuring your boy Al Kapone, (Al Kapeezy Oh Boy!)"Middle fingers up" "Some nigga think he hard" and more. Other notable tracks include "Motivated" where the click talks about bonding as a unit and feeding of each others motivation to make it in the game. And probably the most popular single from the album "Tell them hoes imma pimp" is an ode to the Memphis Pimpin scene and how Sche and the crew hold true to their pimpin' and mackin roots over a colossal, haunting beat. In all the album is super hard and guaranteed to make it's rounds in your car stereo as you ride through town feeling so damn pimpish. In the later half of the album I started to notice a shift towards the more Pimp themed tracks which I assume inspired the "Supa Star" album. Either way Sche came through with a classic on this one placing the foundation for the Immortal Lowlife click, making their mark in the game without selling their souls in the process. Go out and buy this album if you got nuts and are down for some real g-shit.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Prophet Posse- The Return Vol. 2: Belly of the Beast

One of the dopest clicks in rap music is back with their second offering but without the superproduction from DJ Paul and Juicy J. Unfortunately, as is the case with most releases from former Hypnotize Mind members this installment suffers from the same production setbacks that have marred past ex-Hypnotize Minds releases. I really try my best to give this stuff a decent chance in impressing me, however I never seem to be fully satisfied with the end results. I even went as far as buying this shit at the record store. One thing that I will say is that it is good to hear from Droopy Drew Dogg, Rawdawg-(who once went by the name of Lil E if I'm not mistaken) K-Rock, T-Rock, Playa Fly, Skinny Pimp and others. The only people who have not made guest appearances on the new Prophet Posse records are M-Child, and Nigga Creep- RIP. K-Rock in particular goes extremely hard on these tracks. Koopsta Knicca comes correct on a few tracks as does Pastor Troy, and Yo Gotti. Lord Infamous is in rare form as always spitting deadly verses on multiple tracks. It's a shame because I feel like they are trying really hard to bring back that ol school dark, buck and crunk devilish shit, but to no avail. This album just seems a little contrived and forced. The long and short of it is that this album will appeal only to the die-hard fans of the old Memphis Prophet Posse sound. Strangely enough I thought that I was a part of that cult following, but in the end I felt shortchanged. Props to the Prophet Posse click I still fucks wit ya.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Package of Goodies from Mr. Sche

Damn, Sche is the coolest mothafucker we know! Pimpin' Pens received a package from the Immortal Lowlife himself this Monday with a few albums and DVDs to review. Expect some new Sche content on the page shortly, we're as excited as you are right now to go through it all. Right now I'm bumpin' the "It's Goin Down" Album prepping for the review but so far I can tell you it's a must have for any hardcore Southern Rap fan. Keep checking back with us for updates, we have a shit load of content to sort through at the moment but big things are coming. Stay tuned for the Pimpin' Pens Takeover and go support Mr. Sche, we can't emphasize it enough, he's got real love for all the fans out there.


As a tribute to the late great Hogg in the Game himself we'll be featuring a lot of Pimp C's music and hits to ensure he's never forgotten. We lost another great but now Pimp is with Dj Screw and the rest in heaven. Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pimp C Found Dead In Hollywood

Pimpin' Pens is sad to report that according to TMZ, sources inside the rapper’s label have confirmed that UGK’s Pimp C has passed away. TMZ reported that Pimp, real name Chad Butler, was found dead this morning in his room at Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel. After responding to a 911 call, L.A. County Fire found him in his bed. The cause of death is unknown at this point. He was just 33 years old. Rest in peace homie, you'll be missed and never forgotten.