Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vendetta Redux: More from Mr. Sche and T-Rock!

Due to the overwhelming amount of content on the Vendetta album I used my review as more of a forum to discuss the lyrical content and decipher the underlying symbolism, pondering the thought process behind the execution of the dark, revolution-laced project. Also, I'm not about to put up my homies whole fucking CD for you assholes so hopefully in the interim you went out and bought that shit and stopped bootlegging my nigs work. So with that being said how about you re-read my shit, leave a comment you lazy fucks and show some respect for all the trill content we provide for you each week! We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears behind some of these pieces and the least you can do is leave a comment bruh! Anyway I digress, enjoy the new selections from Mr. Sche & T-Rocks VENDETTA.

"Pass the Motivation"



"Missle Rip" T-Rock Solo Track

"Git Mad"

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Random Tangents: Video clips, Strange News, and other Web Junk!


Leave it to some mischievous Asians to attempt such a devious feet as jumping off a trampoline (quite high) and flying 30 some feet in the air dunking the fuck out of the ball like they used to do in the Mascot Dunk Competitions back in the day. Remember the Phoenix Suns Gorilla and the blue dude from the Hornets, they were tight!

5 foot 7 inch Spud Webb shocks Dominique Wilkins and the world with this classic stunning upset!

Back To The Future 2 HOVERBOARD For Sale!
- 30K (What the fuck!)

Yeah you think you have what it takes to make this shit levitate? Extremely savvy in industrial engineering and astro-physics? Got 30 G's to spare - hell the fuck no, not for this Movie prop primarly made of some gay ass late 80's - early 90's neon-pink plastic board rocked by Marty McFly AKA Michael J. Fox in the 1989 hit Back to the Future 2.
Peep the infamous scene where McFly dips on the pink floater rocking some space age Nikes. (extra high top moon boots and shit lol)Also why the fuck do they have an 87 Jeep Grand Cherokee floating in the background, where'd the budget go motherfuckers? How the hell did I ever like this movie" Oh yeah I was like 10 at the time and internet porn had yet to be created lol. Still had those VHS junts and mags from my old man's stash hahahah.

No comment, this whole seeing Jesus and Saints in grilled cheese sandwiches, Dorito chips, tree bark and other nonsense is getting to be ridiculous already!


This animation by former Hollywood 3-D animation guru Jeff Lew is the latest installment in a long going series about a bean, wait - a BAD ASS bean! Jeff took 4 years off of work to put mad effort and detail into this high quality banger with what appears to be somewhat of a budget! I think they got dude from The Green Mile (Michael Clarke Duncan) to add his deep ass voice to the cast Hahaha. The slow motion shooting sequences are hilarious. Peep the Face-Off style twin gold pistols with the Dragon engraving! Killer Bean Forever!

Killer Bean has come a long way, here's where it all began...

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Can Ox Cluster Fuck

Cannibal Ox's Vast Aire and Vordol epitomize all that is obscurely cosmic gutter rap. You can literally taste the rust from chewed up razor blades as the sounds and verbage from this junkyard NYC back alley duo echo in your ear drums. I may just get extremely lifted and drop a whole piece on the classic "Cold Vein" one of these days. Until then, help yourself to a raw serving of some of the most recent material from these cloaked Cannibals:

Vast Aire feat Vordol and prod from the legend Pete Rock: "Mecca and the Ox"mecca and the ox - Vast Aire ft Vordul Mega
Pete came very El-proesque on this junt off of Vast's new record, "Dueces Wild"

Can Ox: "AK 47"
Ak-47 (Produced by Opto) - Cannibal Ox

Can Ox: "From the Planet of Eat"From The Planet Of Eat - Cannibal Ox

Bonus Juntastics!!!
Can Ox and DJ Rob Swift: "Cosmos"

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Return of the Abacist: Nas' "Untitled" Record Review

We only review records we are extremely fond of, typically the ones' well accompanied by a ginormous cloud of spliff smoke and bitter sweet nostalgia, so naturally, haters are more than encouraged to continue reading.

So Nasty Nas dropped an album previously said to be released under the title of a racial epithet, but so "controversial" he instead left it untitled due to the overabundance of pressure tyrannizing down from the powers bestowed upon a select group of individuals born without genitals. Oh, and for the sake of impartial honesty, I'm a spick, and the album would have been called nigger, we clear? Now that the least important part of the record has been discussed, although the media seems to slowly pleasure themselves on the album title alone, let's keep it moving onto what should be the only important aspect out of any Nas project, the fucking music.

"...they pray please god, let em spit that uzi in the army lining, that shorty doowop rollin oowops in the park reclining..." -Nas on "Queens Get The Money"

After nine studio records and an armada of impeccable verses, the talking heads still cross their sticky green fingers in hopes of another "Illmatic", what a snore. Bra, it's been over a decade, drop it... that record was by far beyond classic, but my expectations would be dumb enough to wear a fucking halftard helmet if that's where the bar was placed. Besides, you can't expect anyone to bring back a pioneering early 90's style in 2008, that is ridiculously absurd. I mean, do you see me blazing some shwag ass regular nuggery from back in the day? No way, we've upgraded, we lounge with cereal bowls filled with super purple penicillin, and that is exactly where Nas' cadence, style, and word choice has evolved to. He executes lines all over the record with such precision DJ's should be able to cut the grooves backwards while a pair of voluptuous stripper titties are bouncing in their grill. The flavorful choice of gutter phrases spliced with literary word choice displays a certain level of maturity only a trill seasoned veteran can harness. And the selection of beats produced by exceptional artists who aren't necessarily spotlighting but bang sounds out the barracks compliment kid wave's style to perfection (such as Salam Remi, Jay Electronica, from Dead Prez, Mark Ronson, Polow Da Don...). Albeit, most of the new generation may turn a curled ear towards the beats, mainly because they'll malfunction and blow masses of fucking iphones to smithereens if used as ringtones, (that's cause they're raw beats dickhead, those that didn't understand or took offense should gargle horse urine out a pimp cup).

But does he tackle the topic effectively? Well, the percussion-less introduction by Jay Electronica allows Nas to explain his position on the project with the rhetoric of a misunderstood thinker, a prisoner of words bound to poetic dust torn between a corrupt industry of jingle peddlers and founders of the greatest cultural and musical era since jazz. From the basic concepts painted with intricate imagery on "You Can't Stop Us Now" (yo he got dude from the stylistics on that joint!) , to the more meaningful tone towards bullshit media coverage on "Sly Fox", to the superb single "Hero", Nas puts together a work of musical expressionism layered deeper than just exploitation, controversy, messages, and concepts. Regardless, "Fried Chicken" and "Project Roach" have single handedly butchered any album cut from any artist this year, chew on that...

Untitled-Nas[The Album/Explicit Version]

Dudes record leaked, had no marketing or promotion, and still sold off the shelves. Wow, who would of thought generating a solid fan base would allow you to make music your way without throwing on a mask...

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Ghostface “Murder Goons”
(Produced by J Dilla)

Big Ghost in the Mothafuckin House! Peep this new B-B-BANGER produced by the awe inspiring J Dilla or "Jay Dee" (R.I.P)

Such a shame to lose such a talented musical genius but it's great to see a lot of new releases incorporating Dilla production (Like Ghost, Raekwon, Busta, Nas, etc. ) I assume to support his fam and estate which has suffered sever losses due to excessive bootlegging after his passing. Any real Hip-Hop head and appreciator of original, music and quality production go out and cop his shit, they're all classics and his fam has to eat.

Amongst my favorite producers like Pete Rock, DJ Premier, RZA, Marley Marl, Madlib, Alchemist, El-P, DJ Shadow, Prefuse 73, 9th Wonder etc. Dilla orchestrates and molds expansive mini-worlds with his unique blends of sounds and samples and encompasses the true essence that is Hip-Hop. With that being said... here's some Donuts for your Friday Breakfast!


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Masters of The Game Lessons Vol. 1
Feeling so damn Pimpish!

As many of you Pimpin' Pens fans are well aware, our strong alliance and collaborations with All Game Entertainment and StreetWise I&T have brought you such content as the Masters Players Ball 1 and 2, The Streetwise I.Q. Test, Thong Boxing and now we proudly introduce a new series entitled "Lessons from Masters of The Game." In this first lesson gain first hand knowledge and insight into the minds of serious P.I.'s in the game as they cover various aspects of the flamboyant lifestyle of a modern day Pimp. Featuring the infamous Hook The Crook, Mack Breed, E-Domm, and Fuck em' up,this video covers topics like:

THE 70's
and much more.

Take a look at the first of many Volumes of lessons to come!

"A Husla" off Youngbleed's sophomore album "My Own"

Beat and the hook produced by the late, great PIMP C - R.I.P to Chad Butler!

This one's for you....Smoke Sumptin Biyatch! (Trademark!)

MR. SCHE "Luv for a Thug" off Disc 2 of the "SupaStar" CD - "Sex & Pimpin"

Lil Wyte-Feelin real pimpish (feat. Project Pat)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Since the post I just covered on DMX, and Rick Ross made me a little blue I thought I would lighten up the mood with a little cartoon that brought me such joy as a young god. Some of you might be familiar with the Disney theme park ride, Mr. Toads Wild Ride. Mr. Toads Wild Ride closed down in 1999 if I'm not mistaken, but his legacy lives on in this classic 1949 cartoon that started it all. J. Thaddeus Toad was his name and he was a true player if I've ever seen one. The cartoon was called Wind in the Willows, and it was the shit to say the least. I'm going to implement a new regiment round hea, where I feature some of the freshest cartoons of my childhood. Without further ado, watch Toad run his game official.


Scandulous Tuesdays

So there's been some salacious news going down in the rap game currently, and I thought I would put in my two pennies.
Word on the streets is that Rick Ross is certified as a former 50 (police) affiliate. Namely, a corrections officer in one of the pens (penitentiary) in South Miami. Ross repeatedly denied these claims and said that he has always kept it 100% street, gutter, and what have you. Really where Ross fucked up was in the fact that he kept denying these grumblings. Homeboy knows that if your on top of the pedestal your going to encounter a lot of opposition from haters and fugazys. He should have just represented like the former jake (cop) that he was and flaunted it in all of its splendor. Now he's fucked because he was acting in a clandestine and sneaky way. I have no ill will towards Mr. Ross, in fact I was extremely proud of a Miami dude who made such remarkable strides in navigating the heights of the entertainment world. This is going to be quite a conundrum for him to work himself out of, but I pray for him.

On to the next scandal which I have been wanting to comment on for some time. DMX, born Earl Simmons has been having a rough time of it, to say the least, these last few months. He has been arrested like 17 times within the past month alone for all types of fuckery. What a fall from grace. This guy was runnin shit big boy status not too long ago. When Its Dark and Hell is Hot came out he was like the next 2pac or something. However, amidst all the drugs and material trappings the rap game has to offer, he foundered. I don't really no what to say about dude, except I have seen a lot of haters talking slick about X on the internet. Despite his mental health issues I still think that DMX will doll out a savage beating on anyone throwing salt on his game. I'm in DMX's corner supporting one of the last vestiges of realness left in this game. He hasn't really dropped anything significant since Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of my Blood, but on the strength of his first two LP's DMX is still a rap kingpin.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Junts: Dope Distortions on Classic Cut

It's always a pleasure awakening with a smile, stumbling out of whatever cavern that lovely young thing that so seductively lured you into the night before allowed you to flee from (great escapes?), and diving head first into that merkaba of comfortable ecstasy more commonly referred to as, your whip. To top that feeling off, the cherry completing the situation is when you got some new cuts in the dash to accompany the voyage home. Enjoy the week fuckers...

Here are some ridiculous renditions of the classic "Message From a Black Man", a Barrett Strong-Norman Whitfield composition best known in its 1969 recording by the Temptations. Most notably and recently heard on both RZA and Nas' latest efforts, I dusted off a few others for good measure. All great artists and all bonafide banger versions of the sample:

RZA: "You Can't Stop Me Now"
U Cant Stop Me Now - RZA

Nasty Nas: "You Can't Stop Us Now"
You Cant Stop Us Now ft. Eban Thomas of the Stylistics and The Last Poets - NaS

MF Doom as King Geedorah: "Anti Matter"Anti-Matter - King Geedorah Ft MF Doom & Mr Fantastik (2003)

Mos Def: "Undeniable"
Undeniable - Mos Def

The Temptations: "Message From A Black Man"Message From A Black Man - Temptations

Who else but Pimpin' Pens can deliver a piece as ill as this huh? I encourage an adversary...

Bonus Vid!!!
El-pro and Mr. Lif killin it!

Nice little in store session they threw up on the defjuxsite...

Gear up for a brigade of rawness and hilarity this week...

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

305 Representative

My homeboy by the name of Wizo berated me the other day for not reppin the 305 - aka the MIAyayo properly on Pimpin Pens. He raised an excellent point which needs to be addressed. However you won't find me showcasing any of this new wave Miami nonsense. Currently I'm not swayed by the rap music scene here in Miami. I'm stuck in a time warp from the era of 96-2000 rap dope game - the new shit has no impact on me whatsoever. I can't fuck with the likes of DJ Khaled, Cool & Dre, Da Runners and all the rest of these cats who are capitalizing off the MIA brand. Whenever I here anything by the aforementioned dudes above my ears start bleeding. So the following musical arrangements have been hand picked and selected from the finest vineyards in Miami.

Enzo signing off

Monday, July 14, 2008

Classic Hip Hop Soundtracks : Tales From The Hood

Released in 1995, Tales From the Hood is a blaxploitation film weaving 4 shorty story vignettes concerning superstitious and paranormal occurrences inside the ghetto enclaves of America. It is sort of a Boyz N the Hood meets Tales From the Crypt hybrid. The film begins with a few unsuspecting drug dealers who show up at the door of a funeral parlor, run by the director Mr. Simms. The drug dealers arrive at the funeral home in search of some misplaced product, and are subsequently admonished with cautionary tales of some of the funeral parlors more eccentric clients. When Mr. Simms finishes his tales of terror, he reveals the sinister truth behind the drug dealers eternal fate.
Tales from the hood is without a doubt a landmark film of the mid-90's and the soundtrack manages to perfectly capture the ethos of the film. Check it!
1) Wu-Tang Clan- "Let Me At Them"

2) Scarface & Facemob- "Facemob"

3) Domino feat. Chill- "Tales From The Hood"

4) Spice 1- "Born II Die"

5) Ol' Dirty Bastard- "Ol' Dirty's Back"

6) NME and Grench the Mean 1- "I'm Talkin' To Myself"

7) Dawn Green and Prodeje & Havoc- "The Hood Got Me Feelin' the Pain"

8) MC Eiht- "One Less Nigga"

9) Gravediggaz- "From The Dark Side"

10) Bokie Loc- "Death Represents My Hood"

11) The Click- "One Echo Hits Thru The Ghetto"

12) Killa and N.G.N.- "The Grave

Enzo on the Scene comin clean rollin mean

Friday, July 11, 2008

Brew, Nug, Kicks, New Nas, Masons and More! Randomness Ensues

Friday brings around a wonderful world of frolics and nonsense. Expectations for a plethora of inebriated views circa midnight or so are expected from this post right chea. Enjoy and let the moon melt with delicacy...

The Legendary Ralph Steadman at the Magnificent Flying Dog Brewery

Drink up...

Fresh New Foot Joints Courtesy of the Ever Evolving Creative Cornerstone that is Def Jux

Click flick to up your shoe game...

Ummm...Dope...Most Definitively Dope

Gives an entirely new meaning to going green...

Apparently S. Carter is a Freemason

LOL, Dude is funny though...

Nas "Hero" & "Be A Nigger Too" Video

Burner album, you children can't touch the nasty kid wave...

Clap Attack!!!

Yes P-Pens world, you are so very welcome...

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kia Shine Responds to 36 Diss

Kia Shine took the high road stance in his recent spat with the Three Six Mafia which took place at the autograph signing meet and greet promo. Shine essentially said that he felt it was his moral obligation to quell the acrimony that has been so ubiquitous over the history of Memphis rap. He said that he thought everything was copacetic with DJ Paul because of prior conversations they had engaged in, in which Kia Shine stated that their relations were amicable. Shine went on to say that he didn't like the way the camera footage was edited either.
I guess everything isn't even stephens, and Paul still remembered the static emanating from Shine back in the day before he became a Memphis household name.
Regardless, check out some fresh Kia Shine cuts.

Respect My Fresh - Nakia Shine

Stunna Shades - Kinfolk

Bitch Get Up Off Me - Nakia Shine / Kinfolks

Enzo "Bitch get up off me, ho fall up off me!"

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DJ Paul Roasts Nakia Shine

At an autograph meet and greet event in honor of Three Six Mafia's latest album The Last 2 Walk premiering at #5 on the billboard charts in Memphis over the weekend went sour when DJ Paul had some choice words for Memphis upstart Kia Shine. Kia Shine got a dose of humiliation from DJ Paul and Juicy J as his friendly overtures were quickly rebuffed. Kia Shine was accused by DJ Paul of biting or stealing the east coast swag only to later on switch it back up to the Memphis steez (style) when it didn't get results. Kia Shine was escorted of the stage to a jeering audience and an unusually uppity Juicy J, yelling his infamous "shut the fuck up" in his trademark animated voice. DJ Paul also chimed in with a, "what a loser," remark as Kia Shine was escorted of the premises. It appears that Three Six haven't forgotten Kia Shine's jabs a few years ago, where he claimed Three Six were devil worshipers. Check it!

Kia Shine dissing Three Six

Enzo on the Post

Monday, July 7, 2008

Teaser Alert! New and Classic Nas Cuts...New Album Awaits

As you numbskulls may have seen, Nasty Nas is our featured artist of the month, fuck the haters. So in preparation of the Queensbridge legend's new record, we bless you with a leaked teaser off the new junt plus some old bangers to keep the ears satisfied. May I remind all you golden era rap junkies, Nas is going out on a rotten limb by not dumbin down his style these days as opposed to most watered down music. So keep his work water resistant nah mean, go cop that shit!

Nasty Nas feat Keri Hilson: "Hero"Hero (Dirty) - Nas Feat Keri Hilson |
Cadence is very reminiscent of Illmatic...

Nasty Nas: "Queens Get the Money"Queens Get The Money - Nas
Uh, yeah, certified burner...

Let's take em back...

Nas: "Silent Murder"Silent Murder - Nas

Nas: "The World is Yours"The World Is Yours - Nas

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MTV TR3S - Latin Music, Videos and More!
New Promo Design by Pimpin' Pens


In recent weeks we've been in touch with the people at MTV3 or MTV Tr3s, mainly the Miami office which hosts & manages content for the affiliate stations MTV Tr3s LA (KBEH-63) and MTV Tr3s Phoenix. ( KMOH| KEJR-43) MTV Tr3s is the only MTV channel you can access without cable - yes without cable and it features a variety of both English and Spanish programming. MTV Tr3s (formerly called MTV en EspaƱol 1999-2006) provides satellite and over-the-air content with a rich assortment of bi-cultural entertainment and media. So non-spanish speakers don't fret to turn your dial and tune in, you can catch all of your favorite videos just like on any other MTV channel but the beauty is this one is available without having to commit to a pricey dish or cable package. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusives on our collaborations with the MTV Networks.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mr. Sche and T-Rock Vendetta
The Album Review

"Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the annunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there?"

V- Quote from the film Vendetta

This dark, gritty, cinematic album provides a glimpse into the rotten, blackened, corrupt core of todays cut-throat society. A world of blood soaked side walks, the criminal underworld and the horrible state of the economy and our country due to the sinister stranglehold from our nations hell spawned leaders. Together Mr. Sche and T-Rock form a colossal conglomerate of heathens to face the overwhelming tyranny infecting the globe with a slew of untamed lyrics over hardcore, ferocious, "beat yo ass" beats. This CD is not for the weak-minded, feeble pop-music supporters, rather it's for the enlightened few searching for originality and mega-hard, fist-pumping anthems in todays overwhelming sea on monotony.

Never has T-Rock shined brighter then on this project and Sche, with his unparalleled work ethic dropping multiple albums per year, team up to form a deadly duo. The united efforts of the two Southern juggernauts result in a classic masterpiece just as we expected. The beats inspired by the film are so well produced and layered resulting in a wide-bodied sound and epic composition opening the platform for Sche and T-Rock to spit venom at the President, Terrorists, the Judicial System and other monsters in disguise living amongst us. Picture the nations Capitol up in flames with a huge middle finger emerging from the ashes and debris and you'll catch a glimpse of the feeling of rebellion on this record.

With tracks like "Ain't Seen what I Seen" and "Still Young & Buck" the ingenious, indie-rap kingpins deliver a non-stop barrage of timeless bars and quotables that would have me typing all day so I'll provide some audio instead. After multiple listens I still have the album in my deck and now with a thorough understanding of the project I'm composing this review to share that sense of rebellion that the Rap game has been craving for some time now. Rather than catering to Radio Play these two have always made music for the true G's and playas of yesteryear (early 90's rap era) and I couldn't be more please with the end result.

This shit gets you buck, enlightens, and motivates the mundane to get on your grind like never before. To touch on an earlier topic, T-Rock on a Sche beat is a force to be reckoned with. I've been a fan since the Hypnotize Camp days but he's only improved with age and burns holes though the tracks with each verse he conjures and spits in his rapid-fire delivery style. Sche also delivers a series of mighty, forceful verses with a touch of Pimp Swagger to correspond and compliment his production with underlying themes of motivating others, giving sight to the blind, and peeling back the facade plaguing the planet. To sum things up they keep things super Trill and any fan of these two or aficionados of Southern G-Shit at it's finest definitely go out and cop this album and pass the motivation to those enslaved in a stagnant state of unconsciousness. Rise up and let your voices be heard alongside the battle cries of The Pimpin' Pens Nation!


Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Ain't Seen What I Seen
3. Like What
4. Streets On Lock
5. Still Young & Buck
6. Git Mad
7. Gangsta Shit
8. Missile Rip (T-Rock Solo)
9. Boogey Man (Mr. Sche Solo)
10. I Don't Give A Fuck
11. Ya Heard Me
12. U Dont Want Dese Problems - Rock Solid Royal Family (Slikk, Red Knight, Pimp Deezy, C.P., Shorty Roc, Yung Hazardus, Reek, Ace Major, Harrass, T-Rock) feat. Mr. Sche
13. Gorillas - Immortal Lowlife (Nasty Nardo, Mr. Sche, Blue Boi, Pimpminista, Zon Barlow, 12 Gage)
14. Pass The Motivation
15. Vendetta
16. I'm A Sinner
17. Outro

**Bonus Tracks**
Preview of Area 51’s “Behind Enemy Lines”
Preview of The Rock Solid Royal Family
Preview of Mr. Sche’s “Undaground Forever”

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"Call Me JJ - I'm Dynamite and Plush!"

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Indie Day on Friday? Oh Yea, We Gettin Buck

Happy fucking independence day from the entire Pimpin' Pens nation. Albeit, this wonderful country which I will most certainly go berserk for does have its issues, but it is by far the best nation to live in. While I have experienced a greater amount of freedom in the dizzle, otherwise known as Amsterdam, I know of no where else but America where a Cuban diablo from Miami could rock Wall Street during the day and deliver pimpin pieces after hours to then exploit spliff usage till the next morning just to start over again, I truly love my country. Nuff said, let's celebrate, champaign and nuggery for the flubbery get your grind on let them fireworks strike off we wildin boy!

Company Flow: "Patriotism"
Patriotism - Company Flow

Wu-Tang: "Rules"
Rules - Wu-Tang Clan

Bonus Shit!!!

Jiggaman Dropping a fucking Nuke in the UK

Oasis will never feel the same lol...

Oh yea, how bout some ultra red white and blue...skooooo

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