Friday, February 22, 2008

R.I.P. TripleSixNinja

Upon some serious reflection I have now decided to drop the moniker Triplesixninja for the simple reason that it is kind of gay, and it makes me look like a Three Six Mafia "Stan" or some shit. The only reason that I kept the name for a minute was because I had used it to post on a bunch of other websites in the past and I wanted to mantain continuity for the Pimpin' Pens venture. I'm a grown ass man and no grown ass man should be referring to himself as Triplesixninja, although I am trained in martial arts, still I have too much hair on my ass to be stuck with such an immature alias. From this moment forth I shall be known simply as Enzow. Enzow was my graffiti name when I used to paint the town as a youngster on the bricks of Miami. All that aside here is a bumpin video from youtube user mpc662. "Lord Infamous tribute."

Oh I almost forgot. Since Kool G Rap is our artist of the month, I can't forget this banger either. Tied down with duct tape fuck rape I'd rather just hump a sluts legs with my nuts shaved!

Posted by EnzoW "I'm Back!" for Pimpin' Pens

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