Tuesday, November 13, 2007

EXCLUSIVE! Pimpin' Pens Interview
with Mr. Sche (part 1 of 3)

[Pimpin' Pens] 1. For those who aren't familiar with you and Immortal inc.- Give a brief bio.

[Mr. Sche] Well you know basically I started in 94 man, I was a young cat running around the big boys, the veterans of the M-Town now just trying to get my ass in . It was basically just me in the beginning, then I slowly grabbed other members and we just formed a group called "Lowlife". From there the bigger we got, we tacked on more experiences and became "Immortal Lowlife," and it just went from there. I always had a natural ear for producing and actually when I first started making music I was buying tracks. You know, because I didnt have the equipment so I had to go buy tracks from other cats. I started saying to myself, "Damn, I'm buying tracks I really dont want" you know, "I know what I want" so I just hustled and saved up my own lil' cheese man and bought my own keyboard and from there the producer was born you know.

[PP] So you just bought the equipment and learned that shit on your own then?
[MS] Yeah man, everything about the computers, mixing, mastering, graphics, you name it, just whatever mane I put my mind to it cuz I didnt have shit growing up so I was always the type to either earn it or took it you know so that was the type of nigga I was.

[PP] Who were your influences coming up?
[MS] Off top its gonna have to be NWA who basically let a nigga realize that he can say what he wanted to on a record. Yeah but actually growing up shit, we were listening to motherfuckas
like the Beastie Boys, Fat Boys, and Kurtis Blow. We was on that shit mane - East Coast, you know Das Efx Shit, Boogie Down Productions came out you know I was always into the lyrics you know I wanted to hear about struggling and coming out of the darkness and shit like that. I didn't want to hear about no, you know "what you got" type of shit. I was a lyrical type of motherfucka you know and then 2 Live Crew came out and then I was like "God Damn these motherfuckers are talking about pussy!" you know what I'm saying?, {laughs} so shiiit it took the Gangsta and the Pimp Shit and put it all together cuz I like bitches and I like money. But basically the biggest influence was NWA because they were talking about shit that we're actually living.

[PP] You got a fan base in Europe, tell us about that.
[MS]You know I actually toured in Europe two years ago. I went to France, Amsterdam , it was a cat that called and asked if I wanted to do a show over there and I was like "Shit Yeah!, You paying for my flight then I'll be there." He sent me three tickets you know what I'm saying, I brought two of my commrades mane, we flew over there and it was lovely. Yeah, I took Pimp Minista and Blue Boi and we stayed out there a few weeks man and it was a good experience. It really ain't no different over here then over there, its just the language you know but a lot of motherfuckas out there speak English and shit. There's a lot less hating motherfuckas, out there you know the dance floors packed, motherfuckas is reaching for ya and grabbing you off stage. You get here and do a show mane it just depends on where you at but niggas gonna hate, they ride around and bump ya CD all day but wont ever shake your hand you know what I'm sayin?

[PP] How has the Memphis Rap scene been changing over the years?
[MS] Man shit, {laughs} besides here and just the world period, here mane back in the day 94 was like the 70s you know what im sayin? It was fuckin just lovely mane everybody was cool you know shit, if you had weed, you had a blunt man, it was like you could make friends wit a blunt. You know you would just walk up wit a blunt and be like "You got weed? I got blunts man." and it's all good. You know and the Rap game was like everyone was talking about smoking weed and kicking it and fuckin' bitches and ridin' in they Chevys and now it's just "I got this, I got that and I can do this dance and this snap - and I'm Fake!" You know what Im sayin? They might as well be saying "I'm fake!" I'm not going to say every rapper here but there a lot of em' on some bullshit here but you know I don't condone or condemn none of em' because a lot of niggas didn't come up the way we did. We were some Real gangstas coming up. The new niggas, they ain't experience that so you can't expect them to come up talking bout you know robbing niggas getting robbed. You know what I'm saying breaking in houses, going to jail and shit. So you can't classify them as "fake" you just have to recognize real when you recognize,some niggas thats all they know. But then you got these asshole ass niggas who been here all this time and come to find out they switchin' and flipping they doing this new shit and trying to fit in knowing they didn't come up like that but they just selling themselves out. You know theres no originality left, and the realness is gone, everybody just totin guns nobody's brave enough to tote no swords no more. It's crazy man, I could write a book on this shit mane it would take a lot more then that question.

[PP] Well shit I think you should one day man. There's definitely people out there who want to know what the real M-Town like.
[MS] Shit, as far as the streets go mane you got niggas everywhere. You got a few Pimps here, you got a lot of wanna be Dope Dealers, a lot of wanna be Gang niggas and the majority of em' is just dumb ass niggas. You got dummy niggas from cages running fools on the street and its just crazy here man. But it's not just here its everywhere but its just amazing that we have the highest crime rate in the Nation right now, Memphis is beating Detroit. A lot of the crime thats going on here is Murder, Drugs, you know what I'm sayin, and Prostitution. And the thing about the Prostitution is that you have too many hoes out here wanting this cheese running themselves selling the pussy and they ain't got no pimps behind em' doin' it how it need to be done. So now they're closing down all our Strip Clubs cuz these ol' stupid ass bitches are in here fucking these niggas in the club when they supposed to be doing that shit elsewhere. So you just got a lot of stupidity going around in the city and its fucking up a lot of shit for the real niggas that are doing crime the right way.

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