Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mr. Sche and Nasty Nardo Album:
We From Memphis..
The underground lost album

Holy shit, I've been endlessly searching for any word, or hint on what the Sche and Nardo album would look like, sound like, feature, etc.

While conducting research for some future posts I stumbled across what appears to be the cover and sho nuff it's a certified hardcore banger! Just look at that shit man! You got some money up in flames covering the city, bitches grinding up on tight whips, and your two favorite Memphis Vets coming out hard through it all! Just by looking at this cover I know this CD will be so ridiculously crunk it will make you catch a serious charge up in this bitch! We're talking you bump this and you body a hoe.

Peep this new single from Nardo's Myspace page: "Get it Boy" Ft. 8-Ball and Yung Kee.The track is tight as shit, play this in a club and someone, no wait - fuck that, everybody is getting bloodied up in the place!

Remember where you saw it first, all day exclusives.....
Posted by Rico for Pimpin' Pens

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