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American Prostitute Interviews Part 2: Lorielle

Pimpin' Pens proudly brings you the second installment in the exclusive saga of interviews we've lined up with some of the stars of American Prostitute. This week we bring you the charming Lorielle and her story. As we conducted the interview we uncovered a witty, educated, compassionate and highly motivated woman with a cause and a humble, regular past everyone could relate with. Seeing this genuine side was truly a pleasure with all the negative stigmas and mis-conceptions associated with Prostitution and the Adult Industry nowadays. Come to find out she had a normal childhood like most of us, got good grades in school, excelled in college but sometimes life's obstacles can drastically change the course of ones life. Enjoy this real look into the mind of the multi-faceted Lorielle as she tells her story and reveals the true life of a modern working girl in today's America.

1. What's a typical day like in the life of Lorielle?, your hobbies, etc.
A typical day for me is usually pretty busy. I'm a personal assistant
to the CEO of Hot Commoditeez so I'm always up early checking emails and running any errands that are needed for upcoming documentaries. My hobbies include working out, shopping, cooking, and I like to travel when I have time.

2. We know you want to raise money for charities such as Cervical Cancer, tell us more about that?
By raising money for Cervical Cancer research I feel I can give back
to the community and help educate everyone on this growing epidemic.Cervical Cancer is a slow-growing cancer that may not have symptoms and in 2008 there were 11,070 new cases and it caused 3,870 deaths. I'd like to start a non-profit organization that raises funds for research by catering desserts to parties, weddings and other events.

3. How did you get in the game and eventually become a part of this film?
I was looking for a job one day and I called an escort agency and the
first call they sent me on was with a guy who needed a date for a
wedding. I made more money in 4-5 hours than I did in 2 weeks working a normal 9-5 job. That experience changed my whole perspective about the adult entertainment business. I realized it's not just about getting paid for sex but it's more about playing different roles and being an actress to create an illusion to make men want to pay you for your time.

4. I'm sure you've seen and heard it all in your experiences, do you have any funny or interesting stories to share?
I got a call from a CEO of a bank saying he wanted a lingerie model.
When I showed up at his hotel room he was an older gentleman in a suit and tie and was real soft spoken. He excused himself to use the
restroom and when he came out a few minutes later he was the lingerie model. He was wearing garters, stockings, heels and his bustier even had built in breasts. All he wanted was for someone to tell him how pretty he was. People would really be surprised at how many men have a fetish for wearing lingerie.

5. In your opinion what's different about the film, what makes it unique and appealing?

This film is different because instead of pointing out everything that's negative it's showing the positive side of adult entertainment.American Prostitute is unique and appealing because it gives the females in this industry to express their point of view.

6. There's a lot of lies, stigmas and mis-conceptions about women in you profession, what are your thoughts.
I think there are a lot of misconceptions because for many years
people have been seeing documentaries showing only the bad side of
prostitution and adult entertainment. Many Americans think
prostitutes are only working to support their drug habit and probably
have this picture in their head of some homeless lady with a bunch of
diseases turning tricks in a back alley. There are a lot of educated
females in this industry and hopefully American Prostitute will help
change people's minds.

7. Any final thoughts or shout-outs you want to make?
I'd like to give a shout-out to all the respectable clients that
appreciate the art of adult entertainment and a high class lady.
Also to the producers of American Prostitute who gave me the
opportunity to express my point of view.

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American Prostitute Official Trailer - Brand New See it Here First!

It's finally here, the footage we've been waiting for, check out the official trailer for American Prostitute right here on Pimpin' Pens! As you know the film comes courtesy of our partner Reggie Simmons of All Game Entertainment, taking you where no other cameras can go and with this teaser trailer feast your eyes at what soon will be an instant urban classic.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New X-Pages Adult Magazine to debut at Exxxotica Miami 2009

Pimpin' Pens proudly announces our new affiliate and certified fam X-Pages Magazine.This innovative Adult Publication "Serving South Florida's Adult Entertainment Industry" is releasing a must-have teaser issue during this years Exxxotica convention on Miami Beach. Make sure you check back with us for updates and how to get the magazine regardless of where you live.

Official Press Release:

A Perfect Marriage ; X-Pages Teams Up With South Florida Photo Giant Pyrogen Studios, Urban Blog Titan Pimpin' Pens & Super Porn Producer Cezar Capone

Miami, FL -- March 25, 2009 -- Things just keep getting bigger and better for X-Pages Magazine as it prepares to capture the South Florida adult publication market by storm. Pyrogen Photo and Promotions headed by Angel Ocasio has agreed to be "the" chief photographer and creative photo consultant for X-Pages! Enrico Morales the cutting edge graf / psychedelia artist and CEO of Pimpin' Pens has signed on the be "the" creative visionary and "superblogger" for the magazine as well. In equally HUGE NEWS, Cezar Capone aka Bill Fisher of CezarCapone.com, Filthy Films and ClubJenna fame has partnered up to be a contributor, content provider and all around Bad-Ass for the X-Pages Brand!!!

"This is a really exciting time for the magazine to launch. We have assembled a truly talented team." says X-Pages founder Josh Weiss. Pyrogen has been doing their thing for years now taking high quality photos and being top promoters in South Florida. Enrico Morales of Pimpin' Pens fame is a very gifted and unique artist. His razor sharp eye for design and aesthetics breathe new life into even the most mundane projects. His flair for improvising art work with no sketching, just free flowing pen work is truly astonishing and has become the signature style of the young artist. Topping off the great news is none other than the addition of Cezar Capone. Capone / Fisher is a mulitple award winning director and producer. "His eye for what makes things hot and what sells is unparalleled in this industry and makes him a valuable part of the X-Pages team."

Under the umbrella of the PimpSyndicate Brand, Josh and crew are ready to conquer the adult industry market from all angles. From the X-Pages publication to PimpSyndicate fashion designs to exclusive adult content for print and the internet. "Beautiful Miami was the perfect place to make all of this happen." says editor-in-chief Josh Weiss. "There are so many beautiful people doing so manysinful things. How can anyone not want to be a part of this?"

The "teaser" edition of X-Pages will debut at the EXXXOTICA Convention at the Miami Beach Convention Center from May 8th - May 10th, 2009. Future issues will be put out monthly and will contain interesting articles, interviews with Superstar Industry Insiders, countelss photos of your favorite porn stars as well as orignal photos of "up and coming" models. X-Pages will be distributed solely in the South Florida market as it debuts, with goals of nationwide and international expansion. One thing that will set X-Pages apart and make it the first of its kind, is random autographs of the cover-girl inside the mag making it a true collectible, and that it will also be distributed in Spanish to the evergrowing Latin market that is so important to South Florida.

For additional information on X-Pages Magazine contact Josh at xpagesonline@gmail.com
or by phone 954-744-9914 / 954-478-9951.


Posted by Rico for Pimpin' Pens