Thursday, February 21, 2008


All true Wally Don Wu Blood Kin stand up! This track is one of the many consumed by my mental back in High School and remains to this day to be impeccably awe inspiring and legendary.

It's reminiscent of a better age in Hip-Hop, a time where people made classics, albums were 5 mics, they constantly developed their styles and evolved the culture to span the globe. The music bonds us regardless of race, color or creed. It's very odd to look back at how far we've come and with each day we step closer to eventually speaking to our grandchildren of Hip-Hop and Rap as an ancient artifact of sorts. One day all this shit we bump will be on an Oldies station but hell, for now let's soak it all up and keep it fresh because our DNA is encoded within these tracks. They've formed who we are and continue to influence new avenues in society and the media. Respect due to the older gods.
Only 5% out of 100....

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