Wednesday, February 13, 2008

T-Rock Interview: Part 1 of 3

So here it is ladies and gentleman none other than the incomparable, inimitable T-Rock himself First part of a three part interview. I want you all to appreciate this candid, upfront, and up close and personal interview. The boy keeps it all the way one-hundred. Much respect due to T-Rock, a real classy dude. Now enjoy biatches!

Pimpin' Pens: Whats the business for 2008?

T-Rock: Just finished the Rock Solid Royal Family Compilation, and we just finished the debut Area 51 album. Me and Mr. Sche also just finished the Vendetta album, I got another album called the Burning Book that is coming soon, its a double disc. Its my first nation wide release since the Kush, we going hard. Let it be known that we the strongest independent company in Atlanta, the Soundscan numbers don't lie. And if you mafuckas think im bulshitting check the soundscans. We the hardest!

(PP:) What were your influences coming up in the game?
T-Rock: I just love music all around mane, everything from Michael Jackson to Tupac. I was deeply inspired by the whole early 90's west coast shit that was coming out. Outkast, Goodie Mobb, im from the A (Atlanta) so that is a given. 8ball and MJG, the whole Memphis movement. I definately give mad props to Kingpin Skinny Pimp, people like Playa G. Street Military, Z-Ro, a lot of my influences are the lesser known have-nots in the game, the indepedent cats like myself.

(PP:) Man, I aint even ever heard of Playa G before?
T-Rock: Yeah mane that is classic old school Memphis pimp shit, he's the dude who produced and sings the chorus on "Midnight Hoes" on the Kingpin Skinny Pimp King of Da Playaz Ball album. The first Playa G album is a classic, its a rare hard to find collecters item, but I got my hands on it. Its bumpin. Came out around 95 96.

(PP:) I heard you on the the Reincarnated album send a shout out to Crime Boss too.
T-Rock: Much respect to Crime Boss, South Circle, and Mr. Mike. I've been bumping they're shit for a long ass time.

(PP:) So you've been doing a lot of feautures with the new Prophet Posse clique, whats up with your relationship with all the old school Prophet Posse cats?
T-Rock: It's all love for everybody that was involved with the movement, actually the Prophet Posse shit that I did that's coming out now is mostly old recordings. Nick Scarfo has been trying to work out a deal for me and K-Rock to record an album together. We've been talking about that for a minute, so as far as me and Nick Scarfo go he's good people. I don't know what the fuck he did with other niggas but much respect to the nigga he's been showing me love from day one, since the Hypnotize Mind days. But as far as the K-Rock and T-Rock thang nothin' is solidified. But me man I'm all about showing love and getting that money trying to do as many collabos I can with other artists thats on my level, putting egos aside and unifying. I've been trying to do an album with an artist by the name of Big Floaty out of Atlanta, and KB from Street Military too.

(PP:) You got a sick ass rap style, for some reason I can't get one of your particular verses out of my head lately. The one on the second Gangsta Boo album Both Worlds Star 69 when you were like: "My competition deleted from verbal telekenisis" etc... That shit boggles my mind T-Rock. How do you come up with that kind of shit? What inspires you to write such genius lyrics?
T-Rock: I'm going to be honest with you dog, I always wanted to be the best there ever was/is/or ever will be, when it comes to this rap shit you feel me. I'm a student of this mane, I resepct and embrace all aspects of the game, from the good the bad the ugly and the business side of things. Bootyshakin, gangsta rap, whatever. I consider myself to be a deep lyricist though. I thrive on being a lyricist, the best, no matter what I am rapping about. It could be about some straight evil shit, lord forgive me, but I'm always going to come hard on the mic.

(PP:) So I saw that you did some shit with Jermaine Dupri, on that Young Fly and Flashy compilation. How did that project come about?
T-Rock: The Young Fly and Flashy album actually wasn't even me. They used my name, thanks for the free promotion, but that wasn't me. So So Def wasn't trying to talk about any money, but they used my name anyway because I guess they thought that they could tap into my fanbase. Also, the Block Entertainment dudes used my name to sell some records but that wasn't me either. You know mafuckas be trying to act like they trying to sign me and shit, putting phony ass bogus contracts on the table and shit. These niggas that can't sell be trying to use my name to sell their shit. They on some old fake counterfeit bullshit.

(PP:) So let it be known to all the perpetrator T-Rock's out there. Get off the real T-Rock's dick!

(PP:) So on to the next question, you've been in the game for more than a decade. You're basically veteran status. What was it like coming up in the old days during the Prophet Posse era? That must have been a beautiful time, you must have fond memories of all that. Describe to me the feeling you had during that special time.
T-Rock: Yeah, you know a lot of people say that we ushered in a new era for the south at that time. If you listen to the music from the south today, im going to be honest, Memphis had a huge influence on the new generation of southern artist today. It felt good to be part of innovating that era, I ain't going to front me and DJ Paul and Juicy J we've been through a lot of shit. But much respect to them for putting me on like that and allowing me to be a part of that movement. I will always be thankful for that, no bullshit for real. I loved being a part of that era.

Interview conducted by none other than the infamous ninja, TriplesixNInja!


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

way to rep for the bluff city folk....south parkway here

Anonymous said...

Mane Rock Is The Best Rapper Out there, that's in my opinion... i'm doing my thing too, i got France on lock.. but i gotta say that most of my shit, i got it from him, I mean he has so much influence on me and i ain't shame to say it, lol!
Fat Joe thinks he's the elephant in the room, cuz he ain't getting the respect he deserves, true... well it's the same shit for Rock , He ain't getting what he deserves and i'm mad!!!!

Mrs. Washington