Friday, November 6, 2009

We never left - Summer recap and some new clips

Let me start off by mentioning that this is the third attempt to write
this fucking post since it's collosal grandeur has resulted in some accidental deletion of content! (Hate that shit) Anyway, 2009 has been a brutal journey for the pimpin pens team and much of the economy as well. Our efforts and willingness to grind was tested constantly but in this upcoming year we reflect on those dark times and embrace our newly found stabilty. If you stay down you will eventually come up, as a good friend once told me. Here's a re-cap and hilights of some of our favorite net finds of the last year.


Amon Tobin - 'Big Furry Head' Music Video

Sixtoo - electrons

Bonobo - Noctuary


Jones' Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage

Is my roommate gay?

Raaaaaaaandy - Part 1

Raaaaaaaandy - Part 2

Other Hard Shit


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