Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dropping in Feb.

Scheduled to drop on February 26th, Savage Life 2 is the highly anticipated follow up album by Baton Rouge's hottest rapper Webbie. The first single "Independent" has been blowin up like crazy, instantly bombarding the airwaves as an official club favorite.The new album is rumored to have production from Mouse, Mannie Fresh, BJ,and others as well as appearences from Bun B, Young Dro, Birdman and the whole Trill Entertainment Family, go cop that when it drops and expect nothing but Gangsta Music from the Boot and Trill ENT.

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Rollin-Nasty Nardo feat. Mr. Sche

Big Rico wanted me to bless this upon ya'll, cuz we be jiggin (rollin on dem X pills) out the frame here at Pimpin' Pens

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RZA & MF DOOM - Biochemical Equation/Nausea

Nice little video mix to compliment the Rza Doom Collab Track on Think Differently: Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture. A lot of exclusive clips come together rather smoothly in this homegrown video put together by some guy on Youtube - Check it out!

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3 Deep - "Aint Nothin To It "

Get cha mind right! Check out this banger from the upcoming Louisiana group 3 Deep or 3Deep headed up by Trill Entertainment Super Producer Mouse on tha Track. You may know Mouse's work from the Lil Handy (R.I.P) Album "Rap Hustlin," Webbie "Savage Life," and Lil' Boosie "Bad Azz" as well as the Foxx album "Street Gossip" and the Trill Entertainment "Survival of the fittest" CD.Hailed as the next Mannie Fresh Mouse come with some serious heat for such a young cat but don't get it twisted he's sick on that keyboard. Also in the group, his younger brother Lil Phat (on Webbie's "INDEPENDENT" track ) and their homeboi Shell da Yung Thugga. Not sure when the album is due but they got a video for their first single "Watch My Shoes" stay tuned for more info

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Raekwon, Masta Killa and Pete Rock - The PJ's

Soulful bliss majestically personified on wax.
Bless ya eardrums and burn one to this laid back joint titled "The PJ's" with Tha Chef and Masta killin it over the unparalled, gifted musical stylings of the Chocolate Boy Wonder Pete Rock.

2 for 1 Pete Rock Bangers!
Check out this track from the 98 Classic "Soul Survivor" on Loud Records
THE GAME: Pete Rock Ft. Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and Prodigy


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Teaser Alert! No More Presidente, No More Bullshit: Jay-z Blueprint 3

"Back to the music the Maybach roof is translucent, niggas got a problem Houston..."

Word just leaked Jiggaman, who relinquished his role at Def Jam (possibly seeking a digital label w/ marketing genius Steve Jobs, more on that in the future), is back bubbling in the labo on the Blueprint 3. I can smell the beakers and testubes already.

Get em HOV

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T-Rock Interview Coming Soon

Brace yourselves for some insight into the mind that is the legendary T-Rock aka Mr. Washington. Undoubtedly the most underated lyricist ever. Check the ill freestyle video below.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rare Dilla Footage

J-Dilligence and Frank n Dank choppin it up in a very humble reminiscent atmosphere. As heard mid way through, Dilla almost impregnated the amazing 90's golden era with a Busta, Biggie, and Nas record produced by Dilla Doughnuts himself. Damn, he was truly a legend.

Pimpin' Pens continues to show appreciation, admiration, and the utmost respect for some of the most talented beat conductors this rusted world has ever seen. The legacies of production giants such as Pimp-C and J-Dilla will be carried by our torch for millenias to come, bet your balls on that. Here's a little Detroit Dilla treat from the Stones Throw classic, Chrome Children.


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PIMP C Tribute from Too Real For TV

R.I.P. To Chad Butler AKA Pimp C, Sweet James Jones the young Pimp! Still Ridin' Dirty!

Pimp C was truly an inspiration to us all here at Pimpin' Pens. Check out this tribute Maroy put together for the loss of the great Trill veteran.

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Wu Tang Clan's First Interview

The Wu Tang Clan back when they were real hardbody and savage. This interview was filmed on the set of "Da Mystery of Chessboxin" music video, and conducted by the venerable ambassador of hip-hop in the early days-Fab Five Freddy. Wu Tang is the tightest rap group in history hands down. I'll even go as far as to say they are the greatest musical group ever, that is how much the TriplesixNinja has been influenced by these true veritable icons. Peep Ghostface Killah donning the the white mask. He was still a wanted man by the authorities at that time for gun-trafficking, so he had to stay incognito back in the enter the 36 chambers era. There has never been a rap group or any group in any genre for that matter, who once they started making major moves in the industry, came back to their respective hoods and held their entire affiliated nation down as well. Wu Tang is the most dangerous and thick clique in music history. Also, the most influential kniccas in the game. Who do you think set the blueprint for all the scarface, gambino, criminology, aka multiple alias shit that is considered commonplace now in the rap game. Trendsetters to say the least. Nuff respect due to the gods, and the earths. And they are still ten toes in the game for after nearly 20 years, that is a true testament to their longevity and perseverance in the game.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Short Documentary on the new album NY's Finest

Check out how some of the great producers in the game pay homage to the legendary Soul Brother Pete Rock in this short promo video.

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"Ironman...Lead us to the Promise Land..."

"...Show us how to be a maaannn....IRONMAN"


There will be mass hysteria if Ghostdini decides to retire cause ya'll motherfuckers are download happy. What? You don't want want fresh ass lines while blazin in the whip, or extra flavor sprinkled at your local wine tastings? Thought so. And in case you forgot about this legendary icon, we here at Pimpin' Pens thought we would remind you:

Oh Yes I Did!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gravediggaz-Dangerous Mindz Video

Ill Shit. Gravediggaz representing to the fullest. Nuff Respect due to the Gods, Rza, Poetic- R.I.P., Gatekeeper, and Prince Paul. Peep Rza flossing the golden chinese style fingernails. Sraight Ninja style.

Playa Fly -Crownin Me

Flizy coming korekt on his first nationwide release post-triplesix era with FLy Shit released in 1996 on Super Sigg Records. The late, great Bill Chill comes korekt on the background vocals as well. I can't seem to get this little diddy out of my head since hearing it a while back. I just thought I would bless this upon all of the Pimpin Pens nation.
Triplesixninjas word!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nasty Nardo- Can't Stop Ballin Review

After hearing Nasty Nardo on the Hustle and Flow soundtrack I've been steady hooked on this dude's delivery and flow. This lead me to cop the Already Famous CD and now the Can't Stop Ballin junt which was the CD that caught the attention of Craig Brewer; director of the groundbreaking film Hustle and Flow. Released November 16, 2004 on Nardo's own label imprint Ghetto Star Entertainment this CD is just another link in the off the chain repertoire that is Nasty Nardo. In other words this was the CD that propelled Nardo to the national spotlight. I believe it was the cut off the Already Famous album "Watch TV" featuring Young Kee where Nardo alludes to his chance encounter with Hustle and Flow director Craig Brewer stating:
"he loved click on em, and that's when I said let's get a room on em, he took my phone number and then he called me, and ever since then there's been plenty salt shakin on me. bad talk on me because they wasn't chosen to represent they city with they hustlin and flowin. or they elbowin or the gansta walk don't get mad at me pimp it wasn't my fault. so stop throwin salt and stop worrying about my song, and don't don't don't watch me hoe watch TV its that p-i-mafucking-m-p its that Nasty Nardo and Young Kee don't watch me hoe watch TV"
Back to the basics, Can't Stop Ballin is another certified banger through and through, with cuts like the original "Let's Get a Room" featuring Gangsta Boo, and other junts featuring Memphis mainstays Kingpin Skinny Pimp, and the ever-present Mr. Sche who is often featured on Nasty Nardo's work. The song "Rollin" with Mr. Sche is bumping with hooks like:
"Do you want to Get Buck wit me, purple thangs and Hennesy, playboy I'm rollin, I'm rollin"
Another notable cut is track 16 entitled "trill" with the hook going a little something like this:
"I'm a pimp nigga trill nigga mathufuckin real nigga im the type of nigga to put a hole in you Hilfiger"
That particular cut is reminiscent to me of the late great Pimp C always talkin about puttin a hole in your Hilfiger. With guest appearances from Se7en Da Great, Tom Skeemask, Al Kapone, Mizz T, K-9, Chopper Girl, Krunk City, Don Vito, Jay-P, Pistol Pete, Mr. Sche, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, and Gangsta Boo-you can expect nothing short of greatness from the often imitated but never duplicated Nasty Nardo.

Teaser Alert! New Del the Funky Homosapien album: The Eleventh Hour

Dropping March 11th on the mighty Definitive Jux record label, Del, of the world reknown Hierogliphics familia, makes his overdue return after an extended hiatus to perhaps bring some type of guiding light back to music.

Peep the teaser, let it marinate, and purchase the record on March 11th, motherfuckers.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mr. Sche and Nasty Nardo Album

Yeah that's right, we hit up Sche directly and he was able to inform us that yes, him and Nardo will be doing an album together. Ever since Nasty Nardo blew up with "Let's get a room" on the Hustle and Flow movie soundtrack he's been featured on multiple Sche Albums and vice versa. I'm glad to see these too putting down an album, I'm sure it's definitely going to be on some Gangsta Pimpin' Shit. Look for that Album to drop sometime in March and the Vendetta has been pushed to February. Keep checking back with us for more updates and further information.

Hit the play button - could take a while but it will play be patient!

"We got some playas and some G's...On Da Flo!.... We poppin' pills smokin trees....On Da Flo!"


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Mood - Karma

Classic Video from 97, takes me back to high school and shit. Check out their album "Doom" from the Ohio based jah hip-hop heads Mood.

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La Chat - "Use what You Got"
Underground Video

La Chat coming hard on this one!

Black Jesus - What That Thing Smell LIke

Throw back Strip Club Banger from 2001!

Shake That Shit UNCUT BET Edit

Mo Booty Shakin'! Shake Dat Shit!

Pimp of the City (BET: Uncut Version)

Pimp Rap, it's not for everyone! - Video has just enough ass and titties for my liking though!

Get em' Nat! Break a Hoe!

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Alphabet of Manliness by MADDOX: Hardest Piece of Literature Ever Created

Warning! If the following mentioned work of perfection is not added to your bookshelf immediately after reading you may suffer loss of all testicle usage. In fact, I would like to add to the disclaimer by emphasizing that it is not a warning by any means and if this is your second time glancing over this post you very well may have already had your balls removed, disintegrated, and/or tucked so deep into your colon your skin flute is now part of a one man band blowing other dicks for coke. Do not look down.

Full grown, hair covered caveman uppercutting a giant gorilla with no remorse. Ok, this is already a must cop. Lets keep it moving.

The man you see above this line should not be confused with the over hyped socialist turned trendy hipster icon Che Guevara. That man was a bitch, being Cuban allows me to say that, what a perk. Seriously though, the picture above is actually Maddox The Pirate, who has single handedly composed the greatest doctrine for everything hard, (and for the record, yes he is a modern day pirate). Maddox is notorious for his extremely opinionated writings and pompous views throughout his website: The Greatest Page in the Universe, but has far outdone anything he has ever concocted with the substance in this book. It truly is a masterpiece and should be preserved in the Louvre Museum next to the Mona Lisa, except it shouldn't be in a glass case but be held for eternity by naked porn stars who rotate shifts every 10 years. Upon extinction of Earth it will then be launched into orbit along with the last porn star, firm grip and all. I mean, the content within this scribe is so rugged, so toxic, and so incredibly manly that if your chest hairs don't grow chest hair immediately after reading the inner cover, you should end your life, period.

The Alphabet of Manliness is an A-Z debacle of douchebaggery. We're talking people getting drop kicked in the face, excessive violence, garish disregard for children, tit punching, obscure penile referencing, proper urinal etiquette, tributes to lumberjacks, pirate mania, porn, true love otherwise known as a quickie, and quite possibly the greatest ode to Chuck Norris in the history of hard ass motherfuckers like Walker Texas Ranger himself. I am not even half playing here, this book is the truth. Jam packed with brilliant phrases and perfectly crafted punch lines engulfed in so much debauchery you may go awol and pillage you neighbor's home only to wake up the next morning with his wife blowing your longhorn. Dead serious, there are some accounts of this happening after completion of the book. Above and beyond, the illustrations depict such a vivid picture of what this swashbuckler is describing you can spend your lunch break laughing hysterically at one page. Peep:

Point made, cop the marvel and become a man or spend the rest of your days watching your dick shrivel.

Pimpin' Pens is a proud supporter of Maddox and everything that spills from his obnoxious cranium.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From Wright Studios Baton Rouge, LA

Some tight videos and editing from the people who do most of the Trill ENT. Video work. R.I.P. to Lil' Handy he was killing it before he passed. Also, if anyone knows the name of the track with the big fat dude in the black T rapping (3rd song in the video)let me know, that shit's fire! And the track after the one with Boosie and Southside Coalition and before Max Minelli with the guy in fatigues talking about "you better be chewin' if you ain't screwin"

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Chewin="Southern slang for oral Bitch be chewing peckers, looking for da chewin. etc"

Pimp C Interview for

Pimp C Blessing the European Fans in this rare interview

Mr. Byg Tyme - Look What I'm Ridin In

Check my footwork - You ain't got these! Tight video mixed with "Look at what Im riding in!"

Some ILL BILL Bangers (courtesy of pimpin' pens)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Twerk Sumptin!

JIGG CITY - Life in the Dirty South
Oh Yes We Did!


Uh-Ohhhh She poppin dat thang!
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Down Bad - Keep Rollin Video

Peep this rare, super hard Down Bad video rapping about poppin pills in the gutter. Hailing straight from da Boot Louisiana they come correct with some blazing uptempo tracks with ultra amped, fight song delivery. SERIOUSLY PEEP THIS VIDEO it's hard as fuck! I mean,just some southern crunked up ape shit- beat a bitch buck track to get ya mind right when you're *Jiggin in the club.

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*Jiggin or Jiggalating = Louisiana Slang for Rolling on ecstasy pills

Beat Battle - Producer's Swap Meet

Monday, January 21, 2008

Too Slept On: Rob Sonic's Sabotage Gigante

Rob Sonic is no new-comer to the indie scene, (I loathe using the word indie but blow me, I'm tired). His latest opus, Sabotage Gigante, is, I must say, a fantastic record and extremely slept on. This white boy definitively does not get the burn he deserves. With 12 futuristic Bronx boom bap bangers, Sonic's sophmore effort on the mighty Def Jux is worth adding to any dusty earmonger collection. Drug induced lyrics, up-tempo noisy beats, and an overall cold appearance, this northerner solidifies himself as a prominent emcee/producer monster in the "progressive", (I hate these terms), music world. Just peep the following simple studio and ill cut, Rob I got you yo.

1. Teeth Eat Her
2. Brand New Vandals
3. Mother Of All Bombs
4. The Over Under
5. Ready Aim Shoot
6. Rock The Convoy
7. Smoke If You Got’um (feat. Aesop Rock)
8. Dead As Disco
9. Fat Man and Little Boy
10. Spy Hunter (feat. Bus Driver)
11. A Cold Cold War
12. Space Goose

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Friday, January 18, 2008

MPC 2000 Damu the fudgemunk's Debut Single (Press Version)


Eightball & MJG-Break Em Off Music Video

Peep this old school Ball & G. This shit is got to be one of the illest tracks on the classic album On Top of the World. We keep it space-age over here at pimpin pens.

"Concrete like the street under my feet
spittin space-age pimpin ova hype beats
white sheets an ink record what i think
chiefin hay gettin blazed till my eyes turn pink
uugh gangsta gangsta like cube an eazy e
this the wild west knicca strapped is the way 2 be
9 eleven ain quicka than my 4 nickel
wettin chests so u betta not 4get ur vests"

8ball is a top 5 emcee of all time easily!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Diggin' With Pete Rock [Deep Crates 2 DVD Preview]

Pete Rock - MPC2000XL

Pete breaking down the formula on the MPC200XL. How I does it son Nah Mean!

Three 6 Mafia - Don't Rush It

Rare oldschool Beat from Paul and da Juice mane.

Big Doe Bonkers

Released December 4th, 2007, this album surpassed expectations for Ghostdini connoisseurs everywhere. A perfect follow up to the critically acclaimed bangers Fishscale and More Fish, Big Doe Rehab explodes out the speaker box with 16 raw cuts guaranteed to have you rewinding those classic GFK liners, "Got my DDL on me that's my dickemdown license." (You're the shit Tony Starks.) I'm talking poisonous story darts from start to finish, imagery enhanced verses, undeniable flavor, and not to mention Rae and Meth get nasty shine as well. The production ranges from banging horns and percussion on "Barrel Brothers" to smooth blaze-a-spliffy-with-the-chicky-at-sunset bass lines on "Super GFK", and consistently compliments Killah's unique word choice and vivid depictions throughout the album. Considering the amount of garbage released late 2007, there is no possible way any hate can be thrown towards Big Doe. I am still burning to this in the whip, all praises due to the Ironman.

1. At the Cabana [Skit]
2. Toney Sigel aka The Barrel Brothers (feat. Beanie Sigel & Styles P)
3. Yolanda’s House (feat. Raekwon & Method Man)
4. We Celebrate (feat. Kid Capri)
5. Walk Around
6. Yapp City (ft. Trife & Sun God)
7. White Linen Affair (Toney Awards) (ft. Shawn Wigs)
8. Supa GFK
9. Rec-Room Therapy (ft. Raekwon & U-God)
10. The Prayer
11. I’ll Die for You
12. Paisley Darts (feat. Raekwon, Sun God, Trife, Method Man & Cappadonna)
13. Shakey Dog Starring Lolita (feat. Raekwon)
14. ! (feat. Rhythm Roots Allstars)
15. Killa Lipstick (feat. Method Man & Masta Killa)
16. Slow Down (feat. Chrisette Michele)

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Lord Infamous: The Man, The Myth, The Legacy

When I heard that Lord Infamous was dropping a new solo in 2007 I was elated. There is only one other LP in history that could rival my anticipation for the Lord solo junt, and that LP was the Wu Tang Clan's double disc sophmore effort Wu Forever (a masterpiece). Lord Infamous is undoubtebly the hardest emcee in the rap game period. His flow is so sick and demented and at the same time extremely versatile. For instance in his earlier Lord of Terror and Mystic Style days he would spit the fast tounge-twisting devil shit. In the Teardaclupupthugz Crazynthelastdayz era he switched up to a more raspy, deep, and ghoulish voice to match his Keyzer Soze persona. Fast forward to 2007 like 13 years after he dropped his first solo offering Lord of Terror he comes as cold on the mic as he ever did, with his trademark lyrical flow onpoint as ever. It seems that during his brief hiatus from the rap game he was sharpening his lyrical swords while the rest of his former clique got too big for the bridges in Hollywood.
Back to the story at hand which is The Man, The Myth, The Legacy. Overall this is a solid piece of work, lyrically Lord is still a savage on the mic. He isn't quite as devilish and sinister in his style this time around, which is okay. Nobody can worship the devil forever, not even Lord(I don't think he ever really worshiped the devil anyway), but he is definately still hardbody. The only setback that this album suffers from is the production. That's not to say that there isn't some nicely crafted compositions, but for the most part this isn't a sonic landscape that I feel compliments Lord's rap style enough. However, this is still a dope album and you should go cop it on principal alone, it is after all Lord Infamous; the futuristic rowdy bounty hunter. It is also nice to hear my boy Pancho Villa who was the main character in the straight to video release Choices. Pancho come in on several different interludes. The album feautures T-Rock, II Tone, Big Stang, Santerria, La Chat, D-Dirt, Enigma on the production tip, Mac Montese, and Da Crime-Click.

Pete Rock's New Album: NY's Finest
Dropping Next Month!

Legendary Hip-Hop Producer/DJ/Emcee Pete Rock AKA the Soul Brotha #1 AKA The Chocolate Boy Wonder is back with a star studded Album masterfully produced and staring Pete on a joint venture between Soul Survivor Records and the NY based indie label Nature Sounds. From his past works with multiple emcee features like Soul Survivor 1 & 2 this album is guaranteed to encompass the full spectrum of raw hip hop and dusty crate digging with Beats so distinctive of the *SP-1200 Guru. The Album features a colossal line-up of new and old hip hop artists that include Wu-Tang's Raekwon and Masta Killa, Dipset's Jim Jones, Papoose, D-Block and Redman amongst others. The first single "We Roll" features Jim Jones and Max B.Other tracks currently available are "914" featuring Styles P and Sheek Louch, "The PJ's" featuring Raekwon and Masta Killa and "Til I Retire" featuring Pete Rock himself. Check back with us through the month for some audio clips from the album, previous released videos, tracks and instro's and anything else we can dig up over the dynasty that has become Pete Rock, one of the true originators.

(From what I could find online)

1. Pete Intro
2. We Roll (w/ Jim Jones & Max B)
3. ‘Till I Retire
4. 914 (w/ Styles P. & Sheek Louch)
5. Questions (w/ Royal Flush)
6. Best Believe (w/ Redman)
7. Ready Fe War (w/ Chip Fu & Renee (of Zhane))
8. Don’t Be Mad
9. Bring Y’All Back (w/ Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Phonte & Joe Scudda)
10. The Best Secret (w/ Lords Of The Underground)
11. That’s What (w/ Rell)
12. The PJ’s (w/ Raekwon & Masta Killa)
13. Made Man
14. Let’s Go (w/ Doo Wop)
15. Comprehend (w/ Papoose)

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*E-mu SP-1200 is a classic sampler released August of 1987 by E-mu as an update of the SP-12. It became famed for its gritty texture and ability to simulate the sound of vinyl recordings.

Madvillian - Accordion - Madvilliany (Previously unreleased)

Peep this unreleased laidback soulful joint from the Villianous duo of MF Doom and Madlib.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Brothers Solomon

What if you got free popcorn and a dead tweedy every time you changed a baby instead of plain old shit? Or porked an eskimo chick for your home school prom? Or entertained the possibility of giving birth to a baby cyclops? Huh?

So my couch forced a spliff in my mouth and inserted The Brothers Solomon on DVD into the player for me, (which scored a whopping 4.9 on IMDB), and I must say: "That shit was fucking hilarious!" You douche bags on IMDB that rated this masterpiece anything less than piss your piss-stained-pants funny deserve a quickie with 2 donkeys, yes 2. Directed by Bob Odenkirk from Tim and Eric Awesome Show fame and starring Will Arnet (Arrested Development) and Will Forte (Beerfest) The Brothers Solomon delivers some of the most hilariously awkward scenes I've ever witnessed. Packed with ridiculous facial gestures and outlandish attempts at baby making, these two optomistic halftards ensure that hilarity will ensue. Cop the DVD and give it a gander, I mean, they did knock up some big black dude's chick for their pops yo, that's funny shit.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Harold and Kumar 2
The R Rated Trailer

Remember where you saw it first! That's right, your two favorite stoners next to Red and Meth and Cheech & Chong are back in an all new movie that looks as hilarious, if not funnier than the first. See the extended, R-rated trailer for Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo below.

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AZ Undeniable - Album Preview

Check out the latest from the Aziatic emcee himself the new solo joint entitled "Undeniable," a testament of the work he's put in the game since first appearing on Nas' Illmatic Album in 1994. Since then he's dropped six solo albums, mixtapes and of course The Firm Album. Check back with us when the album drops for a review but from the snippets it seems to take it back to the essence.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Zero Round Draft Pick

All praises due to Rico the Mastermind and Enzini for recruiting a bulldozer into the ever evolving Pimpin' Pens familia. Bloggers and readers alike should expect nothing less than the upmost, gritty, debauchery encrusted articles, reviews, and points of view on the web. We're talking striclty bangin records, illustrious opinions on everything from a business mogal's agenda to a cokehead stripper's favorite midnight snack, and globe stomping adventures so vivid the LCD will begin to melt from the toxins. We will hold no punches, fuck it, we will dip gloves in stain glass simply for your reading pleasures and still cash a bottle for bedtime. Stay tuned!

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Bun B ft. Sean Kingston “That’s Gangsta”

Peep the first single off the highly anticipated II Trill Album. I'm not a fan of the hook but overall the track is solid and Bun is just too cold on the mic to be ignored. R.I.P to Pimp C


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Lil Boosie - Lil Boosieanna Mixtape Review

Boosie Bad Azz is back with some new shit, well at least a few tracks on the mixtape seem to sound like new joints. Released by the mixtape features 30 some odd tracks of Boosies tightest bangers and like 9 tracks I haven't heard before. "745" and "Southside superstar" are real hard as well as "models" and "post up" and "keep it gangster" with boosie's sick flow and vicious life-story lyrics. Block grinding, trap living, the dope game, hoes and g-shit as always come through as prominent themes in his music but by the sound of some of those new tracks looks like his new album is going to be a banger. A lot of his tracks were released prior to the BadAzz dropping, I think Asylum was supposed to release a double disc but the bootleggers apparently fucked things up so lets hope we get more tracks this time around. Peep the track listing and link to listen and download below.


Download Mixtape | Pimpin' Pens Exclusive

1. 745
2. Southside superstar
3. Hate me
4. My niggaz remix
5. Keep it gangsta
6. Models
7. Post up
8. Im dat dude
9. Gettin money
10. Thuggin like that
11. Gone jock
12. Independent
13. Fresh cut
14. Like a bird
15. Where dem dollars at pt.2
16. Keep it gutta remix
17. I want sex
18. Troubled man
19. Swerve on em
20. Swerve pt.2
21. Set it off
22. Smoking on purple
23. Going down where im from
24. Pussy ass nigga
25. My nigga then
26. Bout what you talkin bout
27. I had a dream
28. Through some thangs
29. No matter what they say
30. I smoke blunts
31. Zoom
32. Wipe me down
33. I know

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Hip Hop Immortals - The Review

One night flipping aimlessly thorugh the channels of my overpriced dish program I stumbled upon what I can only assume is a slept on Documentary called "Hip Hop Immortals" on the Documentary Channel (DOC). After further review I come to find out that this film was released in 2004 and for some reason has elluded my attention until now. Directed by Bonz Malone this film covers the rise and evolution of hip-hop as a lifestyle and an art form as well as chronicaling great names in the game and the many forefathers of the culture. With appearences from industry greats such as GangStarr, Rakim, Kool G Rap, RedMan, 8-Ball, Fat Joe and others the movie offers a wide range of opinions, stories, and all the diverse elements that form one of the most influencial genres of music to date: Hip-Hop. Packed with a ton of guest appearences, real behind the scenes interviews and more this Documentary is sure to please any fan of the culture. From clothing, to sneakers, graffiti, Deejaying, beats , rhymes and life Hip Hop Immortals shines a fresh light on this ever-developing genre with insight as to where we came from, and where the game is headed next. Keep an eye out for it on the Documentary Channel, definitely worth peeping.


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Friday, January 11, 2008

Pimp C Tribute His Last Words before his death

Yung Kee - "Nah Mean" Video!!!

Peep this new track from Yung Kee keeping it gutta wit it!

Mr. Sche and T-Rock "Vendetta" Trailor!

We've heard the big homie Sche and T-Rock collab in the past on tracks like "Niggavile" and "Let's do some dirt" on the Supastar CD but a whole album together? Shit, this thing came outta nowhere and looks like it's going to be one of the hardest albums ever! After his departure from the Hypnotized Camp T-Rock and many others have unfortunately fallen upon the same path where they just can't get any decent production after Paul and Juice. The New Prophet Posse was lacking as did most of the Lord Infamous solo project but thankfully some of these talented cats have crossed paths with Sche who always comes correct on a track producing some of the hardest, most buck elbow-throwing anthems to date. From what I can gather in the trailer the Album is a spin off of the 2005 Wachowski Brothers blockbuster "V for Vendetta" where the main character "V" begins an epic, terrorist-style assault on a corrupt, Totalitarian Government. I'm sure we can expect heavy sampling from the film with politcal overtones as well as allusions to greed, wealth, crime and life in the city. The Album is slated to drop sometime this month. Check back with us and Sche's page for more info and reviews when it drops.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Pimpology: 48 Laws of the Game

It's been a long time since I left you without a dope blog to step to. Im back with some mo flavor and game for all of you lames and squares to soak up. When discussing the pimp game it is hard for one not to mention a true pioneer of the sport, Pimpin Ken. Pimpin Ken or Ken Ivy (which is his government name) has been ten toes down in pimpdom since he was a young teenager on the streets of Milwaukee. Ken goes into explicit detail about his formative years under the tutelage of older seasoned macks and some older not so seasoned macks. He drew a little something from each and everyone of those encounters and became the pre-eminent mack of present day. This book is not exclusively meant for aspiring pimps or macks, but anybody looking to gain an advantage and upper-hand in a variety of social settings. In other words this book doesn't teach you how to pimp per say but how to understand the inner-workings of the pimp mentality, and how to use these precepts in your everyday life at work and at home in order to stay on top and dominant in your relationships with people. I have long been captivated by the mystique and enigmatic profile of the pimp, and have dedicated my life to perfecting my innate skills of pimping. This book is a perfect tool for you to begin honing your skills as a up an coming young pimp. Although, you must be forewarned the pimp game is not for the weak-minded and timid, it will eat you up if you lack the backbone and pedigree. This book goes over in intricate detail the 48 unwritten laws of the game which cover all basis and contigencies, as no stone is left unturned. Ken is a pimps pimp, if you will, he will no doubt go down in history as one of the greatest pimps to ever turn the game out. The reason being is that he took the game to a whole new level as he discusses in the book, namely by bringing the pimp game into mainstream America through the influence of the greatest advocates of pimpin; rappers. Ken made alliances with countless rappers who have feautured Ken in their videos as well as records. A pivotal moment in his life came when he was approached by the producers and directors of the HBO documentary Pimps Up Hoes Down about providing his insight and perspective on pimpin. He discusses how the producers and directors were trying to pimp him early on in the negotiaitons but how he later flipped the script on them and asked for producers credit as well as some money on the front end and the back end. Now that is pimping my friends! Make sure you go pick this junt up it gets two thumbs up from the Pimpin Pens fam.

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