Thursday, February 21, 2008

Drips and Tips: Amsterdam Graffiti Circa 86

In light of the recent voyage I embarked on to the obscure capital of the funkadelic universe, Amsterdam (otherwise known as the "Dizzle" by my brethren), I thought it rather amusing to provide some vintage paint flix from a time when most of the world was rotten to the core. As you can see, these masters of aerosol gracefully lace acres of concrete without any sense of repercussions or worries, such bliss. Shit, I can relate, I gave every effort to try and break the law during my stay and it didn't work. A dude can get bucked and the cops just shrug their shoulders like, "Eh, he had it coming".

Pimp hats get tipped to all the hustling montana-krylon-rusto slangers out there. Keep doing your thang thang.

Posted By Los diablo for Pimpin' Pens

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