Friday, April 11, 2008

Know your ho's...

This is a landmark occasion for you loyal Pimpin' Pens fans out there, we're back with the friday special served up proper with a massive dose of this Pimpin. Any well schooled playa will tell you the game is to be sold and not to be told so don't expect a full breakdown of these terms but rather a general overview of some real game. For this piece we like to call "Know your Ho's" we've selected some terms from Ice-T's Pimpin' 101, an adult DVD that offers an essential, in-depth look into the lifestyle of a Pimp and the art of mackin these bitches.

First on the list...

"The Track Ho"

As you probably know the track is the street, strip or sidewalk upon which a bitch is strategically placed upon to get that money. However, working the track is not for every would-be hooker or prostitute according to Ice. These tracks can be extremely dangerous so "bitch got to have the nerve along with the curve."

"The Carpet Ho"

Defined as "the shrewdest of all bitches" where their primary objective is to spend the day getting ready to go out at night to casinos & clubs, all up in the VIP seemingly to party but in reality they're trying to look for the big spenders with money. These bitches walk on a carpeted track, hence the name for these low-down scallywags.

"The Stripper Ho"

These bitches are real conniving as well, though their self induced denile, these hoes are often cutthroat for some paper. A favorite of Ice, the striper ho "Don't really believe they're hoes. They think they're entertainers." but according to Ice-T a lap dance is prostitution. "Any time you press your ass against a man's genitals, it's prostitution." Man, thats some funny shit. From there he goes on to mention "no disrespect to Chris Rock, but sometimes there IS sex in the champagne room"

"The Call Girl Ho"

Now this bitch is at "the top of the ho heap," Ice proclaims due to their uncanny ability to attract high class clientele like business men, older gentlemen with money, and other high-paying tricks willing to drop some serious paper on that pussy. Ice-t gets into the mind of these Johns, often with a wife and kids, who spend a ton of money chasing a nut from a dirty slut... "there's something about being a man in a hotel room by yourself that makes your dick harder than it ever got in your life." I never thought of this but if he said it I'd assume it was fact, put a stamp on that shit.

"The Wife Ho"

According to Ice wives and Marriage are "the biggest ho of them all," because "free pussy always costs you more." Think about it....


These bitches are "a complex breed", as they're surprisingly prudish despite their "freaky" cum-dumpster occupation. Regardless to what they might tell a lame they meet at a club or anyone else, while working these bitches are prostituting by basically performing every sex act known to man on command. In one scene Ice has a shy-looking black girl next to him, from there he states that she got into porn because it was a "stepping stone" to conventional stardom. He smiles and talks her up then abruptly brings reality crashing down as he shouts "Bitch, you about to suck some dick and take it up the butt! Now get yo' ass in there!"

Posted by Rico "My Perm blowin' in the wind" for Pimpin' Pens

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