Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Cheese and Crackers": An Almost Skateboards DVD Project

Daewon Son and Chris Haslam are just about two of the nastiest skaters to kick a board. Forming a very successful partnership with the legendary likes of Rodney Mullen, Greg Lutzka, and a few other gnarly nigz under the moniker "Almost Pro", these maniacs have pushed the boundaries of street skating passed unforeseen limits. The "Cheese and Crackers" project involves tossing a mini ramp and piles of garbage into an abandoned warehouse and letting two monsters loose on the wreckage.

The Following Video is a Perfect Example of What Happens When You Have Mastered Every Skate Trick in The Book and Are Suffering From Extreme Boredom:

Released sometime in 2006. Visit for more!

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