Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gangsta Pat-Gangsta Boogie

Gangsta Pat was one of the first rappers out of the Memphis, Ten-a-key to go nation-wide with it. A true pioneer of the movement indeed, his style has been compared to that of Bone Thugs, and early Three Six. I love the reggae dude singing the chorus, a general rule of thumb when constructing a rap song is to add a reggae dude to sing the hook. Invariably, this strategy always seems to do the trick, and adds the right amount of gangsta braggadocio. I love gangsta rap from the early 90's, that shit takes me back to the essence right there.

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Ooh, and I almost forgot this new school shake junt bumpin ish from Pat's "Da Dro" album in 2002. This one is called "Shake Somethin." That beat in the background is familiar, I believe it's from some old school Kingpin Skinny Pimp material, although I'm not sure. If any of you fools have any theories or insight to offer on the subject leave a comment for pete's sake!

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