Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bring It Back Bangers! Classic Beats Concocted From Your Favorite Past Time Toonies

Throughout the age of beat conductors, from basement boom-bap bruisers to chromed out MPC rulers, music's elite vinyl hogs have always sought for that killer sample. Whether it be a dusty horn, eerie horror movie loop, raunchy porn sequence, slick talking pimp slap used as a percussion hit, or coked out guitar riff, producers have endured endless nights in search of that forbidden sound. Sometimes, after taking a break from their odyssey to enjoy a splendid spliff or three, a common after effect seems to emerge. This effect has been coined, "the munchies", and during this ever so enjoyable occasion, one tends to compliment "the munchies" with a bowl of cereal and (you guessed it dickhead) classic cartoons (or porn, but lets stick to cartoons). And that's when Bob Marley and Stephen Hawkings go on a zanex binge and these producers create some of the most perfect beats our audio canals can ever consume.

Pimpin' Pens brings you these untimely classic toony cuts guaranteed to have you pop open that jar of greenery and go crate digging for hours:

The Supervillian emerged in the early 90's with the ultra fresh KMD crew to only disappear after several side winding downturns and then re-emerge as one of music's greatest unseen faces.

His debut classic "Operation Doomsday" shocked the streets, especially that ridiculous Scooby Doo sample.

MF Doom's legendary "Hey" produced by Metal Fingers:

After being forced to change their name from the impeccably hard as fuck SmifnWesson to Cocoa Brovaz, many hard knocks thought this Boot Camp Clique duo would never be the same.

Then bam! Smack in the rotten atoms apple drops "Super Brooklyn" and the cyphers started going bonkers. This may have propelled the group to grab their nuts, say fuck the world, and change back their name to SmifnWesson, thank you Tek and Steele.

Cocoa Brovaz super nusty "Super Brooklyn" produced by DJ Rob:

Notorious amongst the independent scene, this group has consistently released dope records since the underground movement propelled by Company Flow in the mid 90's. During that come up, 7L and the Esoteradactile blessed this tight burner upon middle white NY kids everywhere.

7L definitely did a sweet job with the transformers sample while Eso tore it up with that mid 90's wordy style.

7L & Esoteric's underground smash "Be Alert" produced by 7L:

What can I say, The Alchemist has never made a wack beat. Ever! This cat has laced hip hop's grimiest rappers with golden beats his whole career. Never one to let others take all the shine, Alchemist has dropped several instrumental joints for the true beat connoisseur in us all.

This banger exquisitely samples a spidey theme from back in the day to perfection. Truly magnificent work.

Alchemist's major raw "Guns is Razors" produced by Aly Al Alchemist:

Bonus Junt! B-B-Bonus Junt!

We had to honor the god P-Tone with a sacrificial vid instead of those little imeem players like them over there. We had to, especially this razor sharp classic from the maniacal record "Ironman".

Rae the Chef diesel and Ghostdini slaughter this shit right here, I mean they make mince meat out of this speedy beat. Perfect display of golden era hip hop at its best.

Ghostface Killah's "Daytona 500" produced by the pointy ring king RZA:

Here's a towel to wipe the sticky load you just busted from this imperial display of rawness:

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