Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don't Mess Wit Texas!

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the homies from Screwston, TX doing it real proper like. Aside from Memphis and Jigg City aka Louisiana, I think that Texas has the highest concentration of flavor in the rap game. Of course you have your household names such as UGK, Lil Flip, Scarface, Paul Wall, and Chamillionaire then you also have lesser known cats such as Lil Keke, South Park Mexican, Fat Pat (RIP), Big Moe (RIP), Hawk (RIP), Z-Ro, Trae, Big Pokey, ESG, and the whole Screwed Up Click. I can't forget theme Suave House boys from back in the day, i.e. Big Mike, South Circle, and Crime Boss to name a few. So in commemoration of Don't Mess Wit Texas day, here's some timeless country rap tunes for your enjoyment.
Z-Ro-I Hate You Bitch

Lil Keke-Southside

Crime Boss-The Bitch

Lil Flip feat. Mike Jones & Crime Boss-Sippin & Wood Grippin

Lil Flip Feat. Z-Ro-Sorry Lil Mama

Enzo's Draped up and Dripped Out Kno What I'm Talkin bout!

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