Monday, April 28, 2008

Fall Back: It's Just Music

Legendary Queensbridge emcee and perhaps one of the most influential pioneers in modern music, Nasty Nas (Nasir Jones), will be releasing his ninth and quite possibly most controversial studio album to date, entitled "Nigger". Now, before I begin to bury my knuckles into the topic at hand, let me preface the aforementioned by stating that as an avid listener of gritty poets I'm only enthused about Godson's new project based entirely on the premise that "Hip Hop is Dead" was crafted so magnificently that I eagerly await another concept album solely to see if Nasty Esco could manage to deliver consecutive bangers. Of course, my parade has been ruined by a monsoon of haters harping over the title of the record. Give me a fucking break already! Please, for the love of Jesus, Buhda, Mohamed, and Moses can you haters posing as intelligent human beings dig into your bank accounts and purchase an X-Box so you can stop bickering about a musical release in, oh yes, 2008! That's right numbnuts, 2008, if Ice Cube can release a record over 10 years ago spelling "AmeriKKKA" in the form and fashion as to take a jab at some white hooded inbreds, then Nas can name his album "Nigger", plain and simple. Furthermore, there should no longer be any form of derogatory meaning behind any word in our pretentious vocabulary. Have you taken the time to analyze what Hollywood feeds the masses this day and age? How about I name an album "Dick in a child's rectum: The messy chronicles"? Maybe that'll break the frozen tundra of politically correct hoopla floating around the campfire. Perhaps the Slavic race of old should have some input, or maybe Mr. Oreilly should let us peak at his porn collection, or senor Sharpton or Jackson should open their books to the most tedious auditor? All I'm saying is if one of the illest emcees breathing wants to name his album something to generate shock, attention, stimulation, peace, war, or art, then who are we to judge. Shit I'm smoking ganja watching porn as we speak, go Nasty Nas, it aint hard to tell.

New Street Single "Be A Nigger Too":

Oh, and on a peculiarly similar note. Here is a rather interesting little piece recorded decades ago by a man named John Lennon. You may have heard of him. He was the brutally assassinated member of some little band called The Beatles:

"Never on schedule, but always on time..."

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