Friday, April 11, 2008


After a brief sabbatical I'm back. I was on a spiritual retreat in India, meditating through the breeze, blowing trees. Actually I wasn't doing any of the aforementioned activities, but I was in one of my modes where I needed to be in seclusion in order to spark my mental. So I was doing my usual rounds of youtube surfing when I happened upon some old freshness from the horrorcore group Project Born. I first heard Project Born off the first two volumes of Forgotten Freshness by the wicked clowns ICP. I was immediately hooked when I listened to "Graveyard" featuring ICP. This is a spooky, eerie, spine-tingling, and hair-raising track guaranteed to get ya too shook to look.

I love the skit in the beginning of the track, it is something straight out of a horror/comedy movie. The audio depicts a scene where some unlucky chap happens to stumble across the wrong graveyard. Subsequently, he begins to hear little voices in the background pestering him. As he tells them to leave him alone, they only grow more agitated and begin to fuck with him even more, while his whimpers and pleas fall on deaf ears, thus the track begins and Project Born and ICP slay it.
Anyway, I don't have much to say today just a few darts to throw your way. Swallow these razors biatch!

Oh, and this one features the legendary pioner of acid rap, Esham. Most people out of Detroit are familiar with Esham, as he's been puttin it down for years. Before ICP were doing their thang, Esham was tearin da clubs up.
While we're at it, how bout some Robert Cooper aka Koopsta Knicca 4 that ass, since we are tackling the scary subject matter for you little boys and girls this evening. This video was blessed upon us by our new youtube homie out of Romania called LuciferianMessiah. I don't know what it is about these Romanian dudes these days, but they're steady flooding the youtube streets with massive flavor as of late. Karibe was the first to put the game on smash, now it looks like he's going to get a little competition from the knicca Lucifer.


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