Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Pimpin'Pens has been in talks with the Mastermind behind the Too Real For TV and Cross Country Pimpin Franchise, Mr. Michael Maroy better known as Maroy. Playboy Maroy has the Pimp Documentary game on lock and being the young entrepreneurs that we are it's only natural that Pimpin' Pens would go to the source of such genius and ruthless hustle to get some insider info and peep game from the super producer himself. For y'all lames out there who dont know about Maroy and his empire hit him up at.


Check back with us for updates and news on the current talks with Maroy, the upcoming interview, new DVDs and cop his Videos and step ya game up! You can't put a price on knowledge like that and he slangs em' cheap! Take advantage and solidify your DVD collection with all the Too Real For TV and Cross Country Pimpin sets. Shits real Pimpin at its finest with quality production and exclusive interviews with cats you aint seen since "American Pimp" and "Pimps up Hoes Down". Shits really going down. Get down with it or keep from round this real Pimpin'

Big Rico of Pimpin' Pens

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Pimpin' Pens said...

hell yeah!,
this triplesixninja and its going down 4 trill, one time 4 ya mind. Shots out to the boy playboy Maroy. game recognize game and homeboy is doing it real proper like. shots out to 2 real 4 Tv productions. keep cross country pimpin and making power moves. we need to connect thoughts and get this fetti. pimpin pens and 2 real 4 Tv equals some tru space age pimpin and game official for the 2007. triplesixninja signing off!