Sunday, April 6, 2008

Teaser Alert! Lil Weezle "Carter 3" Poppin Off in May

In anticipation of Weezy the martian's sixth studio album and final edition to the Carter* trilogy, we decided to present a couple cuts to keep the salivation from spilling over the bucket's edge. I'd also like to address all the haters out there always complaining about Weezy wee, "Go eat a chafing dick!", whether this dude's brain is purple jelly or not he still makes great entertainment. Plus if that foam cup keeps him spitting outlandish nonsense like this then fuck it yo, pour it up.

Lil Wayne's really illy "A Millie":

I'd have to agree though, this song is proof that this cat has definitely been ice grilling into the abyss lately. Which is even more of a reason to cop the "Carter III", jeah!

Weezy F. Baby's ultra hard "1000 Degrees":

"Lil Wayne never drop the lil..."

*The Carter: Named after the infamous illicit headquarters in the movie "New Jack City" starring Wesley Snipes before he went on a vampire killing spree forcing him to stop paying the IRS under the notion that he had become some sort of immortal bat. Happens to also be Wayne's last name.

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