Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Criminal Manne - Da Neighborhood Dopeman (By DJ Drama): Gangsta Grillz

This nasty compilation of new exclusives and old bangers comes courtesy of the Mix-tape King himself, the notorious DJ Drama. This explosive collabo of these two south beasts delivers hit after hit in an ultra-buck, grimey street block beater. With 18 tracks on deck Crim rips beat after beat with his signature high pitch, hyped up flow so definitive of Memphis raps roots. You got your club joints, smokers junts, gangsta shit, and some beat a bitch material all on here with something for every occasion. Your idea of fun getting buck as shit throwing Bo's (elbows) dead in the face of everyone on the dance floor? Ever spontaneously start a riot when a particular song comes on? If not this album and these ocassions we speak of are for you! Go get yo Gangster Grillz!
Below are some tracks for you to check out and get cha mind right.

"Weigh Up" ---- ****Monster street banger!****

1. Yea Yea 3:18
2. Weigh Up 2:53
3. Let’s Get It 3:12
4. Dope House 3:19
5. Um Fresh Feat. BG 3:54
6. Grind Hard 4:12
7. Aint Baryn Dat Feat. DJ Squeeky & Thug 3:51
8. Get Your Mind Right 3:02
9. Um Dat 3:53
10. Gangsta Pop 3:44
11. Beef 2:41
12. Hot 3:44
13. Keep Your Mouth Close 4:07
14. Thugging Feat. BG 4:40
15. Dope Manne 2:54
16. Stop Lying Feat. Pastor Troy 3:56
17. Dont Like It 4:04
18. Stallion 4:59

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