Monday, April 28, 2008

Fallen Soldiers-Ol Dirty Bastard

One of the saddest days of my life was when I was broken the news that the beloved court jester of gangsta rap music, Ol Dirty Bastard, passed away. Ol Dirty was the epitome of trillness. The dude spoke his mind, kept it 100 of pure uncut funk. He lived up to his moniker Ason Unique. He was a free-spirited genius who held no punches and represented alongside the thickest crew in hip-hop ever, the Wu Tang Clan. There has never been another entity in the rap game that rivaled the pure diabolical genius that was Ol Dirty. He was a true renegade and rebel to authority, yet, he was also a good summaritan performing numerous heroic deeds. Like pushing a young girl out of the way of a moving car. When asked by the police at the scene of the accident what his name was he merely drew a Wu Tang logo. He wasn't trying to generate publicity, and it doesn't get any realer than that my friends. And still no good deed goes unpunished, despite all of his kind acts he remained a target for the police, who he was at constant odds with. From violating his probation to make an appearance at a Wu concert, Dirty risked his freedom on a daily basis just to rep for the Wu, and all of you too. So to commemorate the legacy of this fallen comrade, I've put together a little video collage of some of his more amusing moments, starting with his most infamous display of hijinks at the 97 Grammy's, where Wu Tang lost best rap album to Diddy of all people. What the fuck? He bought himself those fresh threads.

Wu Tang is 4 the children!

America's dying slowly:

Prince Rakeem & ODB in Rare Form during the early days. Pre-Wu Tan,. circa the All in Together Now days, a group consisting of Gza, Rza, and Ol Dirty Bastard. Those kniccas turned it out. Space age shit.

Dirty & Meth during the Wu Tang Forever Era. Wu Tang had the game on lock in 97. On the Swedish tip. Peep Dirty at the 4:50 mark, he's wildin out. 4EVA! 4EVA!

Big Daddy Kane feat. Scoob, Jay-Z, Shyheim, Sauce Money, and Dirt McGert. Old School. That fila jacket Kane is wearing is tight.

Mo Thangs:

The Knicca is possesed!

Ol Dirty's alter-ego was Osirus, who was the god of Hades (afterlife) in greek mythology. Now he really is the underbosshogg of Hades. RIP RUSSEL JONES, AKA Big Baby Jesus, Dirt McGert, Ason Unique and all the other aliases I'm forgetting.

Pimpin Pizens and En to the Zo salutes a tru soulja

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