Friday, April 25, 2008


DJ Muggs best known for his production work with the widely influential west coast veterans Cypress Hill and Soul Assassins politicks with Sick Jacken--another Soul Assassin and Cypress Hill affiliate and member of the group Psycho Realm for the watershed masterpiece: The Legend of the Mask and the Assassin. DJ Muggs has being going hard since the dawn of the 90's with his trademark dusty-sounding, and soul-driven melodies, and though lesser-known Sick Jacken is a legend in his own right with his groundbreaking contributions to the Cypress Hill offshoot, Psycho Realm. This album is a follow-up to his critically acclaimed collaboration with Gza/Genius from Wu Tang on the DJ Muggs Vs. Gza- Grandmasters LP. The LP is laden with macabre and murky sounds ideal for the socially conscious lyrics of Sick Jacken. Sick Jacken also intersperses his verses with a Spanglish-type flow in an effort to cater to his Latino brethren. Don't get it twisted though, you won't find any reggae ton booty shakin junts on this work. This album is reminiscent of the contemplative and thought-provoking commentary so pervasive in the early and late 90's (Cuban Link era as I like to refer to it). The album is a breath of fresh air amidst the saturated, intellectually devoid climate of present-day hip-hop.

DJ Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken-El Barrio

DJ Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken-Land of Shadows

DJ Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken-Black Ships

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