Friday, April 25, 2008

The Midus Touch: Dogfish Head Wins at 2008 World Beer Cup!

That's right folks! Pimpin' Pens is a proud supporter of micro-breweries everywhere. A delightful touch of hops and spices makes for a compelling compliment to any evening, especially with a fly chicky and a blunt. And of the massive scale of micro-brews and assorted beers to choose from, the upper tier contains a specific brewery by the oh so reputable name "Dogfish Head". Known for their extreme brand of brews, this Delaware based brew hog has released enough special flavors and concocted such a plethora of exotic tonics that it seems the only ingredients they have yet to manufacture are illicit. No bullshit, these brew masters may fuck around one day and brew a batch of "Crackabsentheroinsativa Ale", just for fucking kicks! Their signature "Midus Touch Golden Elixir" just achieved bronze status at the 2008 World Beer Cup out of like 3,000 brews, shit, they get a pinky ring shining pimp hat tilt from us for that.

Here's Some Seasonal Brews:
Festina Peche
Snowblower Ale
Chicory Stout
Punkin Ale

Peep The Stellar Selection of Brewpub Exlcusive Bangers:
Beewolf Braggot
Surrender Monkey
Fluckey’s Fest
Beanie Bock
Festina Peche
Dans Saison
Blood Orange Heffeweizen
Fed-Extra Mild
Ginger Peach Wheat
90 Minutes/30 Days
Afternoon Delight
Espresso Bock
Madagascar Vanilla Bean Porter
Arctic Cloudberry Imperial Wheat

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