Sunday, April 20, 2008

When The Smoke Clears: Tribute Bangers for Cuatro Veinte

In light of this magnificent day, Pimpin' Pens has decided to take a well deserved break from providing Earth with a coated layer of THC fog to bring you these untimely classic junts revolving around the crystallized herbal remedy, nugz. Bathe in these sativa cuts as that bubbler enters another go around, filling your lungs with that alternate energy source on this glorious holiday. We apologize if the following catalog is not extensive enough, but due to the extreme frontal lobe damage, demonic eye syndrome, and massive case of hunger from the past 24 hours we feel the sudden urge to re-engage in a spliffy of hash and purp before the night retires. So fuck off and enjoy:

Ludacris' Raw Banger "Blueberry Yum Yum":

Young Buck's Ever So Appropriate "Puff Puff Pass":

Roots Manuva's Light Green London Cut "Highest Grade":

Outkast's Early Swayze Cut "Crumblin Herb":

Redman and Method Man's Ultra Classic "How High":

Madvillian's Funky Zooted "America's Most Blunted":

Pharcyde's Amsterdam Video Masterpiece for "She Said":

Cypress Hill's Blazed Banger "Dr. Greenthumb":

MF Doom's "My Favorite Ladies" featured on High Times fogged up record "THC Vol 1":

420 Bonus Beerfest Clip: "The Strikeout*":

*The Strikeout: For the extremely detached and/or pathetically sheltered numbnuts out there, the strikeout is a dangerous maneuver requiring the best of breed of talents, skillful enough to master the arts of 1) quick nug tokes, 2) bloated belly beer chugging, and 3) liquor shot consumption all in one fail swoop. This special combo pushes the use of all lung, liver, mental, and motor functions to the edge, often resulting in many hilarious fall outs, faces with detailed dicks drawn across them, and an occasional "achievement unlocked" flashing directly under the chest of the rare few who have lived to continue partying after such a risky adventure.

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Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

WTF folk u slipping i may loose respect for u, im from memphis

Love d ahay - Play Fly

no love for flip town/bluff city/1-town up in here