Thursday, April 24, 2008

Non-Rap Darts

I'm going to institute a new topic for posts in the interest of mixing it up a little. Similar to the Rude Jude pill mix on Sirius Sattelite radio, I'm going to start schooling fools on some of the classic music tunes of my adolescent years when I wasn't always so hip to the rap game. So don't be alarmed if you find material from musical artists ranging from the likes of Billy Idol, to Metallica. Just something to keep you people on your ten toes, because you never know what angle I'm comin at you azz!
Speaking of Billy Idol, what do you know? Here is the rockstar in rare form on this love ballad called: "Eyes Without a Face"
This tune is guaranteed to keep you blading and cutting like a deejay if you feelmay.

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