Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Teaser Alert! Planet B-Boy in Theatres Now...

Lets give a nod to one of the four basic elements that comprise this culture we so fondly embrace. A pillar during a monumental age in music, when hip hop's forefathers barely scratched the surface with vinyl, before rap's pioneers developed complicated rhythms and cadence (to then be inherited by halftard emcees), there existed an art form as necessary to our subculture as the rustoleum giants who carpeted the city with marquee pieces: The B-Boy. From looking like some crack head Olympic sprinters and shit in "Flashdance" and "Wildstyle" to the epic performers on, umm..."Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew"? (What the fuck man! Is this all we got for B-Boys now of days!), these bouncy contortionists paved the way for all your super fly leaning, popping, locking, snapping, head up your ass juggling a midget while sipping pimp cups doing hand to hands on the corner dances. Pimpin' Pens pays homage, we tip our fury kangols to the Rock Steady and Cold Crush crews of the past, and drop daps to the new generation of hydros, flares, head spinning footwork freaks of the future. Go peep that flick yo!

Planet B-Boy France:

Planet B-Boy Korea:

Directed/Produced/Edited by the magnificent Bensen Lee. Visit for more info.

Can't Stop Won't Stop! Planet B-Boy Around the Globe:

On the really real, this film looks extremely tight. Pimpin' stamp of approval homie.

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