Saturday, May 31, 2008

Raw Dawg Pimpin':
Psalms of a Stone-Cold Socrates

The following fine-crafted selection of kush cuts came into fruition through a comment from our top bredren, kinfolk, comrade and all around bad-ass the All Mi-T Torrance Stephens. On this years’ falling of the April 20th (4/20) all-day THC gorge-fest, we scoured through our bloodshot, max-toked haze - fully blunted out of our gourds, to post something worthwhile for you stoned souls running rampant through the Web.
Now with our cerebrals fully soaked in Sensi, stepping in like a true soldier, the beastoid post crusher Los Diablo was able to compile a well-diversed selection of tunes to enjoy while evoking upliftment. Although we did a well above the norm job here the lack of Playa Fly's "Luv Da Hay" disappointed RawDawg so we've been plotting a proper addition to that post to incorporate that track with a few other cannabanoid encrusted joints to let our folk know we always come through. Here it is...

Posted by Rico "Packin plenty iszm"


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i twist it right and roll it tight
and keep the smoke in my lungs
right b4 my dying
i chief a blut with my son
i just wish I
could just catch a coupla acres on fi'e
and stroll trough w a fire proof suit and get high

folk, im humbled and honored albeit not the entire song grasshoppers


good look yawl had me rolling. Writing is a craft hats off the the pen masters

Lovebabz said...


Your space here is very interesting, hip and way cool. I have no understanding of the artists or the music here. However I love learning new things!

I will certainly be back!

And you are right Torrance Stephens is a badd-ass!

Andre said...

I fucked with Fly and a whole bunch of Tennesee rappers super hard when I was in school... "Nappy hair and gold teeth" is still my shit.

Tight work though...

Anonymous said...

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