Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mo Non-Rap Flavor-Headbangers Ballin

I used to hate those hip hop hipster elitists who were always ranting and raving about hip hop being dead, but now I am beginning to echo their sentiments. I attribute this new found onset of hip hop apathy to the fact that all of my favorite rap artists have degenerated into shells of their former selves. Wu Tang came out with their first album in like 7 years, and I couldn't even get into it because Ghostface and Raekwon were talking shit about it before it even came out in stores; thereby completely deadening my anticipation leading up to its release. On top of that, you've got my other former favorite rap group Three Six Mafia now dwindled down to a mere duo-formerly a sextet (group consisting of 6 members) performing songs with the likes of Justin Timberlake, T-Pain, Paris Hilton, Bow Wow, and Good Charlotte. I have no animosity for these "pop" artists, however I must say that I don't think it is necessarily a good fit for them to be collaborating with Three Six Mafia (the old 36 that is), the new 36 seems to embrace this idea of Hollywood, with all of its material trappings and false idolatry. In that sense they are a perfect marriage of pop stars, which enables them to make more cheese. I can't hate, but I won't be bamboozled into thinking that 36 still represents to the extent that they did in the When The Smoke Clears 6661 days. Hollywood is fraught with fakeness and bitchmadeness and I think that the Triple Six have become corrupted by its glorification of these ideals. Maybe I'm getting a little too fire and brimstonish here, but I'm deeply saddened by these unfortunate turn of events. A part of me wishes that it was still 1998 where the Wu Tang and the Triple Six were both still in their prime making nothing but gangsta shit for lack of a better term. However, I know that it is selfish for me to think that these groups can both restore back the feeling of mid 90's gangsta rap. After all they both put in enough dirt in the rap game to have the luxury of resting on their laurels. I just wish I could see the old triple six in all their former glory and splendor turn it out on a reunion tour and album, but that won't happen. If they only knew how much money everybody could make if they did another Prophet Posse album produced by Paul and Juice. I rescind that comment, I'm not so sure if a Prophet Posse album produced by Paul and Juice would be as dope as I previously thought. I've noticed that not only has Paul and Juice sold out but they are no longer capable of producing truly gangster evil music anymore. All their shit now is like booty shakin junts and club anthems, no more hardcore shit. I think the whole change in musical content came when they won the Academy Award, that's when their production took a turn for the worse I'm afraid. But I guess they kept it as gutter as long as they possibly could until they couldn't take it anymore and were forced to defect to the dark side of the force. There is only a handful of rappers that I can rely on now to bring that pure uncut funk that is so wonderfully encapsulated by people like T-Rock, Mr. Sche, and Lord Infamous. I can go on for days naming people in the rap game who still have potential to turn it out like the days of yesteryear, but for some reason the aforementioned names are the first to come into mind and are like the holy trinity, or last of the jedi knights if you will- maybe that's because these dudes were one of the only ones who kept it real from jump street with us. Regardless, I'm now in anti-rap mode bumping some of the shit that I used to listen to as a little jit. I present you with some more trill shit from the other side of the tracks. I have no agenda with these non-rap bangers, only that they just appear in my head out of nowhere and I'm obligated to put it down for the nation and to school the unschooled in that triple og shit. I will try my hardest to encompass all types of genres spanning the entire musical spectrum, so as to be as impartial and eclectic as possible. The following diddy is the Heavy Metal group Metallica-interestingly enough, back in the day before they "sold out" their damn selves. It is of the utmost importance that we acquaint ourselves with music that is transcendant in its appeal. Check it!

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I was heavy on Wu tang ever since i was like 12 and on 36 since I was 16, i personally feel that it took too long for these two groups to get their props. seriously that music was hypnotic.

Now to speak on how 36 changed, I kind of look at it like when ice cube talked about mc hammer being a sell out because he became commercialized, but isn't that whatever one is doing now (period) minus the dolls and cartoons, pretty much the same thing and I feel that maybe 36 felt they needed to adapted in order to survive not sure but I miss their old style of music it was RAW, Three six (did get some awards finally) but Bone Thugs( i know they may have had issues but i still like both groups) Wu tang, Mobb Deep, SC Cartel, NWA, Gheto Boys, are all groups I loved that i dont feel got their props (seriously). didn't mean to go left there lol