Monday, May 12, 2008

Suge Gets Bodied

Looks like Suge got a dose of his own medicine when he demanded his fetti (cheese, money) from some random dude at the nightclub Shag. Things started to escalate and Suge and his droogs (homeboys) layed the smackdown on the unknown club patron. Things were seemingly in control--Suge and his posse whoops somebodies ass, and that's that, business as usual--that's when shit took an unexpected turn. Homeboy, who everybody thought was down and out for the count, came back up with a fury like Brad Pitt in the movie Snatch and straight up laced Suge with the infamous one-hitta quitta uppercut. Suge got knocked the fuck out for around three minutes and was escorted home by his defamed entourage. Sure looks like big Suge finally got his comeuppance for all the dirt he's done in his lifetime. This isn't 1995 anymore and P. Diddy unfortunately is the new Suge Knight (yeah, I said it). It's ironic how these things pan out. One minute Suge and his goon squad are on top of the world, instilling fear and trepidation on any who cross their bloody warpath, the next minute P. Diddy has assumed the position of Don Dadah. Diddy is notorious for his bouts of rage and furious anger, leading to champagne bottles to unsuspecting domes, as well as a gang of hardbody bodyguards ready to thrash a knicca quick fast upon orders. Those bodyguards will give you a buck 50 for a piece of cheesecake if Diddy is so inclined. It's like some other alternate parallel universe where Diddy is Suge and Suge is Diddy. It's a topsy turvy world we live in I guess. I hope Suge doesn't read this and send some of his goons over my way. If he does let it be known that I'm handy like Lil Handy (RIP) with that toolery. I stay strapped and trained in the mystic art of nin-jitsu at all times. Aint nobody touching me! You've been forewarned.

Check the pics courtesy of TMZ

Three Six Mafia-One Hitta Quitta

ENzOw in The mix

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