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Movie Reviews: SUPER HIGH ME
4:20 24/7 for 30 Days!

The High Times 2006 Stoner of the year, #2 Pot Comic known to the civilized world and self proclaimed weed aficionado, Mr. Doug Benson truly breaks ground with the documentary "Super High Me" a clever play off of Morgan Spurlock's Super Size me. With the whole concept of doing what Morgan did with McDonald's, eating to the extreme for 30 days, Doug sought out to do the same but with monster-doses of high-grade weed non-stop in an attempt at hospitalization or to die and "go out Bear Man style." (That's fucked up lol ) This was just a part of his act until one night some filmmakers caught his show and decided to materialize the idea into a movie.

You know that movie Super Size Me, where that guy Morgan Spurlock ate McDonald’s every meal for 30 days? People actually paid money to see that. Well, if that’s a movie, I’ve got a movie! I’m going to smoke pot every day for 30 days, and it’s going to be called Super High Me, or Business As Usual… I haven’t decided on a title yet. But guess what? McDonald’s is going to be in my movie too!

– Joke from Doug Benson’s stand up act, 2006

Hell, if people paid to see this guy eat greasy-ass, carcinogen-laced, artery clogging,toxic high-calorie McDonald's crap for 30 days puking up and shit you know with millions of cannabis supporters in the U.S. alone (300 million worldwide)there will be quite the audience for this film.

The first half of the movie is Doug's 30 day detox before the 30 day all out chief-fest. He performs a series of test "sober" to compare them later with the results of his bloody-eyed, chronic smoke consumed state. Some test include the S.A.T, a Sperm count, memory, psychic ability and lung capacity to name a few. Eager to "get to the action" so to speak the first half does drag on a bit for my taste but shit I guess they had to put something in their to contrast from the maximum debauchery.I don't want to spoil the flick but some of the highlights of crude sober living include touring with fellow comedians Sarah Silverman, Bob Odenkirk, Patton Oswalt, Jeffrey Ross and others,para sailing over Lake Tahoe and a visit to Vancouver to chill with Marc Emery, Canada's Prince of Pot. This guy is nuts, I've heard about him before being a High Times subscriber and NORML member myself but this movie brought him to another level. The Canadian cannabis and libertarian activist goes on to epically rant of his journey from Seed seller,running for mayor, prison time and how he does everything better "on weed man!" Keep in mind Doug is still sober at this point as Emery stumbles from tangent to tangent,rambling like a village elder blazing out of a massive 3 foot bong like a Shaman. Another funny scene is Patton Oswalt ingeniously improving the idea that Benson has a "THC gland." He goes on to describe that it acts similar to a Camels hump and slowly spurts out doses of pot throughout those first 30 days of sobriety basically keeping the comedian high as shit the entire time. lol

To kick of the Ganja Gorging, 30-day glory to the Gluttons Doug visits a Dispensary* (Medical Weed Pharmacy)where he concocts a monster head-stash of phenomenal strains like OG Kush, Sour Diesel, The Purples (Purps),and goodies like Space Cakes, cookies, THC pills and pretty much anything you can think of with weed.(Lotions, sprays, oils, chap stick, etc. )Amidst the toke-a-thon he unexpectedly starts to get a firsthand glimpse of the current state of flawed Medical Marijuana Laws in California, and the battle the dispensary owners face from the DEA and the feds,revealing the real victims in the feud, the patients with crippling conditions who rely on the herbal healing to make life bearable. In one of the most classic lines I've heard in a while,as the Police and DEA raid this one particular Dispensary a protester hilariously shouts "Go bust a Meth Lab you Pussies!" causing the crowd to bust out laughing in unison. The movie is well scored, edited and produced. Benson holds it down coming through with a truly funny performance and uncovers some interesting facts and effects of Marijuana on the body. Now available on DVD check it out and puff some killa for this "organic" piece of cinema.

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