Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where's The Rapper?

I'm encouraging more participation from you foolios with fun and interactive games like these. Your objective is to spot the rapper who hadn't made it onto the scene at the time of the filming of the video in question. The first people who spot the rapper get a free trip for two on the Galapagos Islands. I'm just playing, you don't get shit, except props from the PimpinPens Clan.

Big Tymers-Big Ballin

Method Man Feat. D'Angelo-Break ups 2 Make ups

Youngbloodz feat. Jim Crow & Outkast-85

Outkast-Benz or Beamer

Goodie Mobb-Cell Therapy

I was kind of cheating on this last one but dude wasn't really on the scene mean like that. However him and his partner already had released like two albums by this time.
This ought to keep you cats busy for a minute.

Enzoe's in it representing it

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