Monday, May 26, 2008

Tribute To A Smash Brother: Mu IS Missed

Over this memorial day weekend, Pimpin' Pens received word that a truly magnificent emcee/producer, Camu Tao, lost his battle to cancer on May 25th, 2008. Our best goes out to his fam and friends and we will do everything in our power to retain and spread his legacy of musical contributions.

Mu was beyond a gifted and talented musician, he was perceived by many as just an all around incredible person. Having had the chance of meeting him at a show once, I could tell from the jump he was a genuine artist in everything he represented and not some chump putting up a facade for the crowd. His stage presence live, wild, entertainment above any "rap act" as he would occasionally smash guitars and bottles during performances. We're talking rap here folks, that's hard as fuck! His rhyming style was on a level of it's own ever since his origins with the classic Ohio based underground group, "The MHz(Megahertz)". His cadence was so unique you could never confuse him for anyone else lacing the track. A rare gift this day and age with all the hip hop cloning experiments taking place. He produced a catalog of dusty horned out, power bass riffed bangers for colossal artists such as Cage, El-P, and Aesop Rock, just to name a few. He, along with partner Metro formed the group "SA Smash" pioneering yet another sub-genre of hardcore underground music. The industry, movement, culture, and fans as a whole will truly miss such an inspiring, hilarious, and hard boiled character for years to come.

Peep These Ridiculous Bangers From Camu Tao:
Hold The Floor - Camu Tau

Wireless - Camu Tao

To learn more about this legend to independent music and/or to purchase his timeless works, please visit: The Def Jux Pharmacy

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