Thursday, May 8, 2008

The NBA Playoffs Baby! There Can Only Be One Though

In light of this years ridiculous, fuck it let me rephrase that, ridiculoid* NBA playoffs, the Pimpin' Pens scouting squadron did a little bit of digging to deliver some of the most recent high flying maneuvers, ultra suave assists, humiliating rejections, and monstrous jams that have occurred during 2008's road to the championship. In no specific order we bring you top highlight reels jam packed with replay value, fill up that pimp cup and enjoy!


King James, Oh So Crazy!

The Fucking N.O. Hornets, the Boot Holding It Down!

Count It!

Celtics vs Lakers? It Just Might Happen

Bonus * Bonus * Bonus! Miami Heat Dancers Photoshoot!

Damn I kicked it with a couple of these ckicklings before they joined the team...

*Ridiculoid: Same as ridiculous but even more bonkers, outlandish, straight fucking nuts! You dipshits...

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