Monday, May 5, 2008

The Masters Players Ball

Brand New to YouTube! Behold the exclusive trailer from the first Masters Players Ball Courtesy of the gracious homies at AllGame Entertainment and Streetwise I.T. As usual Pimpin' Pens comes through with the hard to get,authentic to life, content you cant find anywhere else. Catch rare, behind the scenes footage revealing an unparalleled look at how the Games Greatest Names suit up and boot up in their finest, plush attire in an majestic effort to take home the crown.

All Game Entertainment is proud of the support it gets for the Bay Area which propelled "The Art of Game" to the number one urban dvd in 2005 with more than 115,000 sales in the Bay Area alone. All Game Entertainment's success in the Masters Players Balls 1&2 celebrity participation was like no other. Noboday has been able to bring "King Rome, Max Julian,Bishop Don Juan,Filmore Slim, Ice-T, Big Daddy Kane and Dolemite" to one event and on to one stage....and the diversity shown by the latin participation in MPB#2....not to mention a wild appearance by Steve-O from Jack Ass!


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***** PIMPIN' PENS EXCLUSIVE: The Masters Players Ball 2008 coming soon in Texas or Atlanta - Stay Tuned for More Info!*****

Reviews on more All Game Entertainment and Streetwise I.T. DVDs and Books coming soon!

Posted By the Masterful Rico "We Hea Now" for Pimpin' Pens

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