Friday, May 30, 2008


It turns out that Rap music isn't dead as I previously had thought, rather just slightly comatose. Rico was doing some inspecting on the net and found these hidden dartz. Rico put me down onto the game, so I therefor must bestow those same blessings upon the almighty nation of Pimpin Pens. All of these tunes are guaranteed to get you crunk, buck, and jookin out the mainframe. So get throwed and enjoy these assorted 2008 blends of fire.

Triple J feat. Lil Boosie-You Know Its Me

3 Deep-My Thug feat. LiL Handy (RIP)

All Star Feat. Young Buck-Tear It Up

Big Pokey feat. Slim Thugg-Boss Hogg On Candy

Big Tuck feat. Fat B-Not a Stain On Me

Big Wu feat. Fabo (of D4L)- Um da Shit

Prozak- 24's Shinin

Enzo! You Know Its Me!

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