Monday, May 19, 2008

Hardest Toon Ever! Big Brock In Full Effect

This fellow bestoid right here needs no introduction, but fuck it lets do it anyway. Carrying such aliases as "Walking Swedish Murder Machine", "Super Kill-Guy", "Franken-Mullet", "Murderist Extraordinaire", "Frankenstein", and "Brock fuckin' Samson", he most notably may be referred to as "your worst fucking nightmare" under the guise Brock Samson. (Was that too repetitive? Good, blow me!) All the monikers basically point towards the same notion: when this dude enters a scene all shit has split the fan. And I don't blame em, as the infamous bodyguard for Dr. Venture in the raw animated series The Venture Brothers on Adult Swim, this class act holds a level 8 class A license to kill! No really dipshit, he does: And is critically acclaimed for such malevolent maneuvers such as accidentally killing his deaf college quarterback, slaughtering 10 foot gators, skinning polar bears to keep warm, dicking down secret agent broads, only slightly losing consciousness while being bombarded by a barrage of bullets, and nearly dying dozens of times only to reawaken harder than ever to practically pulverize everything in sight. He is also known to be quite thorough in ensuring that a threat is completely eliminated. On at least one occasion, he urinated on what appeared to be a mummy's corpse, in the belief that defiling it would prevent any subsequent reanimation. Additionally, he can be briefly seen through the eyes of another character killing two men by pinning them to the wall with a running lawnmower. A monster mack maniac to say the least. So in light of the brand spanking new Venture Brothers season dropping next month, here is a slick lil montage of my dude Brock holding it down:

Venture Bros Season 3...Coming Coming Atcha!

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